We create a multidimensional reality

So far a multidimensional energy is a real rarity on the Earth. And as the access to multidimensionality has been cut off, people are not used to feeling it. This access just starts to emerge. The Multidimensional Merkiva Activator is a practical tool that allows the experience of your own multidimensionality and adjust your energy field to new conditions of existence. With each month, more and more access points (of various size) to multidimensional energy will appear on the world’s map of energy. There will be such as the Multidimensional Merkiva Gateway activated on the 10th September 2014 at Western Pomerania (Poland)

Wielowymiarowa Merkaba, wielowymiarowa Merkiva

as well as dozens and then hundreds of smaller instruments, but of very powerful activity.

Multidimensional Merkaba

As the earthly field of consciousness will gradually be permeated with this unique vibration, a great change in quality of life will take place for people who open to it. Let us not forget that in a quantum field of consciousness, thoughts and ideas appear even in minds that are thousand miles apart. As the number of beings who can feel the multidimensionality increases, a field of multidimensional energy shall expand and the information coming from it shall diffuse to the minds of millions of people around the world.

This is how a New Reality is being born!

We create a chain of positive transformation.

You can be a part of it too!


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