Crystals in Merkaba

With precision made, support structure of Merkaba is only half the battle. Activator takes power only after installing crystals. Because we know how important role crystals play, we devote much attention to the appropriate selection.

Magia Kryształów

Crystal, this is not just a piece of semi-precious stone. If we looked at them under microscope, we would be enchanted by the harmony of their structures. What's more, it turns out that in this structure can be encode and transmit information!

Crystal structure does not end with his physical shape. Crystal Aura spreads its effect sometimes even for a few meters and easily comes into resonance with the information field that surrounds people.

In our many years of working with crystals we had the opportunity many times to see how changes human consciousness, in contact with highly charged crystal. Sometimes the people who could not see out of a difficult situation, when enter information in the field of crystal recover faith and get on the right solutions that dramatically change their lives. Most obvious effect of energy crystals for me was the situation that occurred in 2011 years, after the congress in Poznan. During a fairly unusual occurrence of all nearly 200 persons the audience was able to share an experience of contact with a higher dimension of existence, in which are beginning the events received by us as reality. During the entire program held in the hand two large rock crystals. After the program came to me young woman and she told me that she MUST buy one of these crystals. Although I did not plan to, I sold one of them to desperate customer, eventually. This person, after taking crystal in her hands has been so deeply moved that physically it was hard to deal with it. By next few days, she laughed and cried alternately, recalling hers distant past, origin and the role which she came to earth with.

Yes, Crystals are the gateway to the hidden knowledge and power. All the more so should be treated with love and understanding.

All semi-precious stones that pass through our lab are first thoroughly purified. Physically, this means thorough cleaning brush and clean water. In the sense of energy waste is to neutralize any defective code that is precious minerals could gain before they reached us. We do not know under what conditions they were dug and that their production was associated with a decent income for the miners.

We do not know how aware were people who packed and transported them, and yet all this leaves a deep energetic tracks. Crystal structure is on the trails especially sensitive. After cleaning, they are loaded for several days in a stone circle. They are then exposed to the cleansing action of the forces of nature. The crude crystals come together in a circle with their already charged companions. They have the opportunity to take from them the crystal the information. This is a very important process of absorption and getting stronger the light codes of Crystal Matrix. These codes will then light up the aura of thousands users.

Kryształy w kamiennym kręgu

When the crystals will go to Merkaba, they react as if they were under a high frequency electricity. Their aura begins to firmly and clearly lit and their influence is powerful multiply. If you want to see how the crystal acts, just install it in Merkaba and then sit under it. Even the people with immature sensitivity are generally able to fairly, clearly see the change in the energy flow.

Another important factor is the position in which the crystal is installed. Hundreds of practical experiments allowed us to choose a system of crystals, which operates efficiently and harmoniously.

Particular importance are the places in which energy is focused in Merkaba. The most important energy is the core of the artery between the lower and the upper pole. For the best synchronization with the human aura install the crystals in the core, according to the collocation of centers energy in the human body.

Here's an example system shown in the table.

Chakra Picture Basic functions

Picture of the mineral


Alternatively use also



Czakra 7 korony

Communication with the cosmos and higher dimensions, the realization of the Divine Will, guidance of the Spirit

Kryształ górski w Merkabie Clear quartz (rhinestone) Celestine


The Third Eye

Czakra 6 trzeciego oka

Spiritual intelligence, intuition, insight into other dimensions.

Sodalit Sodalite Lapis lazuli



Czakra 5 - gardła

Rational thinking, expressing the will, the establishment of law, determination of direction in life, visual imagery

Akwamaryn - działanie - czakra gardła


Turquoise, amazonite, calcite green



Czakra 4 - serce

Feelings, love, multidimensional communication with all beings.

Kwarc różowy działa na czakram serca

Rose quartz

Calcite, green aventurine, malachite


Solar Plexus

Czakram 3 - Manipura - Splot słoneczny

Centre responsible for the energy exchange emotional life. Source of life force and prosperity.

Cytryn - działa na czakram 3 - splot słoneczny, manipura

Orange calcite

Citrine, tiger's eye, amber



Czakra 2 - svadhisthana - sakralna

The initial excitement, the joy of living, creative expression (eg, dance, fun). An important function of the chakras 2 is a manifestation of the energy equality.

Karneol - czakra 2 - sakralna (svadhisthana)





Czakra 1 - podstawy, muladhara

Fundamentals of being, a sense of material security, to provide a place on earth, the basic sex drive.


Granat - silnie działa na czakrę 1 - podstawy (muladhara)



Another strong point of focus Merkaba energy are its corners. Among the many minerals systems tested proved to be the most effective composition consisting of amethysts in the corners of the upper and rose quartz`s in the lower corners.

Ametyst i kwarc różowy w Merkabie - energia transformacji i ochrony

This creates a strong aura color purple - pink. Its action is reminiscent of referred to by mystics Violet Flame - divine power of transformation and protection.


Conservation and Transformation ... This just has to be your Merkaba!


Merkaba - ochrona i transformacja


Merkabas are provided to our customers fully assembled. Installed and secured before moving are crystals in de corners. The only exception is the core crystals. To prevent them from falling, during transport we pack them in a separate bag. Their assembly is very simple and consists only of inserting it into the appropriate compartments. This operation takes no more than five minutes.

Everyone who chose this unusual instrument we wish having a great experience and constant inspiration and creative genius!


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