Dear Customer,

Each Spherical Pyramid is a work of art, carefuly calibrated to the needs of it's user. Therefore we need some time to create it. Every order is treated individually. Since it is created, it will start to link with your energy field - because it is YOUR Pyramid! Very often customers feel strong influence even though the instrument is still on the way. It does not surprise us. We know how strong they are. Whe can feel it when we make them!

Althought during the production we use intuition, it will be very helpfull if together with your order you send us a short note about you - what is in your live most important or what you would like to change. Let us make for you the instrument perfectly fitted to your needs.

Please fill out the order form. Remember to put the exact delivery adress with post code and contact telephone! If for any reasons the order form does not work, please contact us by e-mail: contact@violetflame-merkaba.com

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