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Tuesday, 27. July 2010

Świadome odżywianie, wegetarianizam, weganizm

Why is it so important?

“What you eat it is how you think”. This old, wise adage should be the guiding principle of those who want to live consciously. To live consciously is to know what and how influences me. To live consciously means to realise the consequences of what I do and how the results of my actions can enrich or limit my life.

I spent my youth on intensive spiritual practice. I visited many spiritual centres, I met practising yogis. I noticed that good ashrams do not employ just anybody in their kitchens - only the best yogis are delegated there. The reason is that on what they "put" into food depends the state of consciousness of those who later eat it. For a yogi, food is an introduction to proper nourishment of the soul and body. For food is not a solely physical nutrition, it contains energy, emotional codes, which in a direct and firm manner resonate with the codes of the person who ate them.

Yogis pay very much attention to what they put in themselves. They meditate over food, try to prepare it in the state of meditation. Similarly to our ancestors, who preceded common meals with prayer. It should seem an old-fashioned and impractical approach in today world. However, the significance of these practices has lately been given a rather surprising scientific explanation. It was provided by a Japanese researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto. During his 12 years of research work, he was able to obtain evidence that water can store not only information, but also feelings and states of consciousness. In his book "The Messages of Water", he presents photos of water crystallised as a result of freezing water. It turns out that the quality of thoughts and feelings making up the energy aura of water is influenced predominantly by the structure of ice crystals. Microscope photographs show it clearly.

Water from arctic ice

Water from the Yodo River, Japan

The results of his experiments are breathtaking. Water samples exposed to positive words or thoughts crystallise very differently (they show a great beauty of forms) than those which were subjected to negative thinking (they are simply ugly). Water from one source was subjected to different agents, different kinds of music, inscriptions with different emotional colouring were stuck on the vessels, they were placed on different photographs and after freezing it, it turned out that the crystalline image is different in every case, which confirmed that water has the ability to record in its structure sounds, images, thoughts and emotions. His revolutionary method of photographing frozen water molecules convinces even many sceptics.

Water from the source of Soijo, Japan  Water from Lourdes, France

The significance of discoveries of Masaru Emoto becomes obvious if one realises that water constitutes about 70% of the organism of an adult person. The conclusions have become the object of research in many countries. The thesis that water can influence our organism with its vibrations and we can influence water with the vibrations of our thoughts and words opens a vast area of possibilities. By drinking water, we can tune it with good thoughts for our benefit.

In light of the above, the significance of e.g. prayer or meditation before meal becomes clear. The food has been through a lot, before it arrived at our table, and its field can be disorganised, chaotic, or at least not adjusted vibrationally to ours. Such a spiritual attitude, conscious eating, as well as preparation of food is, therefore, of great significance, attunes the vibrations of food to ours and causes that positive vibrations enter us together with the nutrients. On the other hand, quarrels of any kind, malicious thoughts, turning on the television, from which negative images are emitted during the preparation and eating of meals results in us literally eating negative energy vibrating in them.


Before prayer After prayer

We can also imagine what water in our organisms looks like when we are mad, stressed out or are watching a violent film, listening to music whose lyrics convey aggression, or when in the room is a television from which pour aggressive commercials or negative news.

Tibetan Sutra Pastoral Symphony Heavy Metal Music

Increasing numbers of people become aware of the fact that food should be as natural as possible, free of chemical contamination, fresh. But nutritional habits are deeply imprinted in our way of thinking and behaviour. It is even said that they are stronger than religion. I often find it astonishing that people, who, as one might suspect, understand the influence of thoughts and emotions on food and their own mental and physical condition, stop at the stage of their habits and have no desire of going further, towards an apparently obvious direction.

Meat - it is a body of another being, feeling, or even thinking. Animal souls, though not as highly developed as human ones, similarly to us feel love, enthusiasm, motherly care, friendship or dislike, hostility, uncertainty, fear, terror, the panicked urge to fell and the horror of inevitable, heartless death. Think of billions of those beings held in concentration camps called farms, crammed into cages, where they are sometimes unable to turn round, fed forcibly only to be slaughtered in the end.

As was mentioned above, our body is mostly water. The body of a killed animal as well. In meat used as food is recorded active information about the torment which an animal underwent. This record is instantly copied to the organism of the person who ate the meat, on the way there are also effectively contaminated the locations where the meat was stored and prepared. A curiosity - no self-respecting yogi will boil food in a pot in which a carcass was boiled earlier. Although I observe this rule myself for ethical reasons, only after reading about the discoveries of Emoto it dawned on me that, as a matter of fact, there may be a much deeper sense to it than I would have surmised.

What happens at the moment of death? More or less the same as at the moment of birth. These are two moments of the strongest spiritual emanation. At the conception, descending into a body being formed, the soul sends a very strong impulse, the purpose of which is to shape the whole energy system of the body being created. Parents can sometimes feel it, me and my wife had that opportunity. The next so powerful an emotion is sent by the soul usually at the moment of departure from the body. It is an energetic trace, a stamp impressed on the body left behind, and often also on the surroundings where the body was left. The stronger the soul or the more tragic the circumstances of its departure, the stronger is that stamp, almost material, as was in the case of the famous Shroud of Turin.


Całun Turyński - wpływ Ducha (energii życia) na materię.

An animal being led to slaughter knows that it is going to be slaughtered. Animals have intuition, usually much better than ours. Besides, in slaughterhouses the fact that they are next in the line to murder is not hidden from animals - their companions are often murdered before their eyes. In addition, depending on human invention, different means of torture are used. I often wondered why cruelty appeals to humans so much. In order to understand this, we need to realise a rarely considered fact. We are not the sole masters of this Earth. Among the multitude of beings inhabiting manifold worlds, there are also those which feed on the lowest vibrations. They derive sustenance from the vibrations of slaughter and suffering, and we, by fulfilling their narcotic desire, aid them in maintaining this beautiful planet in darkness. Is that what we want?

The vibration of death, by getting inside us, can very efficiently disturb the vibration of life. It also upsets the synchronisation of a very intricate and complex system of subtle energies in which we are equipped. One may have a great desire for light and harmony, but if at the same time, at the most fundamental level, darkness and anxiety are introduced as fuel, these two species of vibrations are opposed to each other and in some place conflict occurs, which effectively blocks coherent and creative operation of this wonderful causative tool which is our will.

I am ill because of you!
I will kill you!

Love and gratitude

Meat clogs our digestive system and blocks the flow energy of life, and information codes which it contains poison our subconsciousness by filling it with fears, aggression, the feeling of enslavement and a whole tangle of negative charges which it involves. We usually do not realise the influence of subconsciousness, or we realise it to a marginal extent. However, whether we know about it or not, our subconsciousness is active and sends impulses to our consciousness, which often unknowingly realises the subconscious pattern in life.

Quite common is the misconception that the vegetarian diet does not provide a sufficient amount of energy, that it does not supply enough strength for hard work. That is not true. There are many athletes who achieve excellent results using a vegetarian or vegan diet. Just look at monks from Oriental martial arts monasteries. They can achieve such feats of dexterity, of which most of us can only dream. But for centuries their basic food has been a low-protein diet based mostly on rice and vegetables. IT is true on the other hand, that diet influences the organism's energy economy and it definitely changes it.

Nutrition involving meat supplies first of all the lowest energy centres and overloads them. Excessively supplied is the base chakra, giving a person a bent for strenuous work, the sacral chakra, the overloading of which manifests in an explosion of sex and the solar plexus chakra, for which a safety valve are emotional discharges. On the other hand, a change of nutrition towards plants shifts the energy centre onto higher chakras. This does not mean that we have less physical strength. We just have different needs. We cease to be attracted to laborious work, we have a greater desire for family life, we need free time for thinking, for spiritual development, for artistic and intellectual creativity.

The social system on our beautiful planet is based on brutal competition and exploitation. Whoever are those who rule or take advantage of the maintenance of the current state of affairs, the preservation of such an energetic system is convenient for them. People should first of all work and multiply, and excess of tangled emotions is used for waging wars. A permission for the movement of the energy centre towards higher chakras would be lethally dangerous for this system, so let us not delude ourselves that we will meet with a kind blessing on this matter.

I do not eat meat, because I do want to contribute to the suffering of animals. I also do not want to be subjected to suffering and the heaviest species of emotions. Their impact is that of the most direct kind - they become part of my body. People at different stages of spiritual development sometimes obstinately persist in their old habits and do not wish to change them, claiming that it has no effects on them. Well, the effects and significance are colossal, just as colossal is the difference, which unfortunately can be felt only when one tries to live differently. It is a feeling of relief, as if taking off of a burden, lightness, purity and clarity of thoughts, and many other, individually felt attributes. My wife's father is a hunter. My wife stopped eating meat before she met me and learnt about the whole science behind this attitude. Just one day, while eating roasted boar, she felt the fear of an animal running away...

Who thinks that they like meat, may be wrong, they just do not know it yet. My observation of this phenomenon of many years led me to the conclusion that eating meat is the same addiction as drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, hazard, sex abuse, etc. Addiction is rooted in our psychoenergetic system and as long as it is not eradicated there with a deeply mature decision, it will continue to return like a boomerang, tempting in different situations with memories, dreams, delusions of smell and taste... Though in fact it is not taste that is the issue here. If a change is based on a deeply mature decision, after some time the energies become more subtle, tastes change as well. The entire digestive system reorganises, with its demand and preferences. In my case, before long it turned out that the smell of boiling meat causes in me reactions related not so much with appetite, but with vomiting.

When I pass a mobile shop with a large sign "natural butcher's", I am struck by an intense odour of decomposing bodies. I also smell a strong aroma of spices, but they are unable to eliminate the reek of decomposition. I look flabbergasted at a queue of people patiently awaiting their hit.
-Do they not smell?
-Or maybe the opposite. They do.
In the world of nature, different creatures are attracted to specific smells. Bees, bumblebees and butterflies are allured by the smell of flowers. Flies follow the odour of carrion and faeces. People have a choice. What do you choose?

Of course, vegetarianism does not mean that somebody automatically becomes and angel. Few although there are, but I also know nasty vegetarians. The Chinese say “even if you put a snake into a straight bamboo pipe, it still cannot change its twisted nature”. There are people whose consciousness is so dark and twisted that perhaps no manner of nutrition can give wings to their souls. But all those for whom it doing something about their lives is of any significance, should at least try.

How to begin? Some do it straight away, others gradually. Those who do it suddenly, sometimes get into trouble, because when rejecting meat, they do not know what to replace it with, what to eat and, discouraged by failure, return to their old habits. I think that it is better go give oneself some time, so that it is done properly. Let the organism have some time to adjust to new conditions. On average, it lasts about half a year. During that time, the pH and bacterial flora of the digestive system change, the organism adjusts to obtaining energy from light meals. At the same time change occurs in the subtle energies surrounding our body. There is no uniform recipe, just as there are no two identical people. As with everything, here one should also find their own way.

I myself started at the age of 16. Deep inside, I felt that meet ought not to be eaten and that this is what my further spiritual development depends on. After only a few months of the new diet I observed a very interesting phenomenon. I began to spontaneously and unwittingly predict minor events and catch other people's thoughts. That phenomenon intensified, it happened not several but several dozen times a day. It definitely was becoming something more than mere coincidence. It gave me a lot to think, because it was difficult not to associate it with my new eating style. The impression was as if some channels unused for a long time had opened up in me. That was before I started practising yoga, which is before I learnt more about the way in which food affects the mind. There was deep communism, my parents did not want to hear about such eccentricities, and for my “attitude dangerous for life and health” I was persecuted even by my school teachers. In spite of that, I got my own way. After all, it was my own development and my own life, not theirs. And it is I, not somebody else, that will have to account for this life someday. Nobody is going to listen to my excuses.

I am sad to say that most spiritual leaders, those who should set the example, adopts a conformist attitude in this regard. I have heard many different excuses. Some elaborate, others banal, all excuses just the same. Those excuses are designed to convince you that you can aspire to enlightenment and do not have to change your habits. What a relief! I have recently heard a well-known and respected spiritual leader conducting Mer Ka Ba workshops all over the world convince his audience in a public interview that the issue of eating or not eating meat depends only on what you feel like eating. “Since all food comes from God, we can partake of it…”

Indeed, a mind-blowing rhetoric, even more so from the mouth of a man who is listened to and emulated by thousands. Such a trivial, clever sentence, matching any situation could sanction and justify practically anything.
What about heroine?
And cocaine?
And cannibalism?
Because „everything comes from God”…

Where is the limit which we should not cross?
Who is to lay it down for us?
Who, if not ourselves should set out that limit and learn to observe it? Who, if no other teachers should serve as examples?

People pay too much attention to external authorities and rely too little on their own mind. Teachers are capable of making mistakes. But there is something which is infallible. That thing is your conscience. Listen to it and your heart will breathe with joy.

From my own experience I know that a subjective and attached to concepts mind can deny anything, just as it can prove anything. In such an entanglement amusing situations occur at times, when the mind first successfully proves something to itself, and then with equal success refutes the whole ratiocination - and so on, without end. Without end, we can also lead a discussion on whether vegetarianism does or does not influence spiritual development, if we hurt animals by eating them, or not (although it should seem it is obvious, some negate it), whether it is good for health or poisoning. Arguments and concepts is not what this is about. A chattering mind moves away from internal experience, and only that is true. I know many people who switched to vegetarianism because such were the recommendations for their religion or spiritual path, or because they followed a temporary impulse of youth. But because vegetarianism in their case did not emerge from a deeper internal realisation, when external recommendations ceased, they resumed old habits. It always ends like that: first fish, then chicken and it is all the same - and you can gobble up everything. "All the same" is the worst state. A person for whom it makes no difference, could very well eat nails - let us not delude ourselves that in such a state of spirit food will have any significant effect on him (beside stomach pain, of course).

Speaking about fish – FISH ARE ANIMALS TOO! Just as people and land animals form couples, care for their young, feel love, joy, fear. Once, on our wedding trip, my wife and I camped in a place where nobody fished form a long time. Young fishes swam to the shore, not scared off by hunting. Those were fish children, just as all other children, curious about the world, innocent and eager to play. They were interested by every movement, even washing a mess tin, treading on the bottom. They would swim to the legs and nibble gently, interested what it was. The underwater world is not only fish but an abundant diversity of life forms. The so-called "seafood" has nothing in common with food. The denizens of that world differ from land animals only in that they cannot utter sounds, which helps us suppress our sensitivity even more. If they could scream, they certainly would. When I met people who claim that they are vegetarians, but eat fish without qualms, I am find myself unable to speak as well.

If people interested in spiritual development east meat, please tell me, where are we going? Can we eat meat and develop? In a sense, yes and many people do all to prove it. One can e.g. be a very good exorcist, telepath, dowser, healer, etc., etc. Development may proceed in different directions. Demonic entities also develop their abilities. Not every development leads to the light.

In principle, far away from the speculations of a chattering mind, everything is simple:


It is about compassion, mercy, heart.

Simple things can be subjected to processing by an intellect, turned upside down a few times and it can be proved that black is white. For an expert intellect it poses no problem, but is that what matters?


I shall go back to ethics for a moment. In 2007, because of an ecologists' campaign against putting to death pregnant cows, TVP made an unprecedented film. Unprecedented because for the first time a television crew was permitted to enter a slaughterhouse and film the whole process. The film was so drastic that to this day it has been viewed only in a close circle of people associated with the media. Probably it will never see the light of day. One of the reporters wrote after seeing it that a ham sandwich had fallen out of his mouth and he would probably never reach for it again. Even if the film were to be played by some twist of fate (which is rather impossible, because it would impact the meat industry), I could not see it. It was enough to me to have seen the sad eyes of the animals waiting in the queue. Oh God, I want to howl in despair!


Despair and helplessness are the right words for describing the vibrations surrounding the factories of death, which hide under the more “civilized” name of “meat factories”. In the summer of 2009, with a friend I conducted a ritual of helping depart the souls of murdered animals at the gate of a slaughterhouse in Koło - one of many places of torture in Poland. The feeling was horrible. Those souls wandered the entire area in extreme despair. The emotional trauma did not allow them to leave the place of their execution. Through the heart chakra and the third eye chakra, a piercing sob reached me. I could not hold back tears myself. Only after a long moment, when I was able to open the ascending portal, the sob ended. Thousands of animal souls ascended to the higher plane of the world like a great, spirally climbing river.


Here, somebody could think cynically "so everything ended well". The problem is it did not. Before departure, the animals received permission for the retribution for their suffering. That was the condition of their departure. When a few days later I checked what was happening on that plane of consciousness to which their souls departed, it made my flesh creep. A great number of hurt, but now strong and aware beings was ready for return. Indeed, it is hard for me to guess what the ending of this affair is going to be. The flywheel of the law of cause and effect sometimes makes a big turn and it is difficult for us to trace it. In the past, when everything happened much more slowly, a full turn of the wheel of karma lasted many centuries at times. But, taking into account the lightning pace at which everything happens nowadays, we can expect that the process of retribution will come in a future measurable for us, in a sudden and unexpected manner.

When after the end of the World War II the world suddenly learnt the truth about the extermination camps, everybody were in shock. But was it really so suddenly? That truth was supplied to the Allies systematically by eyewitnesses, by Polish and Jewish conspiration messengers. And what? The world did not want to acknowledge that it could have been so cruel. I have an impression that when we reach for a nicely packed ham in a supermarket, we too do not want to accept something. Think, whether you can kill an animal which you raised yourself, then "dress" it and eat. I remember watching our neighbour from our yard, when she fed her geese. They followed jus behind her faithfully, the whole flock. They would run towards her in a friendly manner, guarded her home and yard, chasing away strangers with a threatening hiss. It was extremely cute to us. But the owner decided to liquidate the flock. Week after week, the geese were less and less. At last, not even one goose wandered the yard.


If you really want to eat meat, let it be your conscious choice. See what it involves, experience it firsthand. If you see, experience or will be able to do what today you pay others to do for you, if then you will say “yes, this is my choice, my path”, I shall say no more.

Vegetarianism is a state of the spirit. It is the freedom to a subconscious feeling of guilt for our differently looking brothers. Because animals are our brothers. Pure intent and spiritual choice of following the path to pure light without leaving blood stains on the way. It is also deep sensitivity and compassion coming from the heart. For everything - not only for animals. But who is observes diet or fights for animal rights with obsession, and tramples people in their neighbourhood, they are not a vegetarian in the spiritual sense. Who is driven by a lust for power and for inflating their own ego manipulates their entire surroundings, who takes delight in the failure and fall of others, who seeks errors in others in order to elevate themselves, no matter how many plants they will eat, is a predator by nature, not a vegetarian.


I am driving on a section of a newly opened motorway. I pass high flyovers, brightly lit two-level junctions. A fleeting feeling of pride appears, for the achievements of the human thought and advanced technology. That feeling is lost forever when a moment later I overtake a death transport - animals transported to death. Taken from a concentration camp in which they had spent their short lives, to a place of mass carnage and industrial processing. Almost the same scenario used several dozen years ago against people caused general horror. Today, similar transports, except filled with other beings doomed to extermination pass us by every day and nobody associates it with the horror and torment which accompany that process, as a matter of fact.

The message came to me a moment later, after I had passed the ill-fated prison transport. A message is an impulse charged with meaning, but it is not an impulse expressed in any language. Only interpretation by the mind of the recipient enables it to be translated into a logical language of words. This is more or less what channelling is about. An impulse is also accompanied by force and feeling, ant these cannot be translated into any language. The impulse which reached my mind had more or less the following meaning:

We, Cosmic Brothers.
We and our children - our brothers whom we give the opportunity to be born on this planet. Though peace is our deep, inner nature, they who think that we come here in order to maintain the peace, are mistaken.
This civilisation is a civilisation of death. It may have its proud aspects, but nothing is ever going to change the fact that its foundations are rape, exploitation and violence.
Nothing will also change the fact that it devours and destroys all which it encounters on its way, even itself.

Therefore, we did not come here to preserve the peace. Such a peace which will prolong global operation of the system.
We came here to bring liberation.
Liberation from suffering.
Liberation from cruelty.
Do not squander your energy for maintaining that which is bound to fall apart.
We are waiting for the right moment...

Masters Designers of the Field of Life. Wherever you are, in whatever form. I turn to you in particular. The time for this system comes to an end. Soon, we will enter a phase of internal transformation. It is you who will put the new design into effect. That which is inside you will fashion new reality. In the design of the new Field, there is no place for cruelty. In no form. Please understand this and take it to heart.

Thank you!

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