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Wednesday, 28. July 2010


The Violet Flame is one of the Divine Rays penetrating the darkness which envelops our planet. The world in which we now live is very effectively separated from free flow of those rays (see the Field of Life, link). The intensity of their penetration depends in this configuration primarily on how much from their illuminating power will be attracted and transformed by the beings inhabiting this world, that is by us, who reside here.

The Violet Flame is a unique vibration and rare like a diamond in our reality. It is also pure and sturdy like a diamond, and bright like its lustre. It is an ultrafast and causative force, which penetrates into the structure of reality, altering it at the very foundation, on the causative and atomic levels. It is an unconditional force, knowing no barriers, nor obstacles, the ultimate force.

The Violet Flame is a force radically transforming and changing destiny. It raises and purifies the vibrations of a person summoning it, at the same time spreading its action onto a large circle of events around it. It is a vibration which puts into effect the ultimate Higher Plan. It acts as a decree, dissolving all plans and obligations conflicting with the realisation of the ultimate plan. Everything which could hinder your realisation of this plan is either transformed, or cauterised. Transformation is a constructive and desired form of change. Cauterisation occurs when the impulse of total transformation meets with resistance of an individual will which is counteractive to the Higher Plan.

The transforming power of the Violet Flame creates a huge whirl around a person who follows its path. It is a process of folding the reality. A person burning with the Violet Flame is thus being prepared for a dimensional shift. In the ages past, the use of the power of the Violet Flame used to be limited in extent to the transformation of the circle of events related to the summoning person. Nowadays, it is different. We are approaching a cosmic turning point. The entire planet is preparing for a great transformation.

Art theft experts sneak into museums, cut ordered paintings out of frames, roll them up and vanish. The messengers of the Violet Flame are a special task force. We sneak into the museum which is the system of beliefs and interrelations governing this planet, but we do not cut any paintings out of their frames. We roll them up together with the frames, the museum, the security workers, the cities, the countries - with the entire economic and geopolitical system. The goal of the messengers of the Violet Flame on Earth is now to roll up the entire existing reality. Transformation of the Planet Earth - this is the Higher Plan, the ultimate mission.


Traditionally, this vibration consists of three component rays:

  • Yellow Ray of Wisdom – turns off all programmes of the mind and prepares it for the acceptance of the Force.

  • Blue Ray of Power – provides powerful protection, kindles the Light of the Spirit and activates the flame of unconditional transformation.

  • Pink Ray of Love - it opens the heart and illuminates the soul, so that Wisdom does not become suspended in the void and Power does not turn into madness.


Harmonised development of these three rays allows the Violet Flame to kindle with a bright and steady light.



In work with the Violet Flame of decisive significance is your level of determination. Determination means that there are no points for you more important than the higher plan. The system of dependencies will try to use all available ploys, in order to arrest your completion of the task. It will not succeed, if the ploys will have nothing to stick to. If you have nothing to lose, you become strong and invincible.

Let us understand each other. A lack of attachment does not mean that the Messengers of the Violet Flame are unworldly persons or that they neglect their everyday duties. Quite to the contrarily. The better rooting in reality, the greater the scope of activity of cosmic causative forces. It is also out of the question to abandon one's family to follow a lonely path. Just the opposite, the Path of the Violet Flame is the Path of the Heart, and the heart does not journey alone.

The only way for the Violet Flame to get through to Earth is an invitation sent by its inhabitants. It is the people who are well rooted in the governing system who can attract this vibration and transform it into its deepest roots.


Wezwanie Fioletowego Płomienia

Please, remember that the system in which we live here is not a one sustaining light. Conversely, this system maintains dark emotions, for it is them which feed its hidden rulers. Although more and more people have been awakening, the resultant of events on this planet, stimulated by the system, heads towards a direction opposite than the Light of the Spirit. For this system, an encounter with the vibration of the Violet Flame is a confrontation. It is an all-pervasive vibration which knows no bounds. Coming across results in two choices - transformation or cauterisation. Whatever refuses to be transformed, becomes cauterised. Cauterisation is also transformation, but a more turbulent one. A clash of two opposite potentials may lead to tumultuous events. This is the way of nature. Wind, lightning, thunder, rainstorm, cleansing. All of these are natural phenomena accompanying the cumulation of opposite potentials. It happened every time when I opened portals for the Violet Flame by myself. The keys to those portals are inside you. You have them. Your decision is a turning point, the opening. After the storm, comes the sun, the air is fresh and clean, the earth is moist and fertile, and a rainbow appears over the horizon.


Many of you will ask themselves, 'Do we have the right to pursue a planetary transformation, a new, beautiful world, if every person has their own dreams and plans which they want to realise?'

Mr. Wang from Hong Kong plans to increase the sales of the products of his computer company.

Ms. van Straaten from the Netherlands hopes to succeed in expanding her flower growing business.

Mr. Brown invests in tobacco companies' shares.

Mr. Johnson from Chicago plans to invest in arms concerns' shares.

Ms. Clark from London plans to make a career as a lawyer.

A secondary school student from Wrocław, Piotr Krawczyk, plans to graduate from polytechnic, in order to build roads in the future.


All of those plans will be verified against the ultimate plan. Our exemplary heroes could not possibly predict that their future would take a completely different course.


Mr. Wang did not predict that computers will not be used.

Ms. van Straaten did not know that she would meet a wonderful life companion and would do something else than she had planned.

Mr. Brown and Mr. Johnson will face a sudden turn of wrongly spent means.

Ms. Clark will notice with surprise, that there is nobody to try.

Plans of Piotr Krawczyk will prove useless, since in near future people will cease to concrete the Earth and will choose completely different means of communication.

Do we have the right to implement the higher plan? It is not only our right, it is our duty! If we fail to do it, people will destroy the planet. I live in the woods. For years I have observed what we improperly call 'civilisation' noisily encroach upon the sylvan quietude. I see people equipped with more advanced and heavier equipment cut with merciless abandon. I watch those developments through the eyes of scared animals. I see people hardening roads in order to reach with their monstrous machines everywhere they were hitherto unable to and where animals could find refuge. I see growing mountains of rubbish and empty space where trees were cleared. Once, we arrived at a place where people were conducting an execution on an old, century-old tree. Our daughter climbed on the stump of the felled tree and started sobbing. She so intensely felt the pain of that beautiful and wise being. But those who cut them down are unable to feel it. To them, a tree is merely wood, plants are a green mass, animals are meat and Earth is soil which can be freely divided, dug, drilled, covered with concrete or asphalt.

If actions bred by this kind of heartless thinking are not quickly and effectively stopped, our children will have no reason to bear children. This is the truth which we refuse to acknowledge. To those who still do not understand it, I really recommend seeing the beautiful and deeply moving film by Luc Besson titled “Home”. The film is available in English on Youtube Unfortunately, in his depiction of Earth's history, the author did not resist the influence of common and persistently reproduced by the world of official science paradigms. Those notions imprinted in the foundations of our view of the world completely ignore the fact that Earth once used to be inhabited by civilisations on much higher levels than the present one. Nevertheless, it is so important a picture, that it is definitely worth buying on a DVD and watching on a big screen.

Much has been written about the Violet Flame. In many sources are given holy formulas and invocations. Using those formulas can be of help, but on one condition. The actual call must come from deep inside yourself. I am a practitioner. Holy formulas do not appeal to me. I encountered the vibration of the Violet Flame many years ago, before I learnt that this is what this vibration is called. One can do wonderful work with the Violet Flame not knowing any formula, and conversely, one can know all formulas and have no clue as to what this vibration really is.


My personal experiences related to opening of portals for the Violet Flame have been uncanny, and even shocking. As it turned out, by opening to its flow, I open a channel of causative force, ready to perform total transformations on Earth. Frankly speaking, I was unprepared for the fact that, as a regular human being, I can open such a channel and the translation into the course events around the world would be so manifest and direct. The energy flowing through me would fill my whole head with a bright light. I felt liberated from the dependencies of the matter, free of the bodily cage. I felt the power from centuries ago return to me. Attaining this process was preceded by a period of intuitively and spontaneously conducted preparations, during which I quickly got rid of constraints brought upon me by the illusion in which I grew up. For the sake of comparison, it could be pictured as taking out too small fuses and rerouting to circuits with a much greater capacity.

The pivotal point of the process is a will expressed fully and deeply, on all levels, an unconditional consent to changes. The opening of the portals every time translated into quickening of events in the world. In at least 2 cases it was a quickening dramatic in its dynamic. The closing of the portals caused the flow of divine energy to cease, thus sealing by Spirit again in the human, very limited form. That happened in the beginning of the 90's. One of the causes of the closure of the portals at that time was the insufficiently mature situation around the world and my own unreadiness. It turned out that, from among the three rays constituting the Violet Flame, at that time I had an inadequately developed ray of the heart.

As far as the world situation is concerned, for stable and beneficial kindling of the light of change is needed initiation expressed simultaneously by an unknown to me number of messengers of the Violet Flame. That number is the critical mass necessary to initiate the reaction. But, as in the case of atomic energy, the initiator only starts the process, the essence of which is a simultaneous and spontaneous chain reaction.


The analogy to nuclear energy is not accidental. Physics knows two types of nuclear reactions - fission and fusion. Fission is the breakdown of composite atoms into basic ones. This process occurs in nuclear reactors. Synthesis is the combining of basic atoms and transforming them into more complex ones. So far, no reactors capable of conducting stable synthesis have been built on Earth. But this reaction occurs continuously in the Sun. Both these processes emit enormous amounts of energy, and in the case of synthesis they are simply gigantic. Spiritual energy is governed by the same laws. Unified, determined and at the same time focused will of multiple beings has the ability to start a chain reaction and produce enormous energy. Similarly to nuclear synthesis, the energy obtained in this process is incomparably greater than the input energy. The scale of effects of such a spiritual process is omnipotent, its range is global and its possibilities unlimited.

The process of fissioning and fusing spiritual energy, the chain reaction and its possible outcomes are very well-known to by the team playing in black shirts in this cosmic game. The black shirts have a very good knowledge of the fission reaction and it is from it that they benefit the most in all planetary systems brought under their control. But they dread the synthesis reaction, because are aware of its unimaginably far-reaching effects. Therefore, sources of light, in particular light with vibrations higher than others are closely monitored by the dark players and vehemently extinguished. Elimination is conducted from a level higher than the range of human perception, because of which its efficiency can be astonishing at times. Well, our dark fellows currently have extensive possibilities on Earth, but we also have our methods. Let us remember that in the final analysis our possibilities are much more powerful than those of the dark side. The condition of full utilisation of those great possibilities is reaching the critical mass and kindling the reaction. One thing is important in this game. If you decide to enter this path, remember not to look back. From this moment, you need to rush onwards, so as to always be many steps ahead those who chase to quench you.


In the autumn of 2009, I asked my spiritual friends and guides from beyond the physical dimension for a way to follow in order to achieve the critical mass and lead to a breakthrough on our planet. In meditation I was shown a spatial star, similar to the multi-pointed Merkiva. The people on whom the inception of the global change depended were the arms of that star. The arms were still far from one another, but they were perceptibly getting nearer. Soon the time will come for the arms to connect. Then, an ignition will ensue. An ignition of the Great Divine Flame of Transformation. But then we will be aware of our mutual presence. We will also be aware of what will be going on and in none of us will there be fear. The Light of the Spirit kindled by so many aware beings will burn with a stable and brilliant flame. It will suffuse the entire Earth and illuminate the hearts and minds of those who will be ready to embrace it. Then, a great wave of light will issue forth. A wave which nothing will be able to stop. A wave of the Violet Flame. Then, Transformation will take place.

In order for the global change reaction to be initiated stably and effectively, teamwork is needed, coordinated, but not centralised, active, dynamic and spontaneous. Such initiatives are already happening, soon you will be informed about them. From my outer-dimensional guides I also received additional information that the ignition vibration matches the master vibration 99. 21 June 2010, on the day of summer solstice, with a group of friends, we created the first energy installation vibrating with this frequency. An account of that event and an instruction as to how replicate such installations will soon be published on our webpages.

Though the workers of the light do what they can for the transformation to proceed in as peaceful a manner as possible, it should be anticipated that on some levels it will be rather turbulent. A wave of the light has a twofold effect. To those prepared for its arrival, it gives a veritably rocket launch upwards. It illuminates minds and hearts, frees from restraints and switches on divine, hitherto unavailable talents and abilities. But, because it is a wave with a very high frequency, persons obdurate in their materialism and consciously heading in the opposite direction can experience states bordering on madness, and their actions can be impetuous and, at a certain stage, destructive.

Please, do not be surprised. Spiritual energies with high vibration possess an immense creative force. When they are switched on, they carry out programmes with which we have fed our consciousness and subconsciousness for years. If somebody lives and works for the light, their talents and possibilities will be multiplied. If somebody has lived and worked for the darkness, they will experience madness and self-destruction. However, even that self-destruction is only a stage of transformation leading to an eventual cleansing and liberation. After the crucible of conflicting drives and emotions has burned out, the pure spirit is freed from its karma. It then takes on the form of a pure, luminous energy, free of the body and its dependencies. In such a form it returns to the World of Light, (link to the World of Light), whence is originated. This process is assisted and supervised by interdimensional spiritual aids, who from the human level can also be called angels. In the world of light, souls experience a bliss-infused calm and repose. There, they are charged with strength before beginning a new, beautiful role in chosen by themselves region of the world. Some of them will return to Earth, in order to experience life in a civilisation of Light and Peace.


After transformation, Earth will not be as densely populated as today. A large part of the population will depart, so they can experience requiescence. There is nothing strange nor inappropriate in it. Both arrival and departure are natural and beautiful processes. Only for our limited perception fear supplants harmony and understanding. However, after switching on vibrations with divine, high frequencies, no more will our perception be limited, thus there will be no fear. We will be aware of where we come from and where we will be going.

The regular departure of the soul which is a commonplace occurrence during the earthly cycle very rarely has its destination in the World of Light. Leaving for the World of Light takes place only after a complete dissolution of all physical and energetic shells. Only so strong an impulse as global transformation provides an opportunity to ascend this state to a major part of the population. Believe me, it is a state worth experiencing. I have visited the World of Light in my present life and the memory of that wonderful experience reaches deep into my soul when I am writing these words. I would have nothing against returning to our Home with most of the population. Surely, I will return There in due time, for it is a place which I miss very much. But, for the time being, it appears that my role on Earth is going to last for a while.

Eternal builders, masters of energy, teachers and creators. You know how to command energy. You know how to transmute chaos into harmony. You know how to create reality. You will now be needed on Earth. Your role has just begun. Do not ask what and how. In due time you will know what to do.

The culmination point of solstice falls on 21 December 2012. This date is not any magical determinant! Nothing happens by itself. The switching of the lever of history will not come without intervention. That would be contrary to the cosmic law. If one of the inhabited worlds goes through a magnificent ascent or a dramatic fall, it is always brought about by its denizens. Therefore, it is useless to linger listening to prophecies. No version of reality is predetermined, none is without the potential for modification. The approaching solstice exposes the Earth to the maximum dose of creative energy. This fact is very well understood by both sides involved in this game - light and dark. Those who follow the dark side, make active and very effective efforts aimed at making Earth into an infernal planet. Both sides are balanced. Both teams play tenaciously and with determination. Both throw into the game all available means. The closer to the end of the match, the faster more fierce will the game become. The final tipping of the scales will depend on the inhabitants of this planet. In the past, ages ago, it was the inhabitants of this planet who summoned the wave of dark forces and contributed to the downfall of the then dominant civilisation. They conduced to the development of a system of illusion, suffering and exploitation. Now is the time to summon a wave of light. The light is waiting, but it will not come, until it is invoked. Now is the time for change. Now is the Final Time.

The path of the Violet Flame is not a formal way. You may receive a call to this path at any moment. Perhaps you already follow it, though you do not know it yet.

If you are reading this text, the Call of the Violet Flame is flowing to you.

The Call of Light is flowing to you.

Messengers of the Violet Flame, I speak to you.

Let each of you become a living portal of transformation of reality.

Chosen are those who want to be chosen.

This is the Right Moment.

The right time is NOW!

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