Meditative Experience with Merkiva


Medytacja z Merkivą - wielowymiarową Merkabą

The very first impression is gentleness and power. The emanation and so influence on the whole energy system is in case of the Merkiva very clear and far more powerful than under a traditional Merkaba. And yet, it is more subtle. I must admit here though that at first I was not able to meditate under the Merkiva Power Alpha. For the first few days of its construction I was just looking at it not daring to enter its most powerful influence. Just looking at its fascinating shape was in itself a meditation during which the structures of Sacred Geometry joined these areas of my brain which so far have been separated. All this resulted in an amazing quantity of realisations and ‘the aha!" moments.

Later on, when I sat under the Merkiva, I was so much into experiencing a strong energy flow that meditation was simply impossible. It was not until the whole energy system got used to the Merkiva and the level of energy equalized, I could meditate there, which was my great pleasure.

Apart from a very clear increase of power, the multidimensionality comes forward. This experience is so fascinating and pleasant that you could stay in such state forever. It’s as if you entered another world. If you are able to find a dozen or so (ideally 20-30) minutes during a day, especially before you start your day, for a tranquil meditation under the Merkiva then the experience gained through it extends to the rest of your day, making your issues simply going better.

And as after a dozen minutes of meditation under the Merkiva experiencing your own multidimensionality becomes more and more noticeable, experiments with your own multidimensional Mer-Ka-Ba field are quite interesting. Each conscious breath in fills our bodies with a life-giving energy of the Earth, propelling the gyre of a female Merkaba. It is a natural phenomenon because the energy flows freely in both directions: up and down. Both Merkabas are powered not only by conscious breaths but also by each and every type of breathing, however, the conscious ones intensify the said motion. It all happens naturally, or to be more precise about it, spontaneously, without a need of complicated counting. These experiments are still to be continued.


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