Activation of Mer Ka Ba field

General view on awakening of individual Merkaba field is such that it is associated with breathing exercises, with an appropriate visualization and numerical commands. If this method is handy and convenient to someone and feels right, you should practice it. But this is not the only method for everyone. For many people repeating the countimg commands cause the opposite effect - instead of entering into a state of meditative concentration, causes tiredness and irritations. It is not surprising - after all the counting is associated with the activity of the left hemisphere of the brain. In fact the inconsistency is that during meditation the work of the left hemisphere does not have to be stimulated, but muted, with the benefit of the intuitive right hemisphere.

Awaking and vigorously rotating of Merkaba Field is a natural feature of highly developed beings. That development can be achieved by many methods. Did Jesus before he walked on water had been counting breaths and checked which way spin his tetrahedrons? Not at all, he did not bother for a moment! This does not mean that his Merkaba field was asleep. Absolutely not, when he was able to do what he did, it had to spin with extraordinary speed.

Breathing exercises and visualizations can Mer Ka Ba field temporarily awaken, but bringing it to a stable, strong spinning motion needs more than only such exercises. The effect of all these efforts is to the exit of consciousness from the trap of illusion. This is called just spiritual development. Mer Ka Ba is a mythical celestial vehicle that moves those who have their work in this field completed, to other dimensions and worlds. Components of a complete spiritual development is the depth of understanding and purity of body and spirit. If these extremely important factors are not there, the vehicle called the Mer Ka Ba will carry us nowhere - no matter how strong and how often we make visualization and breathing.

Rozbudzone Pole Mer Ka Ba

Merkaba Activator through energy of shape and precisely balanced arrangement of crystals, stimulates the individual field Mer Ka Ba constantly, especially if we are often in its reach. Sitting or lying directly under the activator causes falling into the natural state of meditation, full of brilliant conclusions and deep sensations. This process often leads to a great leap of consciousness. Thoughts start to focus and form long strings full of conclusions and solutions. The aura lights up, the strength is stimulated. It's a great tool that can be used to achieve many goals in life, even the highest one – the full liberation inclusive.

Perfect in the developing process is to use of all possible means, as long as they are needed. After reaching the necessary level, you will be beyond all limits. This path, however, may take a while so if you see such an opportunity, use it to make it easier.

It is known from a lot of mystical transfers of individuals who have had incarnations on Atlantis, that in this highly developed civilization were all installations of energy-based instruments shapes and crystals. With the Atlanteans even in unfavorable conditions that occurred on Earth in the time of the collapse of civilization of gods, could still for several centuries to maintain a high vibration, which gave them huge, not existing anymore in other parts of the world, the possibilities.

Today, the time of such instruments is back. Merkaba Activator is one of the very effective device waking up again to the life a civilization based on principles completely different than before.


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