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Thursday, 29. July 2010


On 21 June 2010, on the day of the summer solstice, about 40 volunteers from all over Poland gathered near Borne Sulinowo in Western Pomerania, in order to create a unique energy installation - a portal to the Source of Divine Love, Knowledge and Infinite Energy. The purpose of the stone and crystal structure is to root on our planet the vibration of the Great Civilisation Transformation and spread this vibration over the entire world. The structure was built in the shape of the pictogram Contact with the Source. This way, a stone circle with a dynamic structure could be built.

This pictograph, in a vertical projection, is an array of of several interpenetrating Mer Ka Ba fields fed by the power from  the Source. Thanks to those installations, we can have access to endless energy giving rise to the Great Wave of Transformations leading to the creation of New Luminous Realities.

The installation constructed by us had the form of a large stone circle in which are inscribed the contours the above mentioned Mer Ka Ba fields. Individual merkabas are marked with large rocks. Their activity was amplified with properly installed crystals. The rocks were selected by size, in proportion to the size of the merkabas. Because the space available near the centre was limited, the two smallest merkabas were marked only by crystals buried in the ground.

The whole of the structure was surrounded with a circle composed of 99 stones. The purpose of the circumferential circle is to provide a leading vibration for the installation. In our circle it is vibration 99 - the Vibration of the Great Galactic Transformation.

Preparatory work involving calculation, planning and placement of individual rocks was conducted on the solstice eve, that is 20 June. Our joint effort was to us all a beautiful example of concerted and harmonious creation. The builders of the circle became for that duration a well-integrated team, members of the Great Earthly Family, members of a single tribe.

On the day of the solstice, we performed the installation of the crystals. Most of the crystals were a volunteer and spontaneous gift from the participants of that event. The final activation took place during a gong and steelpan concert.


The circle emits a beautiful, golden, harmonious energy. It imparts a sense of peace, clarity of thought and a good frame of mind. Conversely to traditional stone circles, its vibration can be felt from a considerable distance.


The beginning of the story which is described here and in which we participate has its origin many thousands of years ago, in the times of the decline of Atlantis, the last bastion of mighty and enlightened civilisations inhabiting the Earth for long millennia. The Atlanteans wielded a still great power of the mind, though it was not so cheerfully innocent, so easily available and all-powerful, as in the civilisations which preceded it. Therefore, the Atlanteans used highly developed knowledge on how to amplify, transform and focus the powers of the Spirit, For that purpose, they also used advanced techniques. The inhabitants of that world knew the secrets of the effects of crystals, they could use them to heal and pass knowledge and energy from a distance. They were great builders and talented constructors. Their buildings and constructions were manifestations of immense knowledge of the nature of energy. Energy installations of the Atlanteans made it possible to maintain a high civilisation level for many centuries, despite the unfavourable at that time course of cosmic events. That course was increasingly more strongly connected to the influence upon the Earth of cosmic civilisations with warped and dark nature. Beings from those worlds were unable to force their way through the protective Field of Energy (see Field of Life, link) enveloping the Earth, but their way of thinking and behaving was gaining increasingly more followers among terrestrials. The waning power of the spirit provided less and less opportunity for easy materialisation of desires, and the weaker the Spirit was, the more there were desires. Strengthening of spiritual power required training, and the lifestyle of the strange creatures gave power in a quick and easy manner. Except that the power derived from an improper type of energetic transformation. It was commanding, haughty, devoid of compassion and disrespectful towards life. Although using it resulted in quicker realisation of one's goals, it nevertheless lead to corruption and cruelty. In a longer perspective, it was destructive for the one who used it and posed a risk to the entire population. Planetary guardians, at that time called the Sons of the Only Law, were aware of the dark clouds gathering over their world, but they knew that a protection system provides security only as long as the knowledge and access to its active components remains in the care of their trusted clan, carefully selected for centuries.

But the Sons of Belial (what at that time was called the clan of the advocates of lustful lifestyle) were able to gain the favour of initiate parties by the means of deception. They gained access to the system supporting life and to the protection field. In spite of warnings, they used powers which they could not control. That led to a catastrophe and opened the gates for visitors from other worlds, who completely subdued Earth and imposed on it the yoke of their harsh invader laws. Those laws are in force and supply the alien system up to this day.


It turns out that what is currently taking place on Earth has a life-or-death significance for many stellar systems. The messages which reach us from the Pleiades, come from the future, because for the Pleiadans the present Earth is their future which developed unfavourably. Messengers from the Pleiades and many other worlds arrive to the Earth in order to change that negative version of reality.

Stellar messengers arrive in the only effective manner. They are born as regular people. In this way, they get to know in depth the system governing the planet, incarnation after incarnation preparing the ground for great events to come. Choosing so long a mission, they run the risk of losing their memory of what they came for, and in case of mission failure, they can become stuck in the negative version of reality. The reason is simple. No being born on Earth is able to directly affect the terrestrial course of events. None of our extraterrestrial brothers has their energy system attuned to our planet's rhythm. Though sometimes we value ourselves so lowly, it is we - the sons and daughters of Earth, who possess this invaluable treasure. We have the will of our thoughts, we have the light of our feelings, we have the power of our emotions. No system can resist this united power.

The loss of memory has affected many of you. You forgot what you came here for. It appears to many of you that you are only ordinary, average people. You have no supernatural powers, the glory of great leaders does not shine upon you, you are not followed by crowds of disciples. You are modest and believe yourselves to be insignificant. You think that there are many who are better, on whom the fate of the world depends to a much greater degree. The problem is that those 'other better ones' are too preoccupied with spreading their personal glory or capitalising on their talents. We, writing these words, are not better than you. We address you only because, perhaps, a moment ago you were able to regain some of your lost memory. The task because of which you are on this planet will come back to you, even if you try to reject it. It will return more and more often, the more often, the less there is time for its completion. And there is little time left.

The dark side has at its disposal destructive technology and direct, almost open support of beings from remote worlds. Those who had that doubtful pleasure of meeting those visitors, surely would not want to encounter them again. Please believe me, those are entities devoid of feelings and knowing no mercy. Their version of reality is a world in which you would not want to be for even a moment. The technology used by them harnesses the forces of nature and introduces global control. Harnessing is the only adequate term. There is no place for love.

Here is one of the examples of harnessing technologies, global control and weapons of mass destruction. The HAARP project - a forest of gigantic antennas discharging at the ionosphere waves with very high frequencies. Those waves can be used to control weather phenomena. When properly reflected by the ionosphere, they can cause earthquakes in any point on Earth, they can also be used to effect specific emotional states in populations. The project was instigated in 1994 with the construction of a 'farm' of transmitters stretching across several hectares in Alaska. As is shown in the video below, that weapon has lately been deployed disturbingly densely on our planet.

Instalacja Haarp projekt

Those huge installations are not useless monuments. That weapon is operational and used on an increasingly larger scale. It is used mostly to cause weather anomalies. Because weather changes act directly on our solar plexus, incidentally in a large part of the population are generated states of fatigue, helplessness and the absence of the will to live and act. HAARP-type installations are also used to cause earthquakes. There is a reasonably justified assumption that the earthquake which levelled Haiti with the ground was caused by an attack conducted with the use of those installations.

Some of you will ask, surprised, 'But why would somebody want to control emotions, cause natural disasters or earthquakes?'. The mechanism of operation is simple. A large part of the society has clearly been waking from the dream of an illusion programmed by the system. But a person who is escaping from a flood must devote all their strength to saving themselves. Several hundred kilometres away, a person whose fields are burnt by drought is writhing in anguish with the feeling of hopelessness and despair. Both those people will probably not have enough strength and time for spiritual thoughts. People who are deprived of the will to live and act are unable to think about defiance. Moreover, earthquakes are also a very spectacular and bloody warning to those unruly national leaders who might be inclined to oppose.

Shocking? Yes, shocking. If it is hard for you to believe, please remember - although it is people carrying out orders, the creatures which control them are not human.

We, people, have the Power of the Spirit at our disposal.

Through our emotions, we have the natural facility for connecting with the Source, the Creator of all beings.

Through our emotions, we have natural synchronisation with all elements of this Earth.

We also have the support of our cosmic companions, our brothers and sisters, from whom we were separated centuries ago. Just as millennia ago demonic civilisations could not break through our Planet's protection field, until its very inhabitants made a crack in it, similarly, now our brothers and sisters from highly developed and enlightened galactic civilisations are unable to interfere with the Field of the Planet Earth, until its inhabitants clearly and resolutely ignite the Flame of Change.

You will ask, 'What can we do?'

You can summon the Great Cosmic Wave.

You can kindle the Violet Flame of Transformation. (link to Call of the Violet Flame).

You can kindle the Great Light of the Spirit.

You can start a powerful and irreversible reaction.

You can put in motion all elements of the Earth.

You can destroy systems and create new worlds.

You have such power.

It is in the possession of each one of you, but the combined power of all is a force on a cosmic scale.

However, in order to activate it, you must act together.

Rest assured that if you decide to act, obstacles will arise. Sometimes you will have an impression that the whole world is intent on on you failing to complete your planned task. Maybe you are still unaware of how important you are and what power you possess. Strong participants are closely observed by the opposing side and their moves are monitored. Your every step towards liberation will meet with a concentrated resistance of the system. Remember, these are not random coincidences. You must act despite that resistance. If you have made the choice, cast off the limitations of the Homo Sapiens species. Excessive propensity for deliberation is a source of doubt, which is graciously dispersed by the ubiquitous masters of illusion. Become Homo Determinatus. Your determination is a force which will overcome any obstacle.

Each one of you has many plans and dreams. You want to create communities, you want to develop your talents, cultivate different kinds of activity. Before you think about your plans, please look again at the counter which counts down the time left for the realisation of the mission with which you once arrived here. The Mission of Galactic Transformation. If you succeed in effecting the Transformation, all plans will be able to be implemented in an easy and elegant way. The beauty of the world which you create will be simply breathtaking. Its refulgence will radiate to an vast expanse of the universe. But first you need to conduct the Transformation. If you fail to perform it, the realities of many worlds will sink in the dark side. And then no plan of yours will have a chance of being fulfilled.

The time to effect the Transformation is running out. Please, think about it.



In the past, attempts have been made at countering the spreading system of oppression. At the end of the 19th century, an attempt at casting off the yoke was made by North American Indians. Those free and deeply united with nature people were driven out of the land of their ancestors. Their homeland was invaded by people who did not cooperate with nature, but conquered it. Herds of bisons were exterminated and the native population was confined in reservations, in which the remainder of rights they retained were systematically broken.

On the day of solar eclipse on 1 January 1889, Wovoka, a Paiute shaman had a vision and received an intense message from higher beings.

"When the sun went out and I ascended into Heaven, I saw God and all people who had departed long ago. God commanded me to return and tell my people that they should to live good lives and love one another. They must not fight, steal or lie. He gave me this dance to pass it to the people."

The message advised the Indians to dance a magic dance called the Dance of the Spirit. The vision announced the coming of the Great Change, which would be the end of the present world. The Earth would die and be born again. After the Great Change would come a world free of death, wars and diseases. There would also return the exterminated herds of bisons and people would again become close. The message also called to living in peace, to good deeds and give up alcohol. The dance was connected with fast and spiritual cleansing. A deep spiritual dance trance was usually celebrated for 5 days. It was participated in by men and women from the whole tribe.

At the end of the 19th century, indigenous messengers spread the message among over 30 tribes of the West. The rising hope for a change also interested some Lakotas (Sioux) who added to Wovoka's ritual trance and the characteristic spirit shirts. The Ghost Dance was spreading like a great wave growing in intensity.

Great shamans of old knew the secret of trance. They knew or felt it instinctively that the growing intensity culminates in a turning point. After reaching that threshold, the wave diffuses in a forcible and unstoppable manner.

The lords of the dark side have been aware of this regularity for centuries. The Earth is to them a colony carefully guarded by a pack of herders. They watch closely, so as not to lose control of the herd. There must have been something great and magical in this dance, since the dark side gave close attention to it.

The dark side strikes thoroughly and precisely. It owes its devilish precision to acting from a level higher than the reality available to humans. Have no illusions. Those are not any random coincidences. Those are planned actions orchestrated outside of the reach of the horizon of events available to us. People are in this action only the final and least aware executive element.

That was the case with the Ghost Dance. The blow was dealt precisely, it was brutal and thoroughly devastating. Despite previous peaceful assertions, 29 December 1890 a group of Lakotas camping near Wounded Knee Creek, previously disarmed and consisting mostly of women and children, were murdered the by armed to the teeth 7th regiment of cavalry of the United States. That tragedy was a blow which the Free Spirit was unable to endure. The hope for liberation was brutally quenched.



But not for ever! Hope, no matter how many times trampled on, is reborn and returns. It returns like a wave hitting a rocky shore. Though the shore be hard and water soft, the force of water is greater. The wave, broken countless times, gathers up its strength, still flows in and keeps boring, higher and stronger still. If it is unable to conquer the hard rock with its gentle pressure for many centuries, in the final conspiracy of the elements, it comes as a Tsunami and washes the persistent shore away.

A conspiracy of the elements. A union of hitherto diffuse drives, a joining of minds and hearts. This is our last and powerful hope. We can kindle the fire of transformation. We have such power. We also have all instruments needed for that purpose. The human energetic structure shows that each one of us is a magnificent reactor ready for undertaking the miracle of transformation and creating reality. Our reactors have been shut down for millennia. Let us start them now and together accomplish what is seemingly impossible. Cosmic power is provided, but it is your first move that is crucial.

Every Circle of the Violet Flame built increases the flow of transforming cosmic energy. But it is you, people who are the most potent transmitters. Every circle built by you is a proof that you are ready to act. Many think and debate, few take action. Take action and responsibility. Become a leader when the situation calls for it. Fulfil the inspirations which come to you. Remember, you are the leader and designer. Yes, it is up to you, whether there will be created the conditions necessary for conducting a cosmic chain reaction, an energy fusion which will be able to change your world. Without your contribution that reaction might not succeed. Others will not do it for you, Dear Sister, Dear Brother! We are waiting for your move!

The forces of nature are on your side. Wind is not only the movement of the air. It is a live being with which you were once able to communicate. Powerful Elemental Spirits remember you, noble and loving creator masters of reality. The elements will come when they are summoned. The elements prefer cooperation to harnessing. Do not be afraid of their power, they will not harm you. The spirits of nature will help cleanse the Earth from mind control installations.

We are dispersed all over the Earth. Although we have different skin colours and we were brought up in different cultures, we are connected by our common terrestrial and stellar origin. We call upon all of you to action. If we all lived together in one place, we would be herded up and eliminated, as has been done many times. But now we are everywhere. Dancers of the Spirit scattered all around the globe cannot be eliminated. Regardless of what methods will be used by our brothers serving the dark side, show them sympathy. They do not know what they are doing. First of all however, do not stop dancing! Even if the possibility of free communication disappears, do not stop dancing. Let your dance spread, let it grow in power and ultimate, invincible determination.

We call upon the native inhabitants of both Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania. It is you who are the last heirs of the old magic. Many of us, citizens of a modern civilisation, are your brothers. We are connected by living together through millennia and a common stellar origin. The crystals connecting us with your traditions were placed in the first circle created by us. Let us take this action together. Together we are an unstoppable force.


I call upon every being whose heart feels, whose mind is awaking from the dream and its conscience prompts that the path which humanity is following leads in a wrong direction.

This is the New Dance of the Spirit!

Summon the Violet Flame of Transformation.

Create Summoning Circles.

Create them in every place on Earth.

Let this example of our summoning impress upon the Earth like a stamp.

Let the Fire Eagle soar above the Earth, as predicted by the Hopi Indians.

Sign of summoning.

Sign of Galactic Transformation.

We will succeed.




The course of the transformation reaction consists of three phases:

Phase I

The initiator of the reaction is the summoning of a high-frequency divine transforming vibration. This vibration is referred to in some traditions as the Violet Flame. Please refer to the Call of the Violet Flame section, where this vibration is described in greater detail.

The key to the Violet Flame is summoning and firm determination to complete the summoning. A summoning expressed only by the mind will not work. In order for a summoning to work, it needs to be expressed and earnestly accepted on each level of existence.

In many of you are hidden access codes, keys to the chain reaction of cosmic change. Although you have always had them , some of you still has not realised that they possess them. These codes give the power to effectively summon the flame of transformation. The only way to see if you have that power in you is to simply try it.

Imagine that you hold a code starting a reaction leading to a complete and irreversible change of this reality. With all your being, on all levels of consciousness, you need to express your consent for the irreversible reaction of transforming the planet occur NOW. Not in 10 years, not in 2 years, but NOW. Such unconditional consent is the opening of the gates for the cosmic energy of transformation. It is a reaction with such a large scale of effect that fathoming it in categories accepted by a rational mind is impossible.

99 per cant of candidates stops at the 'NOW' stage, for there is always something which makes them postpone the ultimate plan for later. However, if you make the choice to be chosen, you will activate the codes of transformation. Then, watch in amazement, but switch off your mind, for the mind is unable to comprehend the scale of this phenomenon. Even one person can initiate this reaction, but the transformation reaction can occur in its full extent only when all guardians of the codes express their consent.

We do not know where you are. We know that you are. Wherever you are, NOW is the time to express your consent. Therefore, express it with all your self, with all your power. Let us add our consents to the reactor pile. We know that there is a critical mass which will ignite the reaction, but none of us knows how many people is still needed to achieve it. Remember, it is your missing consent that the universe could be waiting for.

Phase II

When you summon the energy of transformation, you yourselves will be transmitters. Through you, it will spread over the world. Events on the perceptible level of reality will gain a rapid pace and might be turbulent. They may also be accompanied by tumultuous social events. The cosmic vibration of transformation has an enlightening effect on those who use it and go towards the light. At the same time, it can bring about the symptoms of madness in those who obdurately hold on to darkness. Do not be surprised.

Whatever will be happening (and much will be happening), it is important for you to be without fear. You will be the witnesses of how the present reality falls apart like a house of cards. Remember, the process of cleansing could be perceived on one of the perceptible levels as destruction. But it is only one of the levels. At the same time, on many parallel, though less palpably felt levels will be occurring the process of deep transformation. The process of healing wounds inflicted through millennia and the creation of a new, beautiful and free of the burden of darkness reality. Disconnect your consciousness from physically perceived appearances and switch its attention to the new, beautiful world which is calling out to you. Do not plunge into mental confusion. Feel with your heart and follow the voice of your heart. Regardless of the circumstances, it will save you. The time become ripe to tell you about it openly.

The transmission of the transformation energy onto the world occurs automatically. When you are connected to the Cosmic Source, you begin to shine like the sun and nothing can possibly cover this light. In this phase you will need protection, because many forces of darkness will desperately try to extinguish the light burning up. Your most effective protection is the violet vibration of transformation, because no manifestation of the power of darkness can come near it. Also, ask your allies for assistance:

  • Ask for help the spirits of old, powerful civilisations inhabiting the Earth thousands of years ago - let them protect you with their strength and wisdom. They are already here. They await your action.

  • Ask for support the spirits of your venerable ancestors - let them aid your mission in every possible way. You will be surprised how many of your ancestors are now standing behind you.

  • Ask for action the powerful spirits of the elements. Let their combined power cleanse the Earth from poison.

  • Also, ask for help Mother Earth herself. Let her expel the mind control installations hidden within her. Let her protect her children during the cosmic storm.


Phase III

In the last phase, the solar, transforming vibration passes through you and penetrates deep inside of the Earth. This vibration awakes the Earth, lifts up its energy. Thus occurs the final cosmic union of two poles, separated from each other for a long time. The male energy of the Sun and the female energy of the Earth. Both of these energies in love with each other strive for union, and you are intermediaries in this connection. Without you combining them would not be possible.

In this phase of cosmic consummation you will no longer need protection. Father Sun and Mother Earth will dance the dance of love. A dance which will conceive new life, a new world. You will be the witnesses and guardians of that miraculous conception. All powers required for the creation of a new reality will also be activated for you. The world which will appear to your eyes will be so beautiful that that no words will be able to describe it. What more to say? Experience it yourself.

Project coordinators:


tel 604 487 802


tel 503 936 695


tel 791 328 528

Join us. Free places on the list await you!

Please, spread this message.

Publish it on your websites.

Pass it to your friends.

Print it and pass on to those who do not use the Internet.

Let our action travel across the Earth like a Wave!

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