Merkaba Activator

A construction combining the silent mystery of the pyramids with the dynamic of a live energy field.

  • Makes concentration easier
  • Inspires and opens to new solutions
  • Enables to achieve deep meditation states
  • Favourable for strokes of genius
  • Brightens up the aura
  • Opens energy channels
  • Harmonises the chakras
  • Increases energy levels in rooms
  • Improves Feng Shui
  • Dynamises food
  • Purifies water



Merkaba Activator is the answer to the vibration chaos of our times. It does not replace spiritual development, but it is the perfect tool for its acceleration and choosing of the right direction. The activator is based on the ancient sacred geometry and is a physical representation of spinning fields of life. The stainless steel construction creates a harmonious carrier wave. That wave is amplified and modulated by centrally placed crystalline activators. They work synchronously on 7 main energy centres in the human body. The crystals are fixed with silver-plated copper wire, which ensures good conduction for microcharges created in the system. The strings make up a cylindrical form corresponding to the energy channel passing through our whole body. This channel connects us to the elements of the Earth and the wisdom of the Universe. In the corners of the activator are placed spherical amplifiers. They are crystals directly influencing our aura. The arrangement of the central crystals and the spherical amplifiers can be adjusted to individual needs.



Being in direct vicinity of a Merkaba harmonises the aura and brings about experiences which are hard to ignore even for a sceptic. The Activator operates soundly and firmly, which can be clearly felt. The device creates a strong field of life within several dozen square metres. An essential feature which has successfully been used in the construction of the Merkaba Activator is a strong stream of energy connecting the MerKaBa field with the elements of the Earth and cosmos.

In order to obtain the maximum effect, you can stand or sit upright directly under the Activator, so that the bottom point of the star oriented towards the top of the head. This results in the connection of the central stream of energy flowing through the human body with the stream generated by the Merkaba. It is usually accompanied by a sensation of energy surge.

Meditation under a Merkaba is an unique experience. The device enables to easily enter the state of meditation those who have never done it before. Focus is achieved effortlessly, often even spontaneously. The mind becomes isolated from the everyday hustle and goes into a state of deep silence. The result of such deep relaxation is the opening to new ideas and unique solutions. The development of this state allows to reach unfathomed stores of wisdom and opens the gates to hitherto unknown truths and dimensions.



Remaining under an Activator or in its close vicinity enables one to observe and remove energy blocks. A healthy energy conduction system enables free flow of energy in the channel running along the spine. The flow is regulated by the pace and depth of breathing, hence the channel is sometimes called the "breathing tube". The Merkaba Activator accelerates and amplifies the flow, which is naturally manifested by going into a state of deep concentration. Finally, it leads to the attainment of cosmic consciousness. If the flow meets blockages, they can manifest as a feeling of pressure on a weakened energy centre. In that case, it is recommended to meditate with crystals and carry the crystals on oneself. But first of all, it is necessary to pay special attention to the causes which may be behind that block. The causes are usually related to our emotional life, our way of thinking, our self-esteem and our attitude to the surrounding world. The identification of those factors and their active shaping gives us unlimited potential for development.

It should be remembered that the quality of energy flow in our vital system changes constantly and is dependent on everyday circumstances which influence us. Apart from our lifestyle and mindset, in the proper functioning of the energy system essential is the role of nutrition. Generally, it should be assumed that the lighter and purer the food, the easier circulation of energy and the sensitivity to sensing it. Heavy, high-protein food has a tendency to obstruct the channels conducting life energy. For energetic, ethical and health-based reasons, we sincerely recommend a light, balanced plant-based diet.



The Merkaba exceptionally purifies and increases the energy level in rooms with heavy aura. In the case of very great pollution, it acts as a portal transporting heavy energies outside of the physical dimension. The field of life created by the Activator seems to able to be sensed by insects in some way. Despite our house being hidden in thick bushes and stands just above a river, after suspending the device we noticed a significant reduction in the presence of flies and mosquitoes.

Apart from the above-mentioned functions, it is a beautiful and effective Feng Shui object. Sometimes, instead of a costly and problematic rearrangement or rebuilding of your house, it is easier to hang in the right place an object which will clearly change the room's energy distribution. After stabilising of energy, every Merkaba becomes a mini force centre, a portal, a point of uniting of the energies of the Earth and cosmos. Standing under an Activator, you become connected to this stream. Each installed Merkaba is also assistance for the Earth on its path to ascension into higher dimensions.



Apart from the above-mentioned functions, it is a beautiful and effective Feng Shui object. Sometimes, instead of a costly and problematic rearrangement or rebuilding of your house, it is easier to hang in the right place an object which will clearly change the room's energy distribution. The functioning of the Activator depends on its size, the type of materials used in its construction and the type of the crystals used. There are used special constructions, such as in the photo - this Merkaba is fitted with black tourmalines and smoky quartzes. It functions as a kind of lightning rod effectively defusing demonic energies. However, such a special Merkaba should not hang in the residential space of a house. The one from the photo found an appropriate place for its responsible function in a less frequented part of our garden.



Probably the most tangible proof of positive effects of the Activator jest is the purification of drinking water. Experiments with water have shown that, as in the case of Egyptian-type pyramids, the, Merkaba superbly dynamises food and purifies water. Comparative trials conducted in classic pyramids, in double pyramids and under the Merkaba Activator have shown considerable advantage of the Activator with respect to the effectiveness of purification and the quality of the water.

In pyramids, water needs to be placed at 1/3 height, which in practice is a rather serious impediment. In the case of the Merkaba, water or food is simply placed under the Activator. In the tests presented in the table below was used the distance of about 1 m from the Activator. In the tests was used poor quality well water with a distinct odour of mineral contaminants from the sulphide group. The purification time was set at 12h, although in practice this time may be shorter. Here is a table with the results of the gustatory assessment and in the radiesthetic scale:

Pomiar Double pyramid
ht. 180 cm
Merkaba Activator
mark IV ht. 125 cm
Amount of water 10 litres 10 litres
Purification time 12 h 12 h
Gustatory assessment Very good Excellent
Pomiar radiestezyjny BSM    

In general, both devices showed very good operation. In both cases the odour of hydrogen sulphide was completely eliminated, the water became softer and its utility value greatly improved. It should be mentioned that water purified under the Merkaba is distinguished by its exceptional quality of taste and energetic properties. It can be compared to water drawn directly from mountain springs or those known for their healing properties.

The human body is 80% water. Long-term influence of pyramidal constructions also has toning effects on water from which our tissues are made. This way, the whole organism undergoes the process of gentle attuning to more harmonious vibrations. An unquestionable advantage of the Merkaba Activator is the ability to achieve this effect without the need to erect any colossal structures.

The Activator is excellent is an excellent help in farm work, such as stabilisation of the cucumber and cabbage pickling process, and long-term vegetable storage. In the near future experiments will be conducted on the influence of the Activator on the state of health and efficiency of bee families.


The Activator is installed by hanging it in vertical position. It is best to suspend it under the ceiling or in a place where we spend the most time or in the space used for relaxation or meditation. The geographic orientation does not matter. Within a few hours from suspending, the Activator synchronises with the energies of the surroundings and its force level rises. The time of full synchronisation can differ depending on the quality of the ambient energy. It can also be noticed that, as the Earth switches to new frequencies, all installations based ancient knowledge gain new vibrations and more functions are activated.

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