The Merkiva range and dowsing tests

After a whole-day long work on making the first model of the Multidimensional Merkiva Power Alpha, I was so “irradiated” through dealing with this instrument that I was able to feel its influence on me even at a quite a distance. At first I was just doing the things near my workshop, where the Merkiva had been assembled then went for a walk in the woods. I could still feel its strong emanation. It became weaker only about a one kilometer distance from my house. It is worth mentioning here, that we live in a rarely inhabited, mostly forested area, which makes a spread of any energies easier. On a densely inhabited terrain the emanation of energy may look quite differently.

It should be also highlighted here that the emanation extends to at least 2 ways. The simplest, physical one spreads according to the rule that the intensity of the emitted wave decreases with the square value distance from the transmitter. Apart from a physical propagation, there is also a subtle influence which can extend within the range of many kilometers. It should not be forgotten here that that the Merkiva, similarly to the Merkaba, cooperates with human, expands his/her awareness, deepens comprehension and changes the aura. The impact on expansion of awareness is not an influence of the Newtonian physics but a Quantum one, and can be felt and received within a far greater distance than the instrument itself would suggest. Thus, it is no wonder that many of our customers, expecting either the Merkaba or Merkiva, feel their influence even when the instrument is on its way to them.

Dowsing tests on the Merkiva provide very interesting results, however, before we introduce them here, let us now say a few words on the testing method itself. The majority of such tests is performed by use of a pendulum, and yet it is not the pendulum which measures but the energy system and intuition of a person running the test, as it is this person who, with conscious or less conscious movements, makes the pendulum moving. Therefore, the result of such test would ALWAYS depend on psychophysical condition and a belief system of a testing person. It is for this particular reason we treat dowsing tests both with respect and aloofness. For now, it has been the only way to ‘measure’ a non-physical influence but it is hard to perform it in an objective way.

To illustrate a potential fallibility of such tests I will tell you an anecdote of the Merkiva tests. We have been once visited by a specialist in the field of dowsing. He looked closely to all our instruments and measured the level of energy in them with his pendulum. First, he stopped at the Merkaba Alpha and read its dowsing power as 8500 of the Bovis scale. Next, he moved to the Merkiva Power Alpha which had been hanging near the previously mentioned one. The pendulum did not make even the slightest movement.

- The other one works very well but this one does not work at all – concluded our guest.

Hmm, I thought in amazement. It is impossible. The Merkiva, and the model Power Alpha is extremely powerful…

The next instrument evaluated by our guest was a stationary Merkaba called the Dimensional Gateway.

- Please, measure this one – I suggested. Unfortunately, the pendulum was still as a mountain…

- This one does not work either – stated our guest.

- And what scale do you use for your measurements? – I asked.

- The Bovis scale, up to 10.000 units.

- 10.000 units is a bit too little. Maybe you should take greater values into consideration?

Our guest extended the scale up to 20.000 units and repeated the measurements. This time the pendulum started moving joyously, both at the Dimensional Gateway and the Merkiva Power Alpha. The power emitted by the latter one turned out to be even stronger than this of the Dimensional Gateway.

The moral of the story is that your personal feelings are far more valuable than the indication of a pendulum, and so instead of focusing on measurements, it is better to quiet one’s mind and feel the influence of the instruments without any exterior tools.

In order to make the choice easier to our customers, below you will find the average results of many dowsing tests. Yet, we would like to highlight here that these values should be treated as guidelines and a benchmark as these are not measurements that can be defined as objective ones.



Size cm

Energy intensity in Bovis scale

Merkaba Starlet



Merkaba Alpha



Multidimensional Merkiva Alpha



Merkaba Power Alpha



Multidimensional Merkiva Power Alpha



Merkaba Gateway



Multidimensional Merkiva Gateway



Merkaba Stargate




As we can see from the above-given numbers, the Multidimensional Merkivas clearly distinguish themselves from others as far as their power is concerned. Please, bear in mind though that the force of emanation is not all; the quality and range of such emanation are equally important.

As far as the quqlity factor is concerned, the Merkiva, although far more powerful than Merkaba, is at the same time more delicate, subtle and better tuned into a human aura. People, who when being exposed to Merkaba, have experienced a temporary discomfort connected with the energy flow through blocked chakras usually feel very well and comfortably with Merkiva.

The force of emanation should not be mistaken with the length of the wave which range depends on the influence. The wave length depends on the size of the instrument: the bigger instrument, the longer wave and the longer wave, the greater range of the instrument. And therefore, despite the fact that the Multidimensional Merkiva Power Alpha has a very close intensity to the Merkaba Stargate, due to the length of its carrier wave, the range of the Stargate influence is incomparably greater.

And interesting phenomena revealed themselves also at checking polarity of the Merkiva and the stones which make its content. As you know, each radius has its own polarity. One of its ends is positive while the other is negative. We installed the stones into the Merkiva both according to their polarity and without paying attention to it. It turned out that in the model in which the stones were installed incongruently with its initial polarity, after sitting a few days inside the Merkiva their polarity changed to one being congruous to the polarity of the Merkiva arms. The energy flowing through the Merkiva constellation is so powerful that it easily alternates polarity of the stones.


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