Spherical Pyramids - models and prices

The influence of Spherical Pyramids can be experienced in 2 ways:


The strongest emanation of Spherical Pyramids can be felt right under the pyramid or in it's immediate vicinity. In case of a stationary garden pyramid The Earth Chakra, even a group of people can go inside, to feel the intensive energy flow. Those who come into contact with these instruments for the first time experience it sometimes very intensively.

It is difficult to measure the energy of pyramids, because there are no proper measuring instruments for that. So far, the only and the best instrument is man himself and his personal feeling. Since each of the Spherical Pyramids is a kind of cosmic antenna, we can use the principle taken from radio technology, which says that the radiation intensity decreases with the square of the distance. The closer to the source, the stronger emanation. In our experiments with Merkiva Power Alpha in partially wooded rural area the emanation was clearly noticeable even at a distance of 800 m (2600 ft) from the device.


Except for the direct emanation, a subtle, long distance impact is very important. Spherical Pyramids create subtle connections to higher dimensions, transmitting new ideas and values to minds and hearts of people living in the area of their influence. This is done through associations, revelations, dreams and surprising coincidence which leading us to the higher levels of spiritual development. The subtle influence can be experienced in the area of many kilometers, in case of our biggest construction (The Earth Chakra) even up to 350 km.


Golden Galaxy - Multidimensional Spherical Pyramid based on Atlantean proportions.

4 interpenetrating pyramids made of brass and titanium.

The bi-directional spiral sphere activates the vortex of bioenergy.

23 precisely selected crystal activators.

The most advanced pyramid in the modern world!

Model Photo Size cm Key features Dowsin emanation (Bovis scale)* Price**

Golden Galaxy

 67 cm height

91 cm width

Very intense emanation. Synchronization of chakras and aura.

Neutralization of negative energy.
Deep and easy meditation. Contact with the Higher  Self.

Over 150.000

£ 903

€ 1054


** delivery in the EU zone included


Merkaba – eight-pointed spherical star build on the double triangular pyramid.

13 crystal activators.

Model Photo

Size cm


The most important characteristics

Dowsin emanation (Bovis scale)*

Merkaba Starlet 40

Compact model, the source of positive energy. Improves mood and stimulates activity.


£ 198

€ 232


Merkaba Alpha 75

Entering aplha state and the state of creative meditation. Helps to specify and realize life goals.


£ 268

€ 313


Multidimesional Merkiva - fourteen-pointed spherical star build on the quadruple triangular pyramid.

19 crystal activators.

Model Photo

Size cm


The most important characteristics Dowsin emanation (Bovis scale)* Price
Merkiva Starlet



A lot of power concentrated in a very compact shape. Easy to transport. Shapely and beautiful. Loved by children. Supports learning.


£ 437

€ 509

Merkiva Alpha



Very intense synchronization of cerebral hemispheres. Immediate entry into the alpha state and the state of spontaneous meditation. Setting life goals and showing the way to achieve them. 80.000

£ 555

€ 649

 $ 733

Merkiva The Earth Chakra



The stationary high-power and long-range instrument. Comprehensive treatment of aura, connectivity with higher dimensions, materialisation of far-reaching goals.

Available only in Europe




* Since there are no research instruments for measuring the energy of the pyramids, the only relatively reliable measurement is a comparative dowsing test. The results shown in the table are based on a comparison with the emanation of stone circles complex located in Grzybnica in North-West Poland (90.000 in Bovis scale) and the emanation of the natural Earth Chakra in Cracow (120.000 in Bovis scale). You need to consider such studies are always subjective and the results depend on the adopted scale and ability and mental attitude of persons who lead the study.


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Merkaba Starlet  $   $   $ 
Merkaba Alpha  $   $   $ 
Merkiva Alpha  $   $   $ 
Golden Galaxy      



Spherical Pyramids are not in mass production. In fact each one of them is a small work of art, fitted to the needs of it's user. Therefore we need ca 5-6 working days to dispatch your instrument. Please fill the order form. Make sure you send your full address, including zip code and contact telephone number. Choose one of two payment methods:


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