Models of the Merkiva

Currently, we make 3 models of the Multidimensional Merkiva Activators.

Two of them are designed for personal and home use and one is stationary to be installed in the garden.

The Merkiva Alpha (right side of the photo) and Power Alpha (left side of the photo) is meant for home use.


Multidimensional Merkaba models comparison

Due to its intricate structure, the smallest model that we are able to make is the Alpha one. And as there are many interpenetrating elements, making even a smaller model would be too complicated. And if we take a size of a postal parcel we can send then the Power Alpha model is the biggest one that can be sent this way in one piece.


Model number 3 is a big stationary one – the Multidimensional Merkiva Gateway:

Multidimensional Merkaba, Multidimensional Merkiva

Photos only partially show the beauty, spatial structure and multidimensionality of the Merkiva, therefore these two short videos present both models of the Merkiva which are already being manufactured. Please find descriptions of particular models below or click the right side menu links.





This Merkiva almost instantly switches the mind into the Alpha mode. So no more confusing thoughts flying simultaneously in many directions at the same time. You just need to stop for a moment under the Merkiva Alpha for your thoughts to start to align, take deeper meaning and expression. A focused mind easily finds solutions of life situations, discovers new ideas and leans their practical application.

This Merkiva Alpha is useful in everyday life as a discreet advisor when we are looking for answers and have decisions to make. It is an excellent instrument for all those who study and work creatively.

With the Merkiva Alpha, people who meditate will easily enter an initial meditation phase, and with a handful of skills you can effortlessly achieve a state of a deep focus.

Just glancing at the Merkiva Alpha is a source of countless inspirations because the Merkiva becomes your personal teacher of Sacred Geometry. And thanks to it, you discover the structure of your own fields of multidimensional energy, you learn to handle and develop them. It is your own exceptional step towards a new dimension of existence.

The Merkiva Alpha is light, finesse and beautiful. It intrigues and attracts everyone’s attention (particularly visual), even people who are not interested in a spiritual growth.

Wielowymiarowa Merkiva Alfa,wielowymiarowa Merkaba

Thanks to its convenient size it practically fits every space. It looks beautiful in a living-room or a guest room. Installed in a bedroom it enhances colourful dreams and spiritual journeys,


Technical data:

The load-bearing structure of brass and diamagnetic high-grade stainless steel filled with semi-precious stones.

Height – 74 cm / 29,1"

Weight – 5,7 kg / 12,6 lbs

Dowsing intensity – 15.000 units of Bovis scale (150.000 in extended scale)

The Sphere for Merkiva Alpha additionally increases the power by ca 20% and changes the energy pattern to toroidal.

Spherical Multidimensional Merkiva,Genesa


Prices according to currency:
Item  £ $
Merkiva Alpha 540 734 830
Sphere for Merkiva Alpha 100 136 154
Merkiva Alpha + Sphere  BEST PRICE 630 855 970


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A powerful stream of vibrations of the Merkiva Power Alpha embraces the whole being of a person staying under it. Therefore, at first contact with this instrument usually an intense energy flow comes into play. All chakras become strongly activated. It is accompanied by simultaneous impression that a whole energetic body is being developed into a multidimensional structure. It is a very pleasant and extremely interesting experience.

A similar pleasure is given by a meditation under this model of the Merkiva as it is an instrument enabling achieving states of deep focus. The Merkiva Power Alpha vibrates at a frequency of an extended alpha wave preparing a meditating person to naturally enter a Theta state. In the Theta state thinking activity slowly disappears giving way to experience of lasting in light and blissfulness. It is such a pleasant experience that you just do not want to end it.

Entering a deepened alpha or theta state requires realignment of the mind from beta waves connected with everyday life activity. And as there is a huge discrepancy between beta and theta frequencies, the said realignment may take a while. The experience of deep meditation is not so easily and spontaneously achieved as entering the alpha state under the Merkiva Alpha. A lot depends on the condition of our mind in the moment we sit to meditate.

From our experience we know that it is best to spend 15 to 30 minutes a day on meditation under the Merkiva. You need more or less 15 minutes to quite your mind from the active beta state to a deepened alpha state. The next 15 minutes is a time for experiencing a blissfulness deriving from the theta state. Keeping your focus for linger than half an hour requires some practice as usually after this time the mind slowly begins to de-focus, gently returning to its activity.

A state of deep meditation fills the soul and body with a profound tranquility and joy. A trace amount of this state holds on for a whole day and causes everything to happen with greater harmony. And thus, we particularly recommend meditation in the morning before you start your active day.

A deepened alpha state happens not only during meditation. It is also a frequency characteristic for a healthy sleeping in which positive dreaming appears. It is worth mentioning here that these are not always only dreams. People of a rich spiritual life experience in this dreaming phase journeys between the worlds and receive messages from other dimensions. In a subsequent, deeper phase of dreaming the activity of the mind quiets down entering the theta state to finally reach its deepest phase in the delta state. A natural ability to cause to enter into a deepened alpha state as well as a powerful emanation embracing a whole human energy system makes the Merkiva Power Alpha an excellent tool to hang over your place of rest. Thanks to its deepened vibrations the Merkiva Power Alpha in your bedroom is much better than its younger sister Alpha which in its range is more adequate for conscious activity.

While choosing a place for Merkiva you should think of what is the most important for you:

  • a conscious meditation – than the Merkiva should hang in a room for meditation of in a living room;

  • meditation in a dream – we hang the Merkiva over the bed;

  • these both states together – if the place where we hang the Merkiva serves both for sleeping and meditation or if we can afford to buy two instruments.

Wielowymiarowa Merkiva Alfa Moc,wielowymiarowa Merkaba


Technical data:

The load-bearing structure of brass and diamagnetic high-grade stainless steel filled with semi-precious stones.

Height – 93 cm / 36,6"

Weight – 9 kg / 19,8 lbs

Dowsing intensity – 17.000 units of Bovis scale (170.000 in extended scale)

The Sphere for Merkiva Power Alpha additionally increases the power by ca 20% and changes the energy pattern to toroidal.

Spherical Merkiva Power Alpha


Prices according to currency:
Item  £ $
Merkiva Alpha 600 816 924
Sphere for Merkiva Alpha 111 150 170
Merkiva Alpha + Sphere  BEST PRICE! 700 950 1070


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Wielowymiarowa Merkaba,wielowymiarowa Merkiva

The Merkiva Multidimensional Gateway is the first stationary instrument of multidimensional properties. It is an extension of the Merkaba Gateway Activator installed until the beginning of 2014. These were single Merkabas made of diamagnetic high grade stainless steel. Within the years 2011-2014, a series of 9 such instruments powered Poland and Ireland with their vibrations.

Nowadays we have combined a steel construction with another Merkaba made of brass, creating a big multidimensional Merkiva this way. This beautiful and exquisite instrument spreads a pleasant golden energy within many miles. The strongest emanation spreads just near its source and within a range of a few dozen kilometers. Its subtle influence that manifests in dreams, visions, meditations and realizations may be felt even from a 350-kilometer distance from the Merkiva.

While evaluating the emanation intensity of the Merkiva Multidimensional Gateway, one should not forget that we deal with a far range antenna here. The instruments of this sort emit longer waves than frequency on which a human brains functions, and therefore despite the fact that the Merkiva Multidimensional Gateway emits very powerful vibrations, not everyone is able to pick them up at once. To tune in it is best to spend a dozen minutes in the Merkiva when the earthly and human energies begin to decrease, for example in the evening, at night or early in the morning.

As the Merkiva Multidimensional Gateway freely and completely embraces the whole being of persons using it, entering it is an energetic bath which cleanses your whole aura deeply, opens us to contact higher dimensions and our own higher selves.

We are cosmic beings who for many reasons were limited to function in a three-dimensional space, in the bodies of greatly restricted perception. With a decision to be captured in a physical body, we lost the ability to use a manifestation of spiritual power which we once used to have and… which we still have, though currently it is unavailable to our senses. Staying in three dimensions does not mean at all that our multidimensional identity has ceased to exist. It is still active and often acts in our favour, though we may not be aware of it. It sometimes manifests as our guardian angel watching over our steps so we do not lose our way. Our higher selves have access to infinitely greater amount of knowledge and can predict and plan more situations which we are not able to manage out of physical level. Let us not wonder then that miraculous coincidences happen to us, as if someone out there had planned few steps ahead.

A connection with our own higher selves is limited because its multidimensional form does not simply fit narrow shoes which is our physical body. While single beams of information uneasily force their way through neurons in our brains, the multidimensional mind of our higher selves disposes terabytes of information of all three times: present, past and future.

It has not always been like this. Once, when the Earth was inhabited by highly developed cosmic civilizations our bodies did not have any limits including the ones which are a pain in the neck to us today. Although our bodies were similar to present human bodies, they were made of different structure. Nature around us provides us with obvious examples of how the same elements, arranged in a different structure greatly vary from each other with their properties.

Our bodies are mostly made of carbon. The carbon as pure and non-structure element is black, dusty and brittle. The same carbon, however, arranged in a crystal structure creates a diamond – a transparent mineral, shining and harder than steel. Its crystal, light-receptive structure is able to receive and transform far much information than anything else which would be constructed out of a common coal.

During the flourishment of civilizations, existence of which modern archeology and history try to conceal, our bodies were of crystal structure. They were immortal, divine and fully accommodated to be used by our powerful Multidimensional Spirit.

We are such Spirits! After many millennia of dormancy our Multidimensional Divine Identity starts to awaken. This is a common awakening which takes place around the whole planet. Instruments such as the Merkiva Multidimensional Gateway were created to accelerate and make this process easier.


Technical data:

The load-bearing structure of brass and diamagnetic high-grade stainless steel filled with semi-precious stones.

Height – 380 cm / 149,6"

Dowsing intensity – 24.000 units of Bovis scale

Price: £ - 2000 - this price is approximate. The real price will be agreed with individual order according to local raw material costs.

Transport cost (UK):  £ - 40 +

The Merkiva Multidimensional Gateway is delivered in parts that require your own assembling. Orders for the Merkiva Multidimensional Gateway with its installation upon prior arrangement.


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