Multidimensional Merkiva Activator

An amazing tool for the time of a great civilisational change!

Multidimensional Merkiva - powerful instrument of spiritual change

Exceptionally powerful emanation.

Ease of achieving a meditative state of mind.

Strong energy flow in the chakras.

Strengthening and clearing of the aura.

Naturaly felt multidimensionality.

A very good synergy with human energy system.

Groundbreaking solutions in the field of Sacred Geometry.

A perfect balance between male and female elements.


Merkiva is an advanced multidimensional form of Mer Ka Ba – the field of life energy. It is characteristic to highly developed beings whose identity and energy systems are evolved within spiritual dimensions.

We are the cosmic beings who for many, different reasons were limited to functioning in the three dimensional space. In the past millennia the inhabitants of our planet lost their multidimensional DNA code and with this they forgot the divine features and abilities. Their life energy fields were drastically limited and so was the ability to use a manifestation of spiritual power that all of us once used to have.

The Multidimensional Merkiva is an awakening of the ancient structures of Sacred Geometry, equipped with specifically chosen crystals it emanates with a very strong energy. Only a moment under the Merkiva is enough to easily enter into a meditative state. At the same time you experience powerful energy flow and invigoration of all chakras. The whole energetic body is enhanced by the multidimensional structure. Within a deep silence of your mind you will discover a path to your very own Divine Identity.

The state-of-the-art versions of the Multidimensional Merkiva are surrounded by a sphere, creating a perfect geometric shape:

Spherical Multidimensional Merkiva,Genesa



The Merkaba, also referred to as Merkiva, in its multidimensional aspect has been intriguing me since the very beginning of my construction works over the Merkaba Activators. It is amicably said in many messages that at a divine, liberated being a single Mer-Ka-Ba develops into its multiplication.

Merkaba evolution

Having taken this into consideration, I have tried to make some constructions which would be an extension of such a field, however, neither in external sources nor in my own head, I was not able to find a solution that would allow to achieve a desired effect.

The story of Merkiva has begun from the healing of a little kitten which was seriously ill. After he had spent few days in animal’s hospital, the vets gave him back to us saying it was all they could do for the little kitty. And so we took him home and placed on a sofa over which a huge copper Merkaba of Theta type was hanging. To increase the Merkaba action, additionally, over the Theta model we hung the Star. The kitten was now lying immediately under both Merkabas; he had also a drip applied. On top of that, 2-3 times a day we performed healings with therapeutic tuning forks on him.

alternatywne leczenie kotka

To our surprise, after a few days the kitty got much better; he still was quite weak but his health improved so much that he started going outside on his own.

This quite amazing healing caused me wondering how to combine working of the two Merkabas, however, my thinking was more about how to put a smaller Merkaba inside the bigger one, and as I just could not find any convincing technical solution of such combination, I dropped the theme for a while.

The turning point emerged a few months later in February 2014. Our co-worker, while looking for a space where to temporarily place a newly-made Merkaba, hung it directly under a similar one, that had already been there for a while. He was intrigued a bit by such arrangement so he sat under it in meditation. He called me a while later full of excitement:

- Michal, such combination is amazingly powerful. The energy flow is so strong that at first it is even hard to encompass!

And this was the exact moment when my technical thinking got into the right track. I brought two identical Merkabas home and started thinking how to put them into a unified structure. It appeared difficult but “doable”. It only required a few good ideas on how to combine interpenetrating elements.

It is our brand feature that once we find a right idea, its implementation follows very fast. The moment the model started shaping in my mind, I turned to our designer who does three-dimensional technical projects for us, for elaborating on technical details. All issues connected with interpenetration of surfaces have been thought over and solved and within 3 months of intensive preparation, in mid-May 2014, I started building the first successful prototype of Multidimensional Merkiva Activator.



Construction of a first multidimensional activator was a fascinating experience. Its superposition was preceded by a few-week creative passion and many underslept nights. Merkiva set in more and more, especially during the final stage of works. It appeared in my mind, fascinated with its shape and supplied information about itself, just like a living being. This knowledge appeared to be more revealing than I had expected. It turned out that we deal with a completely different approach to Sacred Geometry as the Multidimensional Mer-Ka-Ba fields position themselves and spin differently than we have so far imagined; quite differently that we had been taught about it!

In a traditional approach, the Mer Ka Ba field takes the shape of two spinning and interpenetrating energetic tetrahedrons.

Simple Merkaba

The male tetrahedron, with its top up, spins to the left while the female tetrahedron, with its top down, spins to the right. It is also claimed that they spin at asynchronous speed. While the male ‘pyramid’ does 34 turns, its female equivalent does only 21 turns within the same period of time.

Students of Mer Ka Ba courses are guided through an interesting but intricate process of dispelling both tetrahedrons, connected with visualization and counting of breaths. Repeating commands connected with counting often brings quite a reverse result; instead of gaining a meditative focus, it leads to tiredness and irritation. There is nothing strange in it as counting requires the activity of a left brain hemisphere. The contradiction here is that during meditation the activity of left brain hemisphere is not to be stimulated but silenced to the benefit of experiences coming from right brain hemisphere.

Dispelling single tetrahedrons, and what is more with different speed, is practically very hard and requires an immense focus which we not always can afford. If our awareness is directed into something different (and life demands constant focus on many different things), the tetrahedron’s spin ceases and human life field returns to everyday, ‘shrunk’ dimension.

The ancient messages state however that the awaken and intensively vibrating Mer Ka Ba Field is a natural state of highly developed beings. Natural meaning achieved in a natural, intuitive way. Moreover, this field has been developed into a multiarm star with a highly developed structure than the traditional Mer-Ka-Ba. The said field is also multidimensional which means it allows permeating of many dimensions. Now, let us try to consider what such a field would look like.

Based on the received messages, a multidimensional form of Merkaba is called Merkiva. Various Merkiva visualizations can be found in different sources. They are usually advanced versions of the Platonic solid. One of the possible extensions of such solids is an asymmetric, 12-arm star.

Merkiva - 12 ramienna gwiazda

I have tried to make such a model as I assume that if something is to work on a subtle, energetic level than it should also be clearly felt after its physical model had been created. It was exactly the case of Merkaba physical reflection of which turned out to be an instrument wonderfully initiating spiritual energy and enforcing the power of thoughts. Thus, the extension (advancement) of Merkaba to Merkiva should give an explicit quality leap.

This theory, however, has not found any support in practice, Extended to a 12-arm star Merkiva does not provide expected energetic benefits because it is asymmetric and non-polar. Please, bear in mind that the whole human energy system is based on polarity thanks to which the energy flow in human bodies is normal. The chakras spinning to the right or left supply us with either male or female energy. This way they create the alternate attraction of potentials. The spinning chakras function as pumps, ensuring constant transport of life forces.

Serendipity or a whisper of the divine intuition rather that in our workshop a 14-arm Merkiva model has been created. When I compared the first Merkiva model to the Merkaba one, I was struck by something obvious that I had not been aware of for many years of working with the latter one:

Merkiva and Merkaba - comparison

Obviously, there is something missing here! It was the first impression when, had you accustomed yourself with the Merkiva, you look again to Merkaba. The Merkaba is clearly missing dimensions. As if they had once existed but then they have been cut off!

Was the situation not the same with our whole world? The Earth, once a beautiful planet of paradise, inhabited by divine beings of comic origin, living in harmony with nature, became a place in which struggling became a major paradigm of life and everyday reality is created in the process of a strenuous work. The Earthians lost their multidimensional DNA code, and with this loss they forgot their divine features. Their fields of life energy become limited to only two tetrahedrons with a very restricted mobility.

Let us now look closer to the shape and polarity of 14-arm Merkiva:

Multidimensional Merkaba,Merkiva - polarity


  1. It has got as many as 14 alternate poles!

  2. The main negative pole is shaped on the complex 13th arm (it consists of 2 joined Merkaba – male and female). This pole ensures communication with energies of the Earth. In the energetic body it corresponds to basis chakras (root chakra together with a few chakras situated outside the physical body).

  3. The main positive pole is shaped on the complex 14th arm It ensures communication with energies of the Cosmos. In the energetic body it corresponds to the crown chakras (the crown chakra plus few higher chakras outside the physical body).

  4. 12 side arms of the Merkiva represent 12 multidimensional DNA helices.

  5. Such construction of the Merkiva is a physical projection of a life field of multidimensional divine being. In the energy system of a living field of Mer-Ki-Va, the spinning motion looks completely different. It is not a single tetrahedron but the whole male Merkaba moves to the right, accompanied by a simultaneous and synchronic left motion of the female Merkaba. A perfect balance between the male and female elements is kept. None of them is either dominant or subjective.

  6. The whole human energy system reacts in a spontaneous and intuitive way to the multidimensional Mer-Ki-Va field built up in such a way. A reaction of such type takes place completely spontaneously, as if something that had long been forgotten and yet it is obvious, now returned. With the same easiness you can learn to make the two (male and female) Mer-Ki-Va whirls spin in both directions.



After a whole-day long work on making the first model of the Multidimensional Merkiva Power Alpha, I was so “irradiated” through dealing with this instrument that I was able to feel its influence on me even at a quite a distance. At first I was just doing the things near my workshop, where the Merkiva had been assembled then went for a walk in the woods. I could still feel its strong emanation. It became weaker only about a one-kilometer distance from my house. It is worth mentioning here, that we live in a rarely inhabited, mostly forested area, which makes a spread of any energies easier. On a densely inhabited terrain the emanation of energy may look quite differently.

It should be also highlighted here that the emanation extends to at least 2 ways. The simplest, physical one spreads according to the rule that the intensity of the emitted wave decreases with the square value distance from the transmitter. Apart from a physical propagation, there is also a subtle influence which can extend within the range of many kilometers. It should not be forgotten here that that the Merkiva, similarly to the Merkaba, cooperates with human, expands his/her awareness, deepens comprehension and changes the aura. The impact on expansion of awareness is not an influence of the Newtonian physics but a Quantum one, and can be felt and received within a far greater distance than the instrument itself would suggest. Thus, it is no wonder that many of my customers, expecting either the Merkaba or Merkiva, feel their influence even when the instrument is on its way to them.

Dowsing tests on the Merkiva provide very interesting results, however, before we introduce them here, let us now say a few words on the testing method itself. The majority of such tests is performed by use of a pendulum, and yet it is not the pendulum which measures but the energy system and intuition of a person running the test, as it is this person who, with conscious or less conscious movements, makes the pendulum moving. Therefore, the result of such test would ALWAYS depend on psychophysical condition and a belief system of a testing person. It is for this particular reason we treat dowsing tests both with respect and aloofness. For now, it has been the only way to ‘measure’ a non-physical influence but it is hard to perform it in an objective way.

To illustrate a potential fallibility of such tests I will tell you an anecdote of the Merkiva tests. We have been once visited by a specialist in the field of dowsing. He looked closely to all our instruments and measured the level of energy in them with his pendulum. First, he stopped at the Merkaba Alpha, next he moved to the Merkiva Power Alpha which had been hanging near the previously mentioned one. The pendulum did not make even the slightest movement.

- The other one works very well but this one does not work at all – concluded our guest.

Hmm, I thought in amazement. It is impossible. The Merkiva, and the model Power Alpha is extremely powerful…

The next instrument evaluated by our guest was a stationary Merkaba called the Dimensional Gateway.

- Please, measure this one – I suggested. Unfortunately, the pendulum was still as a mountain…

- This one does not work either – stated our guest.

- And what scale do you use for your measurements? – I asked.

- The Bovis scale, up to 10.000 units.

- 10.000 units is a bit too little. Maybe you should take greater values into consideration?

Our guest extended the scale over 20.000 units and repeated the measurements. This time the pendulum started moving joyously, both at the Dimensional Gateway and the Merkiva Power Alpha. The power emitted by the latter one turned out to be even stronger than this of the Dimensional Gateway.

The moral of the story is that your personal feelings are far more valuable than the indication of a pendulum, and so instead of focusing on measurements, it is better to quiet one’s mind and feel the influence of the instruments without any exterior tools.

In order to make the choice easier to our customers, below you will find the average results of many dowsing tests. Yet, we would like to highlight here that these values should be treated as guidelines and a benchmark as these are not measurements that can be defined as objective ones. For our tests we use standard, not extended Bovis scale. Some people extend it by adding one more zero. The extended measurement is shown in brakes.



Size cm

Energy intensity in Bovis scale

Merkaba Starlet



Merkaba Alpha



Multidimensional Merkiva Alpha



Multidimensional Merkiva Power Alpha



The Earth Chakra



Merkaba Stargate




As you can see from the above-given numbers, the Multidimensional Merkivas clearly distinguish themselves from others as far as their power is concerned. Please, bear in mind though that the force of emanation is not all; the quality and range of such emanation are equally important.

As far as the quqlity factor is concerned, the Merkiva, although far more powerful than Merkaba, is at the same time more delicate, subtle and better tuned into a human aura. People, who when being exposed to Merkaba, have experienced a temporary discomfort connected with the energy flow through blocked chakras usually feel very well and comfortably with Merkiva.

The force of emanation should not be mistaken with the length of the wave which range depends on the influence. The wave length depends on the size of the instrument: the bigger instrument, the longer wave and the longer wave, the greater range of the instrument. And therefore, despite the fact that the Multidimensional Merkiva Power Alpha has a very close intensity to the Merkaba Stargate, due to the length of its carrier wave, the range of the Stargate influence is incomparably greater.

And interesting phenomena revealed themselves also at checking polarity of the Merkiva and the stones which make its content. As you know, each radius has its own polarity. One of its ends is positive while the other is negative. We installed the stones into the Merkiva both according to their polarity and without paying attention to it. It turned out that in the model in which the stones were installed incongruently with its initial polarity, after sitting a few days inside the Merkiva their polarity changed to one being congruous to the polarity of the Merkiva arms. The energy flowing through the Merkiva constellation is so powerful that it easily alternates polarity of the stones.




Most people who have any contact to Merkiva react enthusiastically. They are amazed by its physical appearance, shape and influence. However, it sometimes happens that people unprepared for a huge energy leap may suffer from some side effects, such as the feeling of discomfort within the area of the chakras which had been blocked. Similar reactions are also observed in strong places of power. Some people are full of energy and almost flying in such places, others hardly breathe there. The reason for such extremely opposite reactions is very simple, it is just to be understood well.

The human energy system, in its simplified version, looks as illustrated below:

czakry,7czakramów,kundalini,energia życia

The energy pathways run through the centre of the body, along the spinal cord. On the way the chakras are laid out. There are many of them but the most famous ones are the seven main chakras arranged in the physical body. There are also other chakras outside our physical bodies, and they are responsible for our multidimensional spiritual structure. People dealing with different esoteric traditions mention 13, 14 and even 21 chakras. Within our physical bodies, the chakras play a role of energy distribution centres, supplying the nearby body organs with energy as well as units pumping energy needed for further travel along the energetic core. The energy flows both ways. Energy of the Earth is taken through the root chakra (in the illustration marked in maroon) and after flowing through all chakras it is given back to the Cosmos through the crown chakra. In the opposite direction, the energy flows from the Cosmos. It is absorbed through the crown chakra and after it had flow through the whole energetic core, it returns to the Earth.

In a healthy energy system, both cosmic and earth energies flow freely through the energy pathways, revitalizing whole body and providing a life force for all psychological and physical functions. It rises up at in-breath and descends on exhale. If however one of the ‘pumping stations does not work properly being contaminated or blocked for some reasons then the energy is not able to go through. The said blocks may form as a result of traumatic experiences of this and past lives. They aggravate with unhygienic lifestyle and improper diet. One of the most toxic habits for human energy system is eating meat in its each and every form which unfortunately is still very common practice. Many people have been living with various blocks and contamination for many years, being completely unaware of this fact. They are also unaware of the fact that long-lasting absence of energy flow may cause weakness and illness deriving from blocked chakras. However, sitting under Merkaba or Merkiva in meditation allows quick and clear awareness of the blocks in the energy system, and the awareness constitutes grounds for effective and ultimate removal of any blockages.

A person interacting with Merkaba or Merkiva has his or her life energy strongly aroused. And thus it begins to seep through energy pathways in the body in a faster pace. And if there is a block in any of the chakras then one would feel a pressure or tension in this area. Such feeling is caused by increased pressure of energy that cannot go through the ‘pumping station’. Such symptoms clearly indicate an urgent need to take care of the area with a defective chakra. In such case both Merkaba and Merkiva work as powerful catalysts and its indicator. Fortunately, these are instruments that support such improvement.

For all those who despite lack of experience in working with spiritual energies shall choose Merkiva as their target instrument, there is a simple piece of advice how to get used to it. At first simply do not expose yourselves to its emanation to explicitly. It’s a bit similar to the sun: until our skin is pale and not accustomed to sunrays it is better not to expose ourselves too much to it and stay more often in the cool shadow. But once we get used to, we can freely sunbathe and for as long as we only wish. It is the same with the Merkiva. It can be simply installed and initially do not sit under it all the more that just looking at it is a source of a great inspiration. Gradually, as our energy system will be getting used to higher vibrations, we will be able to stay closer and closer to it and this will become more and more pleasant.




The energetic layout of the Merkiva depends on the type of materials it had been made of as well as the crystals used in it. in Merkiva we deal with a perfect harmony of the male and female element. It has been achieved with a high-grade stainless steel which the male part was made of and brass for the female part.

Each of the Merkiva corners emits powerful energy therefore it is of the highest importance what crystals are installed in these corners.

In the male part of the Merkiva we have kept the arrangement strongly proven in the Merkaba:

the amethyst on top,

the rose quartz at the bottom.

Ametyst w Merkivie

The amethyst supports a connection with the divine, protection and growth. It brings tranquility and peace thanks to which the mind is able to open for spiritual experiences. It teaches devotion and trust in the Higher Power, leading in internal silence in which all matters find their source. The amethyst applied to the third eye chakra remarkably increases telepathic abilities and connection with higher dimensions.

The amethyst builds a bridge between Heaven and Earth and opens access to new dimensions of the Infinite Existence. It strengthens love and devotion to all that is divine. Its vibrations deepen a feeling of safety and freedom, bring harmony and spiritual inspiration. Thanks to all these ‘properties’ the amethyst strengthens the aura and increases self-esteem.



Kwarc różowy w Merkivie

The rose quartz fosters love, amenity, tenderness and forgiveness to oneself and others. It encompasses the soul with a soothing, kind vibration that allows removal of internal blocks that had been an obstacle for manifesting love and joy in our lives. This stone sensitizes to beauty of the world around us and the whole universe as well as to expressions of beauty, love and mildness in us. It makes us sensitive to a beauty of an art, enlivens our fantasy and creative thinking. It helps us awaken a dormant happiness of a child in us; a child who feels safe and surrounded by love and compassion. It also supports growth, including the spiritual one.


The composition of the amethyst and rose quartz provides a very powerful spiritual vibration of a protective and transforming nature.



After many experiments on the female part of the instrument had been performed, we reached the following arrangement:

the amazonite on top,

the labradorite at the bottom.


Amazonit w Merkivie

The greeny-blue amazonite of a pleasant female vibration is associated with the legendary Amazons as being mild as it is, it is also full of power. It influences the heart and throat chakras. It brings harmony between body and spirit, strengthens the aura (human energy field), calms and soothes. After placing in the Merkiva it gives a strong and clear feeling of depth, power and peace.


It has been said that the labradorite contains the energy of the sun and moon which makes it one of the most powerful energetic allies. The properties of this gray-coloured-with-rainbow-reflections mineral are indeed very interesting. In the energetic aspect it links the aura with chakras, and thus enhances the energy flow between the external and internal ‘things’. One of its intriguing features is its quite specific protective influence. The mineral possesses the ability to clean a human aura (energy field) and protect it from unwanted energies.



Labradoryt w Merkivie

The labradorite is a magical stone and it supports magic. We have noticed that it helps to contact with the spheres of existence usually invisible for humans. The fact of high relevance in this matter is that shortly after the first Merkiva with the labradorite had been made, we succeeded in communicating with the spirits of nature, what was not an easy task to do without the mineral.


The spirits of nature are intermediary beings between humans and the world of matter. Many things in our everyday lives depend on a positive contact with these beings, i.e. whether our everyday issues unfold into problems or success and deliberate actions.





Medytacja z Merkivą - wielowymiarową Merkabą

The very first impression is gentleness and power. The emanation and so influence on the whole energy system is in case of the Merkiva very clear and far more powerful than under a traditional Merkaba. And yet, it is more subtle. I must admit here though that at first I was not able to meditate under the Merkiva Power Alpha. For the first few days of its construction I was just looking at it not daring to enter its most powerful influence. Just looking at its fascinating shape was in itself a meditation during which the structures of Sacred Geometry joined these areas of my brain which so far have been separated. All this resulted in an amazing quantity of realisations and ‘the aha moments.

Later on, when I sat under the Merkiva, I was so much into experiencing a strong energy flow that meditation was simply impossible. It was not until the whole energy system got used to the Merkiva and the level of energy equalized, I could meditate there, which was my great pleasure.

Apart from a very clear increase of power, the multidimensionality comes forward. This experience is so fascinating and pleasant that you could stay in such state forever. It’s as if you entered another world. If you are able to find a dozen or so (ideally 20-30) minutes during a day, especially before you start your day, for a tranquil meditation under the Merkiva then the experience gained through it extends to the rest of your day, making your issues simply going better.

And as after a dozen minutes of meditation under the Merkiva experiencing your own multidimensionality becomes more and more noticeable, experiments with your own multidimensional Mer-Ka-Ba field are quite interesting. Each conscious breath in fills our bodies with a life-giving energy of the Earth, propelling the gyre of a female Merkaba. It is a natural phenomenon because the energy flows freely in both directions: up and down. Both Merkabas are powered not only by conscious breaths but also by each and every type of breathing, however, the conscious ones intensify the said motion. It all happens naturally, or to be more precise about it, spontaneously, without a need of complicated counting. These experiments are still to be continued.




Very rarely there are people who while contacted with as strong instruments as the Merkaba or Merkiva cannot feel the influence of their emanation. Such lack of sensitiveness derives from deficiency in synchronicity of the brain hemispheres and proves an overburdening of the left one which in turn causes the intuitive signals and subtle energy feeling existing though unable to reach the consciousness. In order to synchronize both hemispheres one should devote some time to meditative practice. Sitting either under the Merkaba or Merkiva early in the morning, right after waking up, before we start our daily chores, is particularly beneficial in such case. Just 15 to 30 minutes a day is enough. In the morning, the brain is not so active and thus it is easier to enter the alpha state of mind which allows subtle energy coming into consciousness. If you do not have time in the morning, the evening hours are also beneficial as it is a time when our activity connected with a daily routines decreases. Having taken up such practice for a while, the hemispheres begin to synchronize and the feeling shall regain its optimal level.




In the initial stage of the Merkiva program implementation we hoped that at least a part of currently working Merkaba Activators can be transformed into the multidimensional version. Due to technical reasons this option turned out to be impossible. The immediate reason is a diameter of the used materials. For Merkiva construction we use bars of smaller diameter as it turned out that a big number of interpenetrating connections give a construction that is stable enough and allows usage of much more delicate materials. Our aim was to create as light Merkiva as possible. It was very important because we were aware that the greater number of arms and the stones placed in them may simply be too heavy. With alternating a size of the diameter we have gained a more delicate structure with a touch of finesse and lightness.

Here is a comparison of the weight and diameters of 2 basic Merkaba models and the Multidimensional Merkiva:


Vertical span (cm)


Bar diameter



Merkaba Alpha




Multidimensional Merkiva Alpa




Merkaba Powe Alpha




Wielowymiarowa Merkiva Alfa Moc




In order to all elements of the construction fit together, a very precise calculations in the initial stage of the project were necessary. Do you know that a single Merkiva consists of 4 different sizes of bars? All structures interpenetrate each other therefore the mounting requires awareness and focus. It is a bit like with racing cars manufacture. You need the highest class material for this sort of professional stunting equipment. All parts must fit together ideally and the mounting requires a very detailed work, demand high qualifications. The quality of the product is what matters most thus neither racing cars nor the Multidimensional Merkiva Activators can be made in large quantities nor at fast pace.




Being the author and the co-ordinator of the whole project I would like to thank all those who contributed in creating the Multidimensional Merkiva:

  • co-workers who supported and inspired me during the whole project,
  • the author of the technical project for his genius of spatial solutions that enabled manifestation of this ideas in reality,
  • the NTV - Independent Television for broadcasting the material,
  • organizers and participants of the "2014 Harmony of the Cosmos", an event during which the Multidimensional Merkiva was presented to the public for the first time
  • and customers who were fascinated by the construction strong enough so it appeared in their houses and gardens.

Altogether we take part in creating ground-breaking solutions that can significantly influence changes of consciousness on our planet!




So far a multidimensional energy is a real rarity on the Earth. And as the access to multidimensionality has been cut off, people are not used to feeling it. This access just starts to emerge. The Multidimensional Merkiva Activator is a practical tool that allows the experience of your own multidimensionality and adjust your energy field to new conditions of existence. With each month, more and more access points (of various size) to multidimensional energy will appear on the world’s map of energy. There will be such as the Multidimensional Merkiva Gateway activated on the 10th September 2014 at Western Pomerania (Poland)

Wielowymiarowa Merkaba, wielowymiarowa Merkiva

as well as dozens and then hundreds of smaller instruments, but of very powerful activity.

Multidimensional Merkaba

As the earthly field of consciousness will gradually be permeated with this unique vibration, a great change in quality of life will take place for people who open to it. Let us not forget that in a quantum field of consciousness, thoughts and ideas appear even in minds that are thousand miles apart. As the number of beings who can feel the multidimensionality increases, a field of multidimensional energy shall expand and the information coming from it shall diffuse to the minds of millions of people around the world.

This is how a New Reality is being born!

We create a chain of positive transformation.

You can be a part of it too!




Currently, we make 3 models of the Multidimensional Merkiva Activators.

Two of them are designed for personal and home use and one is stationary to be installed in the garden.

The Merkiva Alpha (right side of the photo) and Power Alpha (left side of the photo) is meant for home use.


Multidimensional Merkaba models comparison

Due to its intricate structure, the smallest model that we are able to make is the Alpha one. And as there are many interpenetrating elements, making even a smaller model would be too complicated. And if we take a size of a postal parcel we can send then the Power Alpha model is the biggest one that can be sent this way in one piece.


Model number 3 is a big stationary one – the Multidimensional Merkiva Gateway:

Multidimensional Merkaba, Multidimensional Merkiva

Photos only partially show the beauty, spatial structure and multidimensionality of the Merkiva, therefore these two short videos present both models of the Merkiva which are already being manufactured. Please find descriptions of particular models below:






This Merkiva almost instantly switches the mind into the Alpha mode. So no more confusing thoughts flying simultaneously in many directions at the same time. You just need to stop for a moment under the Merkiva Alpha for your thoughts to start to align, take deeper meaning and expression. A focused mind easily finds solutions of life situations, discovers new ideas and leans their practical application.

This Merkiva Alpha is useful in everyday life as a discreet advisor when we are looking for answers and have decisions to make. It is an excellent instrument for all those who study and work creatively.

With the Merkiva Alpha, people who meditate will easily enter an initial meditation phase, and with a handful of skills you can effortlessly achieve a state of a deep focus.

Just glancing at the Merkiva Alpha is a source of countless inspirations because the Merkiva becomes your personal teacher of Sacred Geometry. And thanks to it, you discover the structure of your own fields of multidimensional energy, you learn to handle and develop them. It is your own exceptional step towards a new dimension of existence.

The Merkiva Alpha is light, finesse and beautiful. It intrigues and attracts everyone’s attention (particularly visual), even people who are not interested in a spiritual growth.

Wielowymiarowa Merkiva Alfa,wielowymiarowa Merkaba

Thanks to its convenient size it practically fits every space. It looks beautiful in a living-room or a guest room. Installed in a bedroom it enhances colourful dreams and spiritual journeys,


Technical data:

The load-bearing structure of brass and diamagnetic high-grade stainless steel filled with semi-precious stones.

Height – 74 cm / 29,1"

Weight – 5,7 kg / 12,6 lbs

Dowsing intensity – 15.000 units of Bovis scale (150.000 in extended scale)

The Sphere for Merkiva Alpha additionally increases the power by ca 20% and changes the energy pattern to toroidal.

Spherical Multidimensional Merkiva,Genesa


Prices according to currency:
Item  £ $
Merkiva Alpha 540 734 830
Sphere for Merkiva Alpha 100 136 154
Merkiva Alpha + Sphere  BEST PRICE 630 855 970


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A powerful stream of vibrations of the Merkiva Power Alpha embraces the whole being of a person staying under it. Therefore, at first contact with this instrument usually an intense energy flow comes into play. All chakras become strongly activated. It is accompanied by simultaneous impression that a whole energetic body is being developed into a multidimensional structure. It is a very pleasant and extremely interesting experience.

A similar pleasure is given by a meditation under this model of the Merkiva as it is an instrument enabling achieving states of deep focus. The Merkiva Power Alpha vibrates at a frequency of an extended alpha wave preparing a meditating person to naturally enter a Theta state. In the Theta state thinking activity slowly disappears giving way to experience of lasting in light and blissfulness. It is such a pleasant experience that you just do not want to end it.

Entering a deepened alpha or theta state requires realignment of the mind from beta waves connected with everyday life activity. And as there is a huge discrepancy between beta and theta frequencies, the said realignment may take a while. The experience of deep meditation is not so easily and spontaneously achieved as entering the alpha state under the Merkiva Alpha. A lot depends on the condition of our mind in the moment we sit to meditate.

From our experience we know that it is best to spend 15 to 30 minutes a day on meditation under the Merkiva. You need more or less 15 minutes to quite your mind from the active beta state to a deepened alpha state. The next 15 minutes is a time for experiencing a blissfulness deriving from the theta state. Keeping your focus for linger than half an hour requires some practice as usually after this time the mind slowly begins to de-focus, gently returning to its activity.

A state of deep meditation fills the soul and body with a profound tranquility and joy. A trace amount of this state holds on for a whole day and causes everything to happen with greater harmony. And thus, we particularly recommend meditation in the morning before you start your active day.

A deepened alpha state happens not only during meditation. It is also a frequency characteristic for a healthy sleeping in which positive dreaming appears. It is worth mentioning here that these are not always only dreams. People of a rich spiritual life experience in this dreaming phase journeys between the worlds and receive messages from other dimensions. In a subsequent, deeper phase of dreaming the activity of the mind quiets down entering the theta state to finally reach its deepest phase in the delta state. A natural ability to cause to enter into a deepened alpha state as well as a powerful emanation embracing a whole human energy system makes the Merkiva Power Alpha an excellent tool to hang over your place of rest. Thanks to its deepened vibrations the Merkiva Power Alpha in your bedroom is much better than its younger sister Alpha which in its range is more adequate for conscious activity.

While choosing a place for Merkiva you should think of what is the most important for you:

  • a conscious meditation – than the Merkiva should hang in a room for meditation of in a living room;

  • meditation in a dream – we hang the Merkiva over the bed;

  • these both states together – if the place where we hang the Merkiva serves both for sleeping and meditation or if we can afford to buy two instruments.

Wielowymiarowa Merkiva Alfa Moc,wielowymiarowa Merkaba


Technical data:

The load-bearing structure of brass and diamagnetic high-grade stainless steel filled with semi-precious stones.

Height – 93 cm / 36,6"

Weight – 9 kg / 19,8 lbs

Dowsing intensity – 17.000 units of Bovis scale

The Sphere for Merkiva Power Alpha additionally increases the power by ca 20% and changes the energy pattern to toroidal.

Spherical Merkiva Power Alpha


Prices according to currency:
Item  £ $
Merkiva Alpha 600 816 924
Sphere for Merkiva Alpha 111 150 170
Merkiva Alpha + Sphere  BEST PRICE! 700 950 1070


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Wielowymiarowa Merkaba,wielowymiarowa Merkiva

The Merkiva Multidimensional Gateway is the first stationary instrument of multidimensional properties. It is an extension of the Merkaba Gateway Activator installed until the beginning of 2014. These were single Merkabas made of diamagnetic high grade stainless steel. Within the years 2011-2014, a series of 9 such instruments powered Poland and Ireland with their vibrations.

Nowadays we have combined a steel construction with another Merkaba made of brass, creating a big multidimensional Merkiva this way. This beautiful and exquisite instrument spreads a pleasant golden energy within many miles. The strongest emanation spreads just near its source and within a range of a few dozen kilometers. Its subtle influence that manifests in dreams, visions, meditations and realizations may be felt even from a 350-kilometer distance from the Merkiva.

While evaluating the emanation intensity of the Merkiva Multidimensional Gateway, one should not forget that we deal with a far range antenna here. The instruments of this sort emit longer waves than frequency on which a human brains functions, and therefore despite the fact that the Merkiva Multidimensional Gateway emits very powerful vibrations, not everyone is able to pick them up at once. To tune in it is best to spend a dozen minutes in the Merkiva when the earthly and human energies begin to decrease, for example in the evening, at night or early in the morning.

As the Merkiva Multidimensional Gateway freely and completely embraces the whole being of persons using it, entering it is an energetic bath which cleanses your whole aura deeply, opens us to contact higher dimensions and our own higher selves.

We are cosmic beings who for many reasons were limited to function in a three-dimensional space, in the bodies of greatly restricted perception. With a decision to be captured in a physical body, we lost the ability to use a manifestation of spiritual power which we once used to have and… which we still have, though currently it is unavailable to our senses. Staying in three dimensions does not mean at all that our multidimensional identity has ceased to exist. It is still active and often acts in our favour, though we may not be aware of it. It sometimes manifests as our guardian angel watching over our steps so we do not lose our way. Our higher selves have access to infinitely greater amount of knowledge and can predict and plan more situations which we are not able to manage out of physical level. Let us not wonder then that miraculous coincidences happen to us, as if someone out there had planned few steps ahead.

A connection with our own higher selves is limited because its multidimensional form does not simply fit narrow shoes which is our physical body. While single beams of information uneasily force their way through neurons in our brains, the multidimensional mind of our higher selves disposes terabytes of information of all three times: present, past and future.

It has not always been like this. Once, when the Earth was inhabited by highly developed cosmic civilizations our bodies did not have any limits including the ones which are a pain in the neck to us today. Although our bodies were similar to present human bodies, they were made of different structure. Nature around us provides us with obvious examples of how the same elements, arranged in a different structure greatly vary from each other with their properties.

Our bodies are mostly made of carbon. The carbon as pure and non-structure element is black, dusty and brittle. The same carbon, however, arranged in a crystal structure creates a diamond – a transparent mineral, shining and harder than steel. Its crystal, light-receptive structure is able to receive and transform far much information than anything else which would be constructed out of a common coal.

During the flourishment of civilizations, existence of which modern archeology and history try to conceal, our bodies were of crystal structure. They were immortal, divine and fully accommodated to be used by our powerful Multidimensional Spirit.

We are such Spirits! After many millennia of dormancy our Multidimensional Divine Identity starts to awaken. This is a common awakening which takes place around the whole planet. Instruments such as the Merkiva Multidimensional Gateway were created to accelerate and make this process easier.


Technical data:

The load-bearing structure of brass and diamagnetic high-grade stainless steel filled with semi-precious stones.

Height – 380 cm / 149,6"

Dowsing intensity – 24.000 units of Bovis scale

Price: £ - 2000 - this price is approximate. The real price will be agreed with individual order according to local raw material costs.

Transport cost (UK):  £ - 40 +

The Merkiva Multidimensional Gateway is delivered in parts that require your own assembling. Orders for the Merkiva Multidimensional Gateway with its installation upon prior arrangement.






Dear Reader!

Has a broad description of Multidimensional Merkiva Activators reached you deeply?

Was it clear, comprehensible and shearing the light of understanding on many issues?

Did during its reading your inner voice, as if it was something deep in your soul you know very well, speak?

Your Spirit has been moved!

Do not be surprised…

The words you have just read, had been written under the Merkiva…




The state-of-the-art versions of the Multidimensional Merkiva are surrounded by a sphere, creating a perfect geometric shape:

Multidimesional Merkiva with a sphere,Merkaba with genesa


The first Spheric Merkiva will be shown at the exhibition MInd Body & Soul Experience in London

on 24-25-26 October 2014.






The orders may be placed via email or by filling in the website form. Please, provide your detailed postal address including your postcode and contact telephone number.

The orders for the Merkivas for home use are fulfilled within around 5 working days of order placing. This time may be slightly extended if we have a lot of work.

Orders for the Merkiva Multidimensional Gateway are realized within approximately 5 weeks.



We accept wire transfer or online payment. The link to online payment is sent on request together with order confirmation.



The Merkiva Alpha and Power Alpha are delivered to a customer completely set. The only thing that a customer needs to do on his/her own is to install crystal activators to the core because due to possibility of their loss in transport, we place them in a separate bag. The activators are numbered and described and their installation according to the manual takes only 5 minutes of the customer’s time.

Both models of the Merkiva are packed into big hexagonally-shaped boxes.

Merkiva i Merkaba - opakowania

Because both size and shape of the packages exceed a standard accepted by courier companies, we send them via postal service. In Europe it takes approximately 5 working days. Shipment to the USA takes around 10 working days.

The Merkiva Multidimensional Gateway is delivered in parts that require your own assembling. Orders for the Merkiva Multidimensional Gateway with its installation upon prior arrangement.


You are welcomed to meet this unusual instruments!


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