Merkaba Alpha - Spherical Pyramid

SPHERICAL PYRAMID MERKABA ALPHA has a strong impact on mind and body. Most of the people who use this instrument feel it very clearly. The reason is simple. Merkaba Alpha synchronises brain waves in the alpha scope which brings the mind in a state of natural meditation. Simultaneously it stimulates the spiritual energies of the body. All your chakras start to move quicker and stronger, your aura is being purified and strengthened. In such a stage new ideas and solutions come to your mind as a touch of genius. You see the distant goals, you also see the way how to reach them! Yes, in such a stage even your distant wishes can become true, because now you know how exactly reach them.

MERKABA ALPHA works as your personal life advisor. It is also an ideal business guide. We have started our present activity just from one, simple Merkaba Alpha. At that time it was a very simple construction, without the sphere, which was invented much later. It is difficult to count how many unique, brilliant ideas came to us just thanks to this simple instrument! Excellent solutions were linking together one by one, adding an unusual speed to our spiritual development and making our business booming! Under the influence of Merkaba Alpha you know what to do, and most important - how to do it. You can you find your way and direction.

So us to achieve maximum benefit from Merkaba Alpha, simply hang it above the place where you work or where you rest and make sure that you spend some time under it. No doubt, you will feel the difference!

Technical data:

The load-bearing structure of brass and diamagnetic high-grade stainless steel filled with semi-precious stones. The sphere made of pure copper increases the power by ca 35% and changes the energy pattern into toroidal.

Height – 75 cm / 29,5"

Weight – 5,5 kg / 11 lbs

Dowsing intensity – 35.000 units of Bovis scale  (compared to the emanation of the natural Earth Chakra in Cracow, usually estimated at 120.000 units).


Spherical Merkiva Alpha - prices including delivery:

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Pacific Islands

£ 270

€ 363

 $ 395

 $ 411  $ 418  $ 436



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Archival photo of Merkaba Alpha without the sphere


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