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Wednesday, 31. August 2011

Truth is always clear and simple. Always!



Who am I?

 Am I body?
Of course not. Readers of Violet Flame know this for sure.

Do I have the soul?
No, this way of thinking is wrong and misleading.
I am the soul!
I am a non-material energy living in the physical body… In this respect body is my clothing my cosmic suit which enables me to exist in three dimensional world...The point is that majority of suit-users are so much involved in the game that they forgot they are still inside of them.   
They will unconsciously say afterwards:
I am a human being–flesh and blood. I have been created by evolution and I am just an incidental connection of particles. There is nothing more than the matter. After my death there will be nothing left.
A bit more conscious people will say:
I might have some kind of a soul but is it certain?
Of course you do not have a soul. You are the soul. You-the one who thinks feels and remembers. You are the soul!
What is the soul? Is it something hidden inside the suit?



If you begin meditating you will perceive a variety of phenomena affecting not only your physical body:
Begin meditating by finding a comfortable place to sit and keep your backbone straight. First sit cross-legged or in different position. Try to remain calm for a few minutes. It would be perfect if you could meditate for 20 – 30 minutes a day. In the beginning close your eyes but try to keep them open later on. Try to get into the habit of meditating with your eyes half closed or open. Meditation should be a safe and conscious process which will accompany you in everyday life. Over time you will learn to meditate while walking driving a car or even preparing dinner.
Meditation is the process of conscious thinking and feeling. Meditation is your life.
After meditating for some time some people begin to perceive a colorful aura around their body. It can be interesting to see your aura but meditation is not only about visual impressions. Many teachers warn of being excessively concentrated on visual impressions as meditation hinges on the intensity of feeling rather than „watching movies”.
You do not need to see your aura to be able to feel your subtle light body. You can start to feel it after a few minutes of being still. Try to keep your mind uninterrupted and calm. Stop any activity focus on light and stillness which is you.
By feeling subtle body swirling around your physical body you begin to feel your light body. This light is very often gold; it is calm and relaxing. Experience it for a few minutes.
While going deeper into meditation you will be able to notice that your light body is much more beautiful that your physical body. You are able to move this body and it helps you to travel in time and space. It can change gender or shape at your wish it all depends on vibrations you choose to fill it with.
Subtle body is still not You.
What is this thing which makes subtle light body move?
Only from this point „Who am I” question can be answered:
While going deeper into meditation you will discover amazing things:
In deep meditation you go deeper into pristine nature of Your existence and beyond the process of incessant flow of thoughts and deeper into the quiet stillness. The process of internal integration makes your energy become more focused. Your physical body seems so big. In fact it is big – compared to YOU being so greatly concentrated and so small at the same time. Final experience leads to an amazing phenomenon. All your energy is concentrated on a small but infinitely powerful point.
You become a point!

Point of spiritual light!

Like atom - almost infinitely minuscule but so powerful.
Have a look at the basis of Saint Geometry

Everything absolutely everything takes root in the Point! Also Fibonacci Sequence (link) – a mathematical foundation of our reality starts from the point which numerical sequence is expressed by zero! Fibonacci Sequence develops into spiral and can be recognized in endless beings. Spiral appears in biological settings like snail shells flower arrangements or seeds.

Spirala Fibonacciego - muszla ślimaka

Soul is a point of spiritual energy. A point of light. This highly concentrated form of being creates not only all subtle energies which surround it. It also creates all body cells. Moreover–this point of consciousness also is the creator of reality around. Is it hard to believe? In the picture below we can see where so called Flower of Life – a geometrical matrix of history of all living cells.

Kwiat życia

According to the rules of geometry a point has no dimensions in the physical world. This is so important as it tells about our origin. You are not a part of the matter. You are an ultra-clear energy of The World of Light. By Hindu yogis this world is called Brahman.
This ultra-clear energy in its pure stripped of light bodies form does not have much in common with the world of matter. They are light bodies – from the most ethereal through astral ones and very similar to the matter – they constitute smooth connection between the lightest un-measurable and un-palpable energy of pure spirit and the most dense energy form of the world of the matter. Though in various spiritual traditions bodies have different names in fact transition from Spirit to the matter is absolutely smooth.


Soul, consciousness or Divine Spark of Life… If we were to find

the place from which the soul, clothed in aura of energy bodies, controls the matter it would be placed in the centre of our head-in the central part of the brain. If we make a horizontal straight line through the centre of forehead right above the eye brows and the second vertical line from top of our head downwards we find a small but prominent part of our brain so called Hypothalamus which is placed on the intersection of those lines. This is where all neuronal connections come together and cover brain along with its cells with dense reticulation. Reticulation of such connections is called Reticular Formation. Control centre of this system is hypothalamus or in other words starter of the brain.  



Impulse is simple. When soul resides in body, through Hypothalamus and unfolding Reticular Formation follows „start” command. It starts up the whole complex operational system needed for controlling body and contact with external reality.
Without this highly developed system our movements would only remain chaotic convulsions; images received through our eyes and ears would be recognized as totally obscure spots or noises.
Separation of body and soul cancels the whole system. Physical body dies while the soul along with its energetic clothing of light bodies is being transported to the next life. While departing the soul takes the script of all experience it gathered during lifetime. Minor and superficial experience is transported in light bodies. Conceptual memory is stored in mind - our energetic equivalent of brain. While getting ready for next incarnation light bodies undergo complex transformation. Finally while incarnating into next body direct access to this most basic script usually gets effaced.
Things look different in case of script of profound experience in which strong feelings and emotions were engaged. Deep experiences also include your habits and repeated actions. Like a trace after sculpting with chisel they get fixed as automatic and disregardful patterns. Such experience is transmitted deep into the soul. This script is called sanskars by yogis. To put it simple sanskars are personality characteristics acquired upon deep scripts of experience gathered from previous lives. 



All living beings are souls. Dog, whale, monkey, fish, crab, tree, grass or moss – the spark of consciousness is driven power of all living beings human beings included. In case of animals the soul controls the body from characteristic for certain species parts of brain. In case of plants control centre of the soul is the seed regarded as initial stage of plant growth.
Some plants display an amazing level of consciousness. Human beings have difficulties in approaching them as we do not have ability to transform feelings into communication at their level. If you think about it you will discover that trees for example will appreciate it if you begin to see their soul not only roots trunk or foliage. In all trees even the biggest ones a point of light or a spark of consciousness is where life force is kept.
Old trees have wisdom which can be shared. They will comfort you if you ask them. It is especially rewarding to speak with old oaks not to mention beeches birches or spruces. They all represent a great world of various spiritual beings. It is high time to appreciate them. 

Some religions and philosophies put forward very dangerous assumptions by claiming that only human being (not every!) has a soul. Such assumptions easily explain brutal extermination and ruthless abusive practices. Not so long ago it was claimed that Indians Negroes or Aborigines (conquered nations which were abused) do not have the soul. To maintain male predomination numerous devious philosophers and priests tried to prove that women do not have the soul as well. Until this day church claims that animals do not have the soul; this allows for cruel medical tests vivisection and most of all - legalizing widespread slaughter.
I have also heard that animals do not have individual soul; only collective one. After death their consciousness breaks down and returns to collective energy. I have been in contact with different souls and I can say that this is another wrong assumption, not only dangerous but opening disdainful approach towards others. I have accompanied back human and animal souls. I have seen animal angels and I have witnessed animal reincarnations as well.
There are many such evidences and I am not the only one with who experienced it. What is most shocking is human arrogance and narrow-mindedness which prevents my human brothers from facing the facts. I admit that in social relations I often have an impression of ignorance. As if somebody came up to a concrete mixer and filled their brain with the substance. The most shocking is fact that this ignorance seems so widespread nowadays...


I have been asked many times whether reincarnation means translocation of human soul between the species. Answer to this question is not clear. Characteristics of next incarnation depends on sanskars acquired in this life. Human being who repeats human actions acquires sanskars typical for a human not for animal. Gap between the species is very rare but possible. It is difficult to acquire for example animal features in human life. It is not that easy as it seems. We can experience it right now as in our world all connections–between the dimensions and species have been broken.
In not so distant past it all seemed a bit different. In rich and old Indian literature we find humans who were able to transform into animals. These facts come from Vedic times - that is from the beginning of Copper age. In those times intra-dimensional connections were not so much separated as they are today. It allowed for manifestation of multiple possibilities which are absolutely unimaginable today (we live in the end of Iron age now).
In European literature such things can be found only in tales. We should remember that there is always a grain of truth in them.


I have been also asked if the soul is mortal. I am a practical man. I have worked with many souls on this and other side. I have not encountered any mortal souls. For me this thesis in normal conditions seems a bit absurd.
There are however special conditions when the soul can be totally affected by depravity. I am talking about getting suckered into demonic energy. 

It is not a movie. Dark side of force is powerful and can suck you down like vortex. Anyone who has ever encountered it will know what I mean. If anybody gets attracted by destructive power they become more powerful for some time but are doomed to fail in the end. Getting out of such vortex is very difficult or almost impossible. As a result this vortex leads to a total disintegration of personality. This is a breakdown on elementary parts. After getting out of vortex the energy in its basic form and not so obnoxious any more probably comes back to the Source – to the Creator. From our point of view it is a kind of Cosmic Recycling...

I said „probably” because even though I am a practical man and I need to experience and check everything I do not wish to experience this aspect of power personally.


Brahman – World of Light (link) is soul’s eternal home. In the World of Light there are no dimensions - one cannot take measures of length width height or time. All permeates the infinite ocean of golden red light. Nirvana freedom and unfathomable endlessness mark the experience of this world.

Though in House time does not pass, above it in the worlds created by impulse of divine love, time and dimensions make up an amazing game of endless possibilities.
In the worlds compatible with perfect divine matrix of creation souls can play with a variety of roles while being connected with the Creator and their extra-dimensional home – the World of Light at the same time.
In the worlds where matrix is distorted souls are doomed to separation. These worlds remind me a bit of telephone centrals invaded by ZOMO police in the first night of martial law. All intradimensional connections are brutally broken up. After some time manipulation experts bring back a part of connections while the signal remains still under their control.
Separation from home can last for thousands of years. As a result souls are on the verge of extreme exhaustion and getting involved in different relations. It can be seen nowadays on the Earth.

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