Multidimensional Merkaba Starlet - Energy Vortex

Spiralna Merkiva Gwiazda,Merkaba,Sferyczna Piramida,Święta Geometria

The smallest and most beautiful of all the Spherical Pyramids has been equipped with a double, right and left-handed spiral sphere.
The spiral spheres represent the energy vortex around the human body, creating our aura.
Thanks to this, Merkiva Starlet gained additional strength and effectiveness.

It is the most compact from all Spherical Pyramids.
    • Fits in any room.
    • Easy to transport
    • For its small size it is very strong - 60,000 on the Bovis scale
    • Shapely and beautiful! Merkiva Starlet has a definitely perceptible vibration.


You just need to stand or sit under it to feel that it works!



How is it built

Multidimensional Merkaba Starlet (Merkiva Starlet) is built of 4 interpenetrating triangular pyramids. It is a double Merkaba shape. Solar (masculine) Merkaba is made of high quality stainless steel. Terrestrial (feminine) Merkaba is made of brass. Both are interpenetrating each other creating the shape of Merkiva - the mythical cellestial chariot. The Merkiva is abundantly equipped with semi-precious stones - crystal activators. There are 12 crystal activators in the corners and 7 in the core.

Merkiva Starlet is strong but compact. It fits to any room, even a small one. It is perfect for people who travel frequently or change their place of residence.


How it works

Merkiva Starlet acts as a home source of well-being. Harmonizes brain waves at the level of cognitive activity (range between the beta and alpha states). It improves your mood and thanks to the cute shape, fills you with joy. 

As all Spherical Pyramids, Merkiva Starlet diffuses negative radiation and raises the vibrations of the room in where it is installed. Looking at the Starlet brings peace and attracts attention with the shapes of sacred geometry. Being in its company brightens thoughts and promotes meditative states, especially in children and adolescents. For meditation purposes for adults, we rather recommend the bigger in size Merkiva Alpha.

Hanged in the bedroom, it supports the process of lucid dreaming. Due to its lightness, small size and pleasant, inspiring action, it is also perfect for children's rooms. It protects their daily activity and their sleep. Children are attracted to its shape and they like it very much. Plus, she's just gorgeous!

Merkiva Star has one more advantage. Although it works most efficiently in a hanging position, you can also put it on a table.


Size comparison between Merkiva Starlet (left) and Merkiva Alpha (on the right)


Technical data

Design: brass and diamagnetic stainless steel construction. Double spiral sphere made of copper and brass.
Arm length: 12,8 " / 33 cm
Vertical height: 15,6 " / 40 cm
Merkiva weight with spheres: about 4.5 kg
Radiation intensity on the Bovis scale: 60,000
Crystals in the corners: 3 x amethyst, 3 x rose quartz,  3 x labradorite, 3 x amazonite.
Crystals in the core: garnet, orange selenite, gold calcite, rose quartz, apatite, sodalite, mountain crystal (clear quartz).

The price of the Spherical Pyramid Merkiva Star: £ 437,  509





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