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Thursday, 06. November 2014

In accordance the prior announcement, on the exhibition Mind Body and Soul Experience in London (24-25-26 October 2014) we were presenting the first Spherical Multidimensional Merkaba called also the Merkiva.

No doubt, it draws the attention with the rare genesa like shape and astounds with powerful vibrations. Many guests who visited our stand and tried how it works, were deeply impressed how powerful it is.


Sferyczna wielowymiarowa Merkiva - Geneza

Guests were coming from the whole world – from New Zealand and Shri Lanka to Jamaica and Guyana.

Spherical Multidimensional Merkiva toroid at London exhibition

There was practically nobody who could say “I don't feel it”, because sitting under Merkiva gives very clear and immediate experience of strong energy flow and easy focus of the mind.

The sphere is not only amplifying the basic strenght of Merkiva by ca 18%. It also changes the structure of the energy field from the sharp pyramidal to the soft toroid one – which is much more friendly for a human being. It is worth to mention, that according to the latest discoveries the electro-magnetic energy emitted by our heart has exactly a toroidal shape.

Therefore it is not a wonder that the Spherical Merkiva gives the feeling of safety and comfort.

My personal experience with Spherical Merkiva during the exhibition was short but intensive. Saturday was very busy - crowds of people arround, by the end of the day I was really tired. Both seats – with Merkaba and with Merkiva were all the time occupied, so there was no chance to sit and charge myself. Finally one of the seats became empty – right under the Spherical Merkiva, so I quickly jumped on it. I was aware I could have not more than 3-4 minutes, before the next quest comes. I sat down, closed my eyes and at once felt surrounded by an energetic ball. I could isolate myself completely from all the turmoil around. It was like being inside of a space ship, which was ready to transport me to another dimensions. Only if the engine is switched on I could fly far away...

Precisely! The engine! That's what is needed!

This instant thought stroke my mind like a flash and enlightened my head with new idea. It must be common for all inventors, that as soon as one project is ready the next one appears.

Practically saying we do not need the engine, but a specially constructed coil embracing the sphere around the equator. The purpose of such coil would be the multiplication of the energy field created by Merkaba and adding new quality to it. As far as I know, some coils have very unique parameters. For example the Rodin coil can be programmed for different frequencies like Fibonacci scale or sacred solfeggio scale, know from days of ancient Atlantis...

Well, it is difficult to predict how such a device works. We need a few months of experiments to bring this idea in practice. If you have the knowledge or practical possibilities.

By the way, such a device will look a bit like a flying saucer.

UFO,latający talerz,latający spodek

Accidental similarity?



Let me tell you a strange story. Some years ago, an UFO was flying over the village located ca 5 miles from our house. Not just an ordinary one – it was as big as a football field! The witness say it was rotating very quickly whilst flying – like a disc. When it stopped hanging still over the village, the rotation was out and the object was taking the shape of similar to a pyramid. After a while the rotation was coming back and the saucer was again flying.

This pyramid-like shape makes me wonder. It puzzles me even more when I look at Merkabas I build, which geometrical shape becomes more and more similar to “flying saucers”. Are UFO-s spinning Merkabas? Is that the riddle behind their quick shift in space? Possibly not only in space but also in time...

I strongly believe the answer to these questions will be revealed to us soon.

Merkaba - instrumenty mocy

UFO,flying saucer
In accordance the prior announcement, on the... więcej...


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