Our place of force

Many years ago, my wife and I left the hustle of the big city and settled in a tiny hamlet secluded in the West-Pomeranian forests. Here, far from the emotional agitation of large agglomerations, I could listen to my thoughts and begin creative work. After some time, I realised that silence alone was not enough.

All this started with pyramids

Our adventure with energy activators began, as it usually happens, apparently quite by accident. My wife, while looking for a healthy toothpaste in the Internet, found a presentation of an unusual double pyramid. The photo of that device attracted our attention. We realised that what we were looking at was an incredible space antenna. When it turned out that the company which makes those pyramids is located only a few kilometres from us, in Borne Sulinowo, we sat down in amazement. The precision of "mere coincidences" can be stunning at times.

Soon, in our garden appeared a stationary C pyramid, later joined by a few smaller, home-made constructions. Since that time, everything began to progress so fast, as if a big cosmic flywheel was put into motion.


Stone circles

A few months later, while driving home from Koszalin, I saw a signpost pointing to a stone circle complex near Grzybnica. I immediately turned into the wood. As luck would have it, there was nobody at the megaliths at that time. I found myself standing alone among the prehistoric monuments. As soon as I was entering the first circle, I could distinctly feel the flowing energy. Soon after, it turned out that my unexpected visit did not happen by chance and that I was expected here. In this unusual place I was given the opportunity to meet powerful and benevolent spirits - the Guardians of the Earth. They are ancient beings who dwelt on our planet in their physical form in the times of glory of the past, highly-developed Earth civilisations. Today, they keep invisible charge over earthly elements.

The communion with those pure and beautiful beings was for me a moving and deeply transforming experience. I felt as if I had met friends from thousands of years before. The vibration which currently dominates on the Earth is so weak, that beings from higher dimensions are unable to fully manifest here. Places with amplified energy, such as e.g. stone circles, enable them to manifest more strongly.

The visit to the stone circles unblocked my abilities to sense the energy of nature, especially the energy of minerals. To my astonishment, I discovered that I can feel the energy flowing from field boulders, from crystals, from the Earth. My new abilities and the longing for the company of the beings from other dimensions aroused in me an unstoppable creative passion. Because of it, less than 2 months later, I built my "own" stone circle, which stands in front of our house. The work proved to be worth the effort and the influence of the increased energy level could now be clearly felt. But the passion, which at times resembled madness, persisted. The difficult to explain compulsion made me wrestle with the next boulders and enrol the help of all of my friends, who, to my surprise, literally came flocking. The work went on for over a month and finally culminated in the encircling of the entire property with an expansive stone ellipse. The ellipse was programmed for the creation of a protective field whose energy communicated with the central circle.


Merkaba - the unusual pyramid

Almost simultaneously with the erection of the first circle, in our home was hung the first prototype of the construction combining the silent mystery captured in the forms of ancient pyramids with the wonderful dynamic of a live energy field. This is how the Merkaba Activator was created. The evident and harmonious influence of the activator and the positive reception of the many people who tested it have led to further development work, as a result of which serial production began.

The first prototype


Merkaba Power Alpha

And much more advanced model produced nowadays.

From among all of the beneficial constructions, it is the Merkaba Activator that I perceive as the instrument which contributed the most to my personal development. It is as if someone put a divining rod in your hand, thanks to which you can jump farther, higher and more effectively.


Cloudbuster - a microclimate stabiliser

This inconspicuous and shrouded in greenery device performs a very important function of stabilising weather conditions within several dozen kilometres. We were forced to build a Cloudbuster by circumstances. In the spring of 2008, African heat visited our geographical region, causing an oppressive and devastating drought. And I had several hectares of freshly-planted strawberries in the field. Everything started to wither and the irrigation of that such an area was an investment way beyond our budget.

The construction of a Cloudbuster turned out to be relatively simple, so we decided to try. I set the device in a river (so that it would attract water) and waited, curious what would happen. It is a fact that 2 days later the persistent heat ended and it drizzled on the 3rd day. After 2 more days, it rained a little, and after that the weather stabilised and it rained regularly every few days. It is interesting that at the same time in the nearby Wielkopolska region the terrible drought continued and the phenomenon persisted for almost 2 more months, whereas it had begun to rain normally long ago.

The Orgone theory says that it is an energy commonly surrounding the Earth. It is divided into positive and negative energy. If a large accumulation of Deadly Orgone (DOR) occurs over a region, it results in persistent droughts, torrential rains, etc. The purpose of a Cloudbuster is to drain and earth DOR, so it is good to regularly pour water over it or bury it in the ground.

In the times of increasingly irregular climactic changes (unstable climate), a garden Cloudbuster can act as a kind of "lightning rod". I encourage those of you with talent for construction to make your own sets.


A growth-friendly place

Each of the above-mentioned installations works differently, they all complement one another. Work here is peaceful and safe. Thanks to multifaceted actions, we have created on our place an unique atmosphere conducive for development. In peace of mind, inspiration and innovative ideas appear. People, subconsciously sensing the atmosphere of our place, come to us from near and far.

The intention behind the building of our little place of force was CHANGE. Change in ourselves, change in people, changes in the world. The same intention guides the production of Merkaba Activators. The more inhabitants of our planet makes a deep change in themselves, the more lights are lit, the nearer will we be to exceeding the "critical mass" in the consciousness field of our planet. It is up to us, whether promises enchanted in ancient calculations will become a real breakthrough, or will they merely be more pages torn out of the calendar. More on this in the VIOLET FLAME section.


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