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Most people who have any contact to Merkiva react enthusiastically. They are amazed by its physical appearance, shape and influence. However, it sometimes happens that people unprepared for a huge energy leap may suffer from some side effects, such as the feeling of discomfort within the area of the chakras which had been blocked. Similar reactions are also observed in strong places of power. Some people are full of energy and almost flying in such places, others hardly breathe there. The reason for such extremely opposite reactions is very simple, it is just to be understood well.

The human energy system, in its simplified version, looks as illustrated below:

czakry,7czakramów,kundalini,energia życia

The energy pathways run through the centre of the body, along the spinal cord. On the way the chakras are laid out. There are many of them but the most famous ones are the seven main chakras arranged in the physical body. There are also other chakras outside our physical bodies, and they are responsible for our multidimensional spiritual structure. People dealing with different esoteric traditions mention 13, 14 and even 21 chakras. Within our physical bodies, the chakras play a role of energy distribution centres, supplying the nearby body organs with energy as well as units pumping energy needed for further travel along the energetic core. The energy flows both ways. Energy of the Earth is taken through the root chakra (in the illustration marked in maroon) and after flowing through all chakras it is given back to the Cosmos through the crown chakra. In the opposite direction, the energy flows from the Cosmos. It is absorbed through the crown chakra and after it had flow through the whole energetic core, it returns to the Earth.

In a healthy energy system, both cosmic and earth energies flow freely through the energy pathways, revitalizing whole body and providing a life force for all psychological and physical functions. It rises up at in-breath and descends on exhale. If however one of the ‘pumping stations does not work properly being contaminated or blocked for some reasons then the energy is not able to go through. The said blocks may form as a result of traumatic experiences of this and past lives. They aggravate with unhygienic lifestyle and improper diet. One of the most toxic habits for human energy system is eating meat in its each and every form which unfortunately is still very common practice. Many people have been living with various blocks and contamination for many years, being completely unaware of this fact. They are also unaware of the fact that long-lasting absence of energy flow may cause weakness and illness deriving from blocked chakras. However, sitting under Merkaba or Merkiva in meditation allows quick and clear awareness of the blocks in the energy system, and the awareness constitutes grounds for effective and ultimate removal of any blockages.

A person interacting with Merkaba or Merkiva has his or her life energy strongly aroused. And thus it begins to seep through energy pathways in the body in a faster pace. And if there is a block in any of the chakras then one would feel a pressure or tension in this area. Such feeling is caused by increased pressure of energy that cannot go through the ‘pumping station’. Such symptoms clearly indicate an urgent need to take care of the area with a defective chakra. In such case both Merkaba and Merkiva work as powerful catalysts and its indicator. Fortunately, these are instruments that support such improvement.

For all those who despite lack of experience in working with spiritual energies shall choose Merkiva as their target instrument, there is a simple piece of advice how to get used to it. At first simply do not expose yourselves to its emanation to explicitly. It’s a bit similar to the sun: until our skin is pale and not accustomed to sunrays it is better not to expose ourselves too much to it and stay more often in the cool shadow. But once we get used to, we can freely sunbathe and for as long as we only wish. It is the same with the Merkiva. It can be simply installed and initially do not sit under it all the more that just looking at it is a source of a great inspiration. Gradually, as our energy system will be getting used to higher vibrations, we will be able to stay closer and closer to it and this will become more and more pleasant.


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