How the first Merkiva was created

The Merkaba, also referred to as Merkiva, in its multidimensional aspect has been intriguing me since the very beginning of my construction works over the Merkaba Activators. It is amicably said in many messages that at a divine, liberated being a single Mer-Ka-Ba develops into its multiplication.

Merkaba evolution

Having taken this into consideration, I have tried to make some constructions which would be an extension of such a field, however, neither in external sources nor in my own head, I was not able to find a solution that would allow to achieve a desired effect.

The story of Merkiva has begun from the healing of a little kitten which was seriously ill. After he had spent few days in animal’s hospital, the vets gave him back to us saying it was all they could do for the little kitty. And so we took him home and placed on a sofa over which a huge copper Merkaba of Theta type was hanging. To increase the Merkaba action, additionally, over the Theta model we hung the Star. The kitten was now lying immediately under both Merkabas; he had also a drip applied. On top of that, 2-3 times a day we performed healings with therapeutic tuning forks on him.

alternatywne leczenie kotka

To our surprise, after a few days the kitty got much better; he still was quite weak but his health improved so much that he started going outside on his own.

This quite amazing healing caused me wondering how to combine working of the two Merkabas, however, my thinking was more about how to put a smaller Merkaba inside the bigger one, and as I just could not find any convincing technical solution of such combination, I dropped the theme for a while.

The turning point emerged a few months later in February 2014. Our co-worker, while looking for a space where to temporarily place a newly-made Merkaba, hung it directly under a similar one, that had already been there for a while. He was intrigued a bit by such arrangement so he sat under it in meditation. He called me a while later full of excitement:

- Michal, such combination is amazingly powerful. The energy flow is so strong that at first it is even hard to encompass!

And this was the exact moment when my technical thinking got into the right track. I brought two identical Merkabas home and started thinking how to put them into a unified structure. It appeared difficult but “doable”. It only required a few good ideas on how to combine interpenetrating elements.

It is our brand feature that once we find a right idea, its implementation follows very fast. The moment the model started shaping in my mind, I turned to our designer who does three-dimensional technical projects for us, for elaborating on technical details. All issues connected with interpenetration of surfaces have been thought over and solved and within 3 months of intensive preparation, in mid-May 2014, I started building the first successful prototype of Multidimensional Merkiva Activator.


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