Spiral Spherical Pyramid Golden Galaxy - Energy Vortex

Multidimensional Spherical Pyramid based on Atlantean proportions.

4 interpenetrating pyramids made of brass and titanium.

The bi-directional spiral sphere activates the energy vortex.

23 precisely selected crystal activators.

The most advanced pyramid-based device in the world!

Golden Galaxy Spherical Pyramid,energy of pyramids,sacred geometry,energy of crystals,meditation

The Galaxy was created from the longing for the cosmos and the recall of ancient memory...


The instrument in the attached video was set in motion on purpose to show its shape in a better way. In everyday use, the Galaxy is kept parallel to the North-South axis (details in the manual).

It's name is connected not only to the unique shape, similar to a spiral galaxy. The creator of the project, while working on it, launched a spontaneous telepathic communication with the stars.

Hence the beauty of the name that was given to it.

Relaxes and soothes
Facilitates deep meditation and contact with the Overmind.
Harmonizes the flow of energy in the chakras.
Makes a balance between the energies of the Earth and the cosmos (flowing up and down).
Helps to determine the correct direction of energy vortexes in the chakras.
Activates, protects and illuminates the aura.
Harmonizes the energy of the environment.
Neutralizes the effect of negative energy.
Allows access to the programming level of reality

The supporting structure of the Galaxy consists of 4 interpenetrating pyramids made in Atlantic* and Egyptian proportions. High quality metals represent the elements of earth and space (titanium, brass and diamagnetic stainless steel)

* According to some esoteric sources and in accordance with the author's personal experiences, the pyramids of Egypt were built by newcomers from Atlantis long time before the Egyptian civilization.

Unique composition of 23 powerful crystals. 16 crystals in the corners and 7 in the core.

energia  kryształów, święta geometria,litoterapia

Double spiral sphere of pure copper is placed in the pattern of the Flower of Life.

kwiat życia,piramida,galaktyka,święta geometria,energia kształtów


The direction of energy rotation, emitted by the toroidal coil-like sphere is important for the polarization of our chakras. The swirling motion in the chakras is different for both sexes. Our chakras spin sequentially right and left. Those chakras, which in men rotate to the right, in women should rotate to the left. Similarly chakras, which in women spin to the right, in man should turn to the left. This natural, sex assigned rotation direction is often distorted and incorrect. Disturbance of the energy flow direction is a cause of many persistent ailments that often spontaneously pass when the natural direction is restored. Restoring proper circulation of energy in the chakras usually gives a sense of relief, lightness and increasing the efficiency of life.

The cosmic energy flowing through our chakras creates a whirlpool around our body. There are 2 main gateways for the energy: the base chakra (no 1) and the crown charka (no 7). In a healthy person these both chakras always rotate in the same direction:

- clockwise direction in men

- counterclockwise direction in women

thus creating a natural attraction of both genders.


At one of our workshops I worked with middle-aged man setting the correct rotation direction of energy in the chakras. I took this opportunity to opportunity to watch a very interesting phenomenon. After successful activation, through the crown chakra flowed an intense, golden light. The structure of this light formed a beautiful, clockwise vortex, which descended downwards, extending symmetrically and reaching a maximum span at the height of the chakra of the heart. Than began symmetrically tapered descending further down and connecting with the chakra of the base. The whole body was like this whirlwind surrounded by luminous cocoon.

It is this kind of vortex, stretched between the crown chakra and the base allows you to see the famous, research proven toroidal vortex the heart!

This is exactly the same eddy, which was successfully projected in the Galaxy!

With the double spiral sphere the Galaxy achieves its maximum power and can be comfortably used by both genders.

Space the heart is our space creation, a materialization matrix. The Galaxy is a powerful instrument facilitating the energy flow trough this creative matrix. It gives a deep insight into the field of consciousness, an access to a vast program, which is creating our personal reality. Only a small part of this program is our conscious life. The daily activities the prevalent majority of this program is beyond our conscious reach, just as most of our brain is usually inactive. Communing with the Galaxy give the ability to reach those unused areas on a daily basis, and thus to more fully participate in the process of reality creation.

A unique feature of the Galaxy is its very high strength, combined with a gentle, non-invasive action. The secret of this success lies in the toroidal spiral sphere. Thanks to it, most of the energy is uniformly distributed over the entire aura, in accordance with its natural spin direction.

We offer this wonderful instrument with great pleasure and satisfaction for common use, for all those who want to make a big leap in their development. The radiesthetic intensity of this device exceeds 170,000 of Bovis units. For comparison, Merkiva Alpha Force reaches 105,000 and the largest central European complex of stone circles in Grzybnica (north west Poland) is estimated at 100,000. Unlike a circle, the vibration is dispersed, energy stream of the Galaxy is highly concentrated and therefore very effective. Four pyramids, 23 crystals and a toroidal spiral sphere synchronised in one compact unit. Its effect is so strong that it's really hard not to feel!

Meditation under the Galaxy is a real pleasure and a great space for learning, because with it we learn to feel the own energy!


The Galaxy is our latest and most advanced design, it is probably also the most modern pyramid based device in the world!

Our mission is to raise the consciousness of inhabitants of the planet Earth. All our activities, especially the instruments we create, are dedicated to this objective. They light up the awareness in a clearly perceptible way. Among them, the Galaxy is on the exceptional position. Never before since antiquity, a device of so advanced shape and intensive spiritual radiation was created. Exact projection of a living energy vortex!

We are deeply grateful to all these ancient and wise souls, who decide to make a step towards the Galactic Consciousness. Your growth, becomes a gateway for many thousands of others who are waiting for their awakening.

Thank you for that!

The Galactic family wakes up.

Join us!


4 interpenetrating pyramids made in accordance to the proportions of the Great pyramid of Giza (Egypt):

  • 2 pyramid with solar (masculine) vibration male made of titanium.
  • 2 pyramids with feminine (terrestrial) vibration made of brass at an angle of 45 ° to the male pyramids.

23 crystals (semiprecious stones):

  • 7 crystals in a core selected according to the layout of 7 chakras in the human body.
  • 16 crystals in the corners harmonizes vibration, strengthens and revitalizes our aura (amethyst, rose quartz, brazilianite, amazonite, moonstone, black tourmaline, fluorite and orange selenite) *

* Arrangement of stones in the corners and the core may vary slightly depending on the version of the product and the availability of raw materials.

Double spiral sphere made of pure copper and brass reflects a pattern of toroidal energy field.

Vertical diameter: 67 cm between the upper and lower pole

Horizontal diameter: 91 cm at its widest point

Net weight: about 10,5 kg (with crystals and sphere)

The radiation intensity: ca 170.000 units in Bovis scale



UK: £ 770

European Union: € 880

USA, CANADA: $ 1025



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