Crystal children

Tuesday, 27. July 2010

Dzieci indygo i kryształowe

The arrival of every new spiritual being on the planet Earth is an unique phenomenon. It is accompanied by a whole range of processes, the deep interrelations of which we are very rarely aware.

Let us begin from the basic joining of the Spirit with the material plane, which is the assuming of a body. Beings arriving directly from spiritual realms are a form of pure energy, and as such do not possess any attributes of physicality. Spiritual energy is highly penetrative. It freely penetrates matter and has no contact points with it which could confine it.

In order for so highly penetrative an energy to be able to communicate with the material world, and even move matter, an entire complex of connections is required. These connections are energy bodies. In different traditions they are given various names and functions, though in reality it is difficult to delineate borders between individual energy bodies. Transition from very fast, subtle and penetrative energies, to energies which are slow, heavy and incapable of penetration proceeds smoothly.

The first stage of attraction to the Earthly Field of Life is evoking by the parents. This evocation occurs in a subtle form, even before conception. Some parents are aware of it, but most do it unconsciously. Evocation sets in motion the mechanism of cosmic cause-and-effect interrelations. It is harkened by beings controlling the streams of life. On this basis is matched the paradigm of the being which is to be born from particular parents.

The culminating point in evocation is the union of the parents. At that time occurs the combination of two powerful energies, male and female. This merging occurs primarily on the spiritual plane. Physical union is merely the last stage of the process which first takes place on the plane of our feelings and emotions. Two beings become one spirit, one mind, one body.

All chakras are put into an intense spinning motion. The woman’s chakras spin in a direction opposite to the man’s chakras. Increasing the speed of the opposite whirls produces a very strong field of spiritual and biological magnetism, which operates on all planes simultaneously. Thus is created a powerful reactor, ready to bring forth the miracle of a new life.


Energia czakr kobieta i mężczyzna


The field emitted by parents giving their love to each other is nothing else than the creative MerKaBa field MerKaBa, (Mer - Body Ka - Mind Ba - Spirit), which is activated spontaneously, when the Body, Mind and Spirit become one.

After undergoing the climax of spiritual and physical union, the woman radiates with the magnetism of joyous expectation. The man, in accordance with his solar, trail-blazing nature, goes on a long, trans-dimensional journey, which is the culmination of inviting the new being and giving it the necessary attributes. (This happens if he is aware of it. If he is unaware, he simply falls asleep...)

The crucial moment is the conception. It is in this moment that cosmic gates open, enabling a the spiritual being to descend onto the material plane. The newly arrived soul greets its parents, announcing its arrival. This is a kind of ‘annunciation’. Some parents are aware of this fact. If the descending soul comes from faraway dimensions and arrives on our planet for the first time, the annunciation can be a uniquely strong experience. For my wife and me it was an intensive and deeply moving event. In the case of souls with a special role, an annunciation can be accompanied by angelic beings. Such phenomena have been noted many times in the history of Earth.



This possible and it does happen. Unfortunately, under the circumstances which we have on Earth at present, it happens rarely.

In worlds where the Planetary Field of Life is pure and undisturbed, the fundamental creative force of all reality is the strength of the spirit. It is so omnipotent, that in the calling forth of new life physical union is a possible and fulfilled condition, but not essential. Our reality is wrongly organised in this aspect. The power of the spirit is weakened and present in residual form. Under such circumstances, physical union is crucial, but the union of the Spirit is a possible condition, but very rarely fulfilled.

During such an incomplete union, usually 2 or 3 lower chakras are put into intense motion. Although conception occurs (not always), it happens primarily on the physical plane. It is devoid of the spiritual aspect, also called ‘immaculate’, and a being summoned in this manner lacks all of the attributes which beings inhabiting free regions of the Universe consider innate...

It is symptomatic that loving, intelligent and aware parents usually have few children, despite the parents wanting to have them. On the other hand, where the level of awareness is low and, interpersonal relations and conditions simply pathological, children are born in excess. No wonder. Our planet, in its present stadium, does not encourage souls with high awareness from free regions of the Universe to arrive. There are many places much more pleasant to live. In order to be born here, one needs to abandon their rights and attributes, and that does not help. Just as 30 years ago among the citizens of countries which were free at that time there would not be many candidates for settling in e.g. USSR... Those who are born here, are usually missionaries. For some time, there have been increasingly more of such missionaries coming to our planet.

Once, these missionaries were called Indigo Children, nowadays they are called Crystal Children. Indigo Children were born in utterly pioneer conditions. Since birth equipped with an independent, defiant nature, they were able to get out of the harsh circumstances they were cast into and, with their indomitable will, as they did then, still continue to realise the task of transforming the planet. Crystal Children are born in much better circumstances, usually from aware parents. They are characterised by a ‘crystal’ aura, internal strength, sensitivity and compassion.


For the entire period from conception, through birth, till the age of about 2, the energy system of a newly arrived being is in the process of initial formation and is extremely sensitive during that time. The role of the parents is to provide the best protection for the little newcomer in this period. When our little daughter was going to be born, for long months from the hearts of both of us rivers of love flowed towards her. That love gave her the basis for development and was the best protection of all.

Many children owes their ‘crystality’ to their parents, who at the time of giving them life were so aware beings, as to pass to them the seed of pure aura and not disintegrate it later in the process of bringing them up. children being born with potentially pure souls are many, but very few of them are fortunate enough to be protected from poisons. Poisons take many forms and the pressure to feed them comes from many sides at once. The scale of destruction is immense.

As was mentioned earlier, the parents equip a soul descending onto this dimension not only with a physical vehicle, which is the body, but with an entire extremely intricate system of subtle energies connecting the Spirit with the body. It is on the quality of these subtle energies that the future possibilities of a new person called in to being will largely depend. From this moment, everything that will be done later, is of significance. It is important whether he mother, while carrying a child in her womb, was loving and untroubled, or nervous and frustrated. Whether she had the support and love of the father, or did she have to cope with all the difficulties by herself. At last, it of significance whether she ate live and pure food, or did she yield to the all-pervasive pressure to poison her child and herself with vibrations of violence and death.

Let us begin from the food, because it is the a factor with which the child’s aura is being poisoned even before it is able to utter the first words by itself. Together with the bodies of killed animals smuggled by force into meals, energy channels are suppressed, the clarity of thinking and judgement is muddled up, and cognitive activity is limited as well. To all of you in whose heads exclamation marks light up at this point, I will give a simple and not at all mystical example. For instance, children who eat animal protein need much more sleep than their plant-eating peers. It might be convenient for parents, but seriously hinders children’s development.

This is compounded by the addiction syndrome. Just as a child of smoking parents from the very beginning has nicotine doses administered into its blood, which makes it much more susceptible to becoming addicted later in life, similarly, physical and psycho-energetic poison present in meat provides a solid foundation for later addiction to products of killing.

The presence of animals killed wholesale in everyday food of a few years old child has far-reaching consequences. Firstly, it forces them to accept the exploitation and killing of friends for own profit (instead of giving them protection). It is a germ of an objective attitude towards the entire human race and Earth. Instead of serving Earth with respect and protecting it, such a human being assumes that they are the lord and master, and the nature, deprived of spirit and emotion, functions simply to cater to their mindlessly satisfied needs.

For some children, especially those more sensitive, with potentially ‘crystal’ characteristics, feeding with food is an enormous physical burden. Regular consumption of that poison leads, in the first stage, to excessive swelling of tissues, manifesting primarily on the face. It is not true that a chubby-cheeked face in children is normal and a sign of good health. Quite contrarily, it is the first sign of long-term poisoning and a warning. It is a pity that this sign is commonly unnoticed or ignored.

When I read in a yet another magazine for parents an apparently completely in place that “a vegetarian diet is not for children” and the expansion of that thought, that “it can be introduced only in the 3rd year of life”, I feel mortified. But, in fact, I should be glad, since the author goes as far as to allow the possibility of a child switching from the 3rd year, he should be considered extremely progressive. Most authorities and publicists are of an opinion that for children of any age this diet is dangerous, even lethal. Young mothers are told that they will not give birth to a healthy child if they do not eat red meat, in the hospital right after birth they are told to unconditionally eat meat, so that they can feed and for their children to develop well.

A young mother has a tough life. In the first days after giving birth she is bombarded from all sides with the knowledge on what is harmful. She learns that practically everything is bad for health (almost all fruit, vegetables); paradoxically, the one thing that is not on listed as detrimental in any form is meat. Not only that, as soon as on the 2nd day after birth, sausage figures on the hospital menu of young mothers. Regular, stuffed with all possible kinds of chemicals, sausage.

Later on, it does not get any better. It suffices to have a look at the menu of ready meals in jars advertised for and sold to children as young as 5 months old. Let us take, for example, one of the delicacies recommended by specialists, such as “Veggies with lamb”. You, who reach for this product, does it get through to you what is written on the label? What says is that a little, defenceless lamb was taken away from its mother, minced with vegetables and stuffed into this tiny jar. Finger-licking good!

The first meals and taste preferences in an infants life will be such as those to which they were accustomed in their foetal life and what taste they sucked in their mother’s milk. In our home, huge amounts of fruit are devoured, so no wonder that our little daughter digs in with great appetite. I am amused by the argument that some children do not like fruit, or that they are most willing to eat meat.

  • And what did the parents eat? And what did they give to the little one in the first months and years?

  • Well, um, ready meals in jars...

  • So how is the child to know and like the taste of fresh fruit and vegetables?

The worst in all this is that the child has no way of defending against minced death given to them. Vegetarianism from the 3rd year of life? But it is three years too late! After 3 years it can be a life too late. These are the 3 most important years in life. Development of a human being, not only of their body and emotions, feelings, intellect, abilities and magic, despite what is commonly thought, begins before the very act of conception.



My wife went through her pregnancy on a vegetarian diet just fine and she did not even think about beginning to eat meat during that time. There is no such need, or even any logical premise. The whole eerie pressure by doctors, midwives, publicists, teachers, grandparents and a countless number of good aunts and uncles is a kind of terror, to which we are successively subjected even before we are born. Our daughter is a vegan since birth. She would always reach out for full vegetables and fruit. She is tall, healthy and full of energy.

The enslaving pressure of from people around us is exerted on very many planes. Quite often we are given ‘a good piece of advice’, such as “do not carry your child in arms too much, do not cuddle, do not rock, do not breast-feed for too long”, God forbid that you sleep with your child, leave it in the cot, let it play alone, it will cry for 2-3 days and then go quiet, etc., etc. And of course, it will undoubtedly go quiet. How long can one cry? But maybe at the same time it will turn in on itself, become shy, lose confidence and the sense of support? Perhaps this, minor from our point of view, incident will become for the child’s subconscious a fundamental factor influencing the ability to establish contact with people later on? How often do we think in these categories? To tell the truth, from most of the ‘good advice’ pushily pressed on by the environment makes my hair stand on end. The personality which has just begun to develop in this period is sensitive like a spring flower, still susceptible to frost. Who has a garden, knows that one chilly night can all year’s crop. Children are the flowers in our garden, very sensitive flowers, and it needs time, warmth and much, much care for them to transform into fruit. A gust of icy treatment in the period when they are the most sensitive can damage their fragile structure effectively and permanently. In the first months of life, an infant needs almost constant care, affection, closeness of their parents. Parents - not only the mom. Fathers, do not be afraid of showing affection!

It is obvious that love is not enough in bringing up a child. What is also required are firmness and consequence, proper setting of examples and formation of ideals, balance between allowed freedom and delegated responsibility, but all of this has its time and place. The cradle time is first of all the need of love, care and security. On this security, trust and a deep bond with parents our entire future will be built. Let our child enter that future without burdens.

Of course, the cradle is not the end of protection from the widespread terrorism. We might not realise that in our home, maybe somewhere near its central place, there is an altar on which seats the all-powerful god of mass media, a demon of the subconscious, a thief of time and imagination, a plunderer of the soul. The whole family pays homage to it, sometimes even for several hours a day. They make an offering of their time, thoughts, emotions and imagination. What a ravenous god is that? Television, of course. I know homes (there are few, ours among them) where that god has been dethroned. The impressions? Relief, much more time for thinking, reading, creativity, for family life. It is enough to say that if the thief-god stood on its altar, perhaps, instead of writing something creative, I would be now staring at the screen. And the child? When it is little, a flickering monitor attracts it like a magnet.

- It cries or is being fussy?

- Maybe let’s play a cartoon?


In this manner, in many families children spend whole hours before the screen. I know children who almost non-stop watch some cartoons (the parents are then able to get on with something else) Those children at 4-5 still have problems with speaking. The parents send them to the speech therapist, but it never occurs to them that their speech was impaired by their own thief-god. Since ready images flash on before their eyes, why to exert the imagination and expression... What a child needs is conversation, playing together (but not via the computer), reading, singing, reciting together. It used to be like that before the thief-god took us under its rule.

And by the way, if we are talking about tales, because I am at the stage of buying fairytale books, I notice how extremely difficult it is to buy tales which are beautiful and bloodless. Even the classic Brzechwa puts ducks to death and serves them in beets, and unconcernedly tosses crayfish into boiling water. Maybe a dozen years ago I would not pay attention to that, but now I catch it immediately and the last thing I want is for my child to ‘catch’ it. To tell the truth, it is thanks to my daughter that I was able to ‘deprogramme’. My child at once noticed what I used not to see. I learned from this to select educational content with caution. I also learned to distinguish instructions given to the subconscious, for instance through military toys or dolls shaping sexuality devoid of spirituality. Programming continues and it comes from many sides at once. It depends on our cautiousness which from the programming instructions reach our children and in what manner they are internalised.

We should talk with our children. They need to be made aware. If we tell them that something should not be done, they should know why. If you want for them not to eat meat, let them know what it involves. Give them the truth carefully, so as not to ruin their sensitivity, in consonance with their stage of emotional development. But do not exclude from decision-making processes. On more than one occasion toy will be amazed at how much children can understand. More than adults at times.

Constantly new challenges. In no time it is time to go to school. Personally, It is very unpleasant for me that less and less children want to go to school. Knowledge crammed under pressure into young heads is becoming less related to the actual getting to know nature and the world, and the venerable institution itself keeps evolving in the direction of a road roller. The replacement of descriptive answers with tests which has been introduced lately with great persistence is far from promoting the development of intelligence and individuality, not to mention poetry of the soul. But it is individualists, historical poets, those who rise above the others, who push history forward. Apparently the history which somebody is bent on planning for us is supposed to be free from such qualitative leaps...

Obviously, the proper conduct of the consciousness pressing process is still being closely overseen by the all-powerful thief-god. The thief-god is cunning, it tales care of its kingdom, keeps up with the times, changes shapes. The text which I am composing right now is of course typed on a computer. I use my computer and the Internet in a practical way. I do not even think about games, because I detest electronic games. It is games and the Internet which can be a narcotic escape from reality, from real life, real relationships, real feelings.

Look in the absent eyes of a person after many hours of computer entertainment - you will see in them a weary and irksome soul, from which the natural creative force has been sucked out. Unfortunately, a terrifyingly large part of the young generation are addicted gamers. It is more troublesome, because the majority of available games are very cruel and infix in the subconscious the worst of lack scenarios. Let us take, for instance, a seemingly innocuous game - motor racing. Lately, I had the opportunity of observing a gamer engaged in a virtual race. When the vehicle failed to cut a turn, the virtual motorcyclist was flung high into the air with a spectacular crash against a tree or other obstacle. Neat, eh? And now let us try to look at this through the eyes of an immature child, who is yet unable to protect its subconscious from models impressed upon them. What will the subconscious remember? “When guy crashes against a tree, it is cool because he flies far and splashes apart”. I wonder, at which point in life that information is evoked and, God forbid, it breaks through to conscious realisation. But it was just a very innocent game, simple race. There are much, much worse games. Can there be any wonder that minor are more frequently becoming the perpetrators of the most brutal crimes? Surely, there are also educational games, but... let us beware of traps, models imprinting directly on the subconscious, like the splashed motorcyclist. They are so common, that we even do not notice them at a first glance. Besides, is it not better to spend that time together?

Of course, if some entity has in its birth potential a sufficient amount of defiant indigo, all of those negative factors will boost its determination to progress in the opposite direction. But such entities are few. Being born in circumstances which do not force to rebel and a lack of the need to make up for losses brought about by education furnishes one with a completely different potential for their mature journey through life. How that potential is going to be utilised, is up to them.

At every corner, another kind of pressure. It is impossible to forget about them all. Observing children, I see that few of them are born truly pure. Corruption comes from the world, unfortunately most of the time by the parents’ acquiescence. Theoretically, if a semblance of attention were given to this issue, our world could be much better. Regrettably, rarely does anybody care, and the level of mass ignorance is bottomless. Today’s society resembles a huge production line for making the exemplary fricassee in jars. The processing plant is intent on grinding us, packing, capping, labelling and cramming on one of the shelves of the worldwide gigastore. Since we have been able to somehow avoid being ground up and capped, let us not doom our children to that fate.


Let us protect our children.

Let them grow free of toxic emotions.

Let them be open, forward, sensitive and strong.

Let them be intelligent, creative and wise.

Let us protect the light with which they arrived on this planet.

Let them go unto the world pure and beautiful,

Full of love and magic.



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