When choosing Merkaba should be guided wavelength of the carrier and the type of material. The longer arm of Merkaba, the longer is the vibration that produces Merkaba. This translates directly into resonance of our nervous system. Here are four basic types of waves flowing through our brains:


Beta waves (13 to 30 Hz):


Fale mózgowe Beta


Beta waves are responsible for the state of mind associated with our daily activities. These are the waves low amplitude, high frequency, very often random.

The perfect tool to clean up the frequency is Merkaba Star. In the version of the Sigma due to a somewhat elongated arm is slightly shifted in phase in the direction of lower frequencies Beta going smoothly in the initial state of Alpha.


Alpha waves (8 to 13 Hz):


Fale mózgowe Alfa


Alpha waves bring us to the stage where thinking becomes a pleasure. Thoughts mute to soothe, are clear, transparent, and are arranged in a coherent and far-reaching strings. In this state of mind will come to us great solutions, put plans together. The alpha also enables communication across distances with other people who are in this condition.

The instrument that will help us easily achive this condition is Merkaba Alpha. Here again, in the case of version of sigma phase shift occurred. Extended arm provides enhanced version of Sigma Alpha state, Alfa Power and enter the upper frequency of the Theta range.


Theta waves (from 3.5 to 8 Hz):


Fale mózgowe theta


present during deep relaxation, restful sleep, and when we are accompanied a feeling of great pleasure and satisfaction. Theta phase reached a meditative state gives a sense of disconnected from external stimuli and extremely pleasant time of being in the light.

Instruments helpful in achieving a deep state of meditation and rewarding is the Merkaba Sigma Alpha Power model and Merkaba Sigma Theta model. The choice should be guided not only by gauge, but also by our own capabilities. Alfa Power synchronizes brain waves in the upper the state of Theta and experience can be fairly easily answered by people who have at least Basic familiarity with meditation. Continue to practice using the Merkaba can easily experience deepen.

Theta Merkaba gives resonance to the lower range of Theta waves, going in the direction of Delta. It is note that the transition from daily activities (Beta) to a state of deep silence (lower range of Theta and Delta) is a big jump frequencies. Mind of a person unaccustomed to Meditation may be having problems at the beginning with the registration of the process and taking place under the big Merkaba. Model Theta is however a great help for people with the practice of meditation experience.


Delta waves (from 0.5 to 3.5 Hz):


fale mózgowe delta


Delta state is reached in the deepest stage of sleep, or during a deep meditation. Chart waves Delta shows that these waves of large amplitude and low frequency. In practice, this translates into state of mind which is more like duration than the activity. Thoughts are flowing slowly, one by one, in large intervals. Every thought is full of emotion and feeling. In this state, your perception infinitely times more than awake - for you are connected to the infinite of the universe. Every your thought is a causative will, creative manifestation of the Spirit. It is a condition in which the reality is created! From all sides we are surrounded by technical inventions vibrating frequencies much higher than that required for the smooth running of the human mind. The electrical systems encircle our homes carry a current with a frequency of 50 Hz. Computer monitors and televisions provide frequency from 70 to 100 Hz, radio and television stations, GSM masts and broadcast signals by the satellites are measured in Mega Hertz. All that envelops the Earth in ever denser electromagnetic fog and the high frequency of the mist has a profound impact on the the human mind. Even after a little more than 100 years ago, in distant countries where cultivated mind training, levitating yogis view was pretty ordinary. Students of spiritual practices could do things with difficulty falling within any rational reasoning. Unfortunately, magic, though once common, is now using the techniques of high-frequency and chaotic almost completely suppressed.

Activators Merkaba formed locally in the place of use of a harmonious energy field allowing quiet operation, and to experience the higher dimensions of existence despite the noise of civilization.

It is noted that the vibrations generated by the plurality of individual actuators, combine together to form consistent and increasingly strong field of harmonious vibrations. Combining harmonious energy field are dedicated large and very large gate type Merkaba and Stargate Worlds. These instruments are currently developing extensive and constantly enhanced energy system called focal Installation of Power . The main system components are deployed on Polish territory.

During the transition period both fields (harmonious and disharmonious) operate at parallel levels . We believe that we are approaching a critical point when the energy field harmonious able to be so strong that it outweighs the effect of fields disharmonious opening wide portal to higher dimensions. We are waiting for this moment with hope!





For using the Activator Merkaba into a state of conscious meditation is best to fit activator in a place that he was directly overhead the meditator. This can be on the mat meditation, the chair or the bed. Merkaba should be relatively low 20 to 50 cm above the head. It's just as hard to feel its impact.


Merkaba Gwiazda i medytacja nad rzeką

Merkaba Star, Michael and the Chador, who did not want to that the photograph was done without him.



After just a few minutes to be under the Merkaba there is a feeling of calm and clarity of thought.

Small models (eg STAR) provide experience almost immediate, ALFIE may take a few minutes, and to synchronize the model ALFA POWER we need several minutes. It all depends on what level is our mind at the time of accession to the meditation:

This is usually a Beta state and level of STAR gives a very quick "lighten the head." The prior Beta is very easy to enter the Alpha state, so the feelings of ALFA model come also strongly and quickly.

Model POWER ALFA is far more powerful than the model STAR and ALFA, but the vibrations which enter into resonance with our mind is much deeper state of Alfa going quite strong in

the Theta waves (deep meditation). The transition from the Beta of close to Theta waves can mind to take a few minutes, but once you get into this state will, being in it is so great, he did not want to leave it.

A lot depends on what time of day meditating. Meditation in prime time daily activity is usually the hardest. The most appropriate time of the morning and evening. Especially is recommended for morning, when our thoughts not yet had time to disperse. Very nice is after getting up and before the start of the activity to sit for several minutes under Merkaba.

You can then easily enter a state of meditation that is in a state of calm and orderly thinking. This enables us to better plan the coming hours and choose life purposes.

Solutions typically brilliant stand right next to us. The problem is that in the hustle and bustle chaotic thoughts, we are not able to see these options. The task is a Merkaba us possible, so it's worth from this instrument make the best use of it.




Dobry sen pod Merkabą


Some customers hang their Merkaba above the bed in the bedroom. It is a very good idea if we allow ourselves to it for the rest the Merkaba to take full advantage of Merkaba. It is mainly by the time you devote to it, and we should not hurry in this regard. Especially is valuable as the time between sleep and wakefulness. This condition usually appears before the dawn, and can persist for a long, pleasant hours. Aware, but not yet fully awake mind then allow easy communication with your Higher Self. Then appear messages from other dimensions, visiting good friends from past lives, and far, dimensional journey.

As an anecdote quote the experience of friends who bought steel Merkaba Alpha and installed it over the bed. On the same day she had to leave and in the apartment stayed her boyfriend, who had no idea of what Merkaba is. This man, he had never been interested in spirituality eighter, so was really surprised when for two nights while asleep, was flying ... It is a condition that many people may wish to, but for him it was so strange that shocking.

When choosing Merkaba into the bedroom again, should be guided by the wavelength of the carrier. The larger models will give the experience of deep relaxation, while the smaller models will be mined for conscious level what happens during sleep. People suffering from insomnia should more interested in the model (for example, Alpha Power), and people sleeping "stony sleep" should pay attention to one of the smaller models (Star or Alpha). Although not required, it is advised that the Merkaba designed for the bedroom is mainly made ​​of brass.

If we only have one Merkaba, it is worth considering what its use will bring us more benefit - waking consciousness, or a lucid dream. The choice is yours. If the situation allowes, the ideal solution would be to use one Merkaba meditation during the day, and the other during sleep.



Each Merkaba is in its frequency range of the instrument strongly interacting.Most customers receive a very positive impact. There are cases that the first 2-3 weeks of contact with the Merkaba, some people are feeling tension in various energy centers of your body. This is due to obstruction of the flow of energy.

Please note that the Merkaba stimulates vital energy. This energy should move in channel energy along the spine freely, moving from bottom to top by each chakra. If in any chakra finds the lock, there is a feeling discomfort. Locks comes from the difficult lessons learned in this life or in past lives.

The appearance of discomfort in any of the chakras is a clear signal that this is an area that should be healed. Merkaba Meditation allows you to run the processes leading to display causes the resulting illnesses and their treatments. It happens (personally I experienced) that there is a reminder of the events that took place many centuries and even millennia ...

Discomfort goes away completely after endarterectomy flow of energy through earlier ailing chakras. Instead, there is a sensation of happiness and satisfaction with the solution

situation. To help the process of healing chakras, take advantage of complementary methods. One of these method is to wear precious and semi-precious stones that are appropriate to each chakra. Selection of the appropriate stones can help you book by Philip Permutta "Stones, which heal".



Kamienie które leczą

This book is usually available at internet bookstores.



A lot of great tips on working with the energy of the chakras can also be found in the presented here the book:



Księga czakr


The Book of Chakras - Shalil Sharamon and Bodo J. Baginski, is probably the best position in the field of knowledge of the chakras. Extremely affordable, practical and correctly recognized. I would recommend to anyone! Book unfortunately it is not available in bookstores (or in antique shops), as an e – book.

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with knowledge on the subject, sent to the the Violet Flame in topics: Energy of Sexes and Twin Flames .



In the choice of material (the proportion of steel and brass), please open a bookmark Merkaba Sigma.



Regardless of all that is written on this topic, best choice is usually to our intuition. If any of the models in a special way you draw, just follow the voice heart because it is the surest choice. Simply and without fuss. The intuition is not discuss!



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