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Tuesday, 27. July 2010

In the mythology of ancient Greeks, the weaving of threads of life was the job of goddesses called Moiras. I had the opportunity to encounter in this life a person who belonged to the caste of the weavers of reality before their birth. I also was given a chance of entering that level of the spiritual world, where that reality exists solely as luminous threads. It happened to me many years ago, during a yoga training session in one of mountainous Indian ashrams. Here are my records from that experience:

" It is quiet... It has been quiet for a dozen or so days already, although there are many people around me. This silence originated in my mind. It is wonderful, transparent, full of life and sweetness. Never before have I experienced anything so beautiful. I am focused in myself. No thought nor emotion reaches out towards the outside unnecessarily. I feel comfortable with myself like this. I feel great peace, strength and... well, there is something I find hard to define. With words, I can only give an approximate description:

First of all, I can feel contact with God. I can sense His presence, I penetrate Him, or is it Him penetrating me? It poses no difficulty for me, it is natural, spontaneous and obvious, though it was not my goal. I have an impression as if we were beginning to understand each other very well. This is coexistence on a level much deeper than any concepts and words, or even thoughts. It is accompanied by the feeling as if of radiance filling my whole head, all of the cells of my brain and spreading through my whole body. I know that I am this light. I can clearly feel it.

The experience of the light and the contact with God overlaps with another one, perhaps even more intriguing. It is the result of a curious process which has occurred in me. By focusing my thoughts in myself, I diverted their direction. Until now, they flowed from me to the outside and dissipated somewhere over the universe. Now, they run towards the source whence they issued, they return to me, penetrate to the inside, focus in my head into a point and... pass to the Other side! No other term for this strange process comes to my head. The Other Side of what? The Other Side of Me, or the Other Side of the World? I never suspected that some Other Side could exist. As if I travelled to another dimension through some cosmic black hole. Except this black hole is myself and through myself, or inside of myself I can observe the whole vast universe.

This universe is different, amazing, difficult to describe. I have an impression that it is woven as if from some luminous connections, it is dimensionless, though it makes an impression of infinite expanse. The most surprising is that there can be felt a tangible relation of the dimension into which I was able to penetrate to the reality experienced by all of us. It is a relation of a strictly causative nature. I have an impression as if I reached the level of basic instructions of a great cosmic programme. I observe these peculiar luminous connections. I know that a change of something here must have consequences on all levels of reality, because it is a record of the appearance and order of the world in which we live. What if I change something? Yes, this thought accompanies me from the beginning. But what, since I do not know where the threads lead to and which of the fragments of reality would change? At last, I remain to the end in the role of an amazed observer. This unique experience accompanied me continuously for a dozen or so days. It pervaded me during the day, induced sleep in the evening, "touched" me waking me in the morning. As if "something" enveloped me in a wondrous bubble which facilitated communication between worlds. After the period of about 2 weeks, the connection began to die down, and then the strange bubble burst.”

That experience was so different from everything that I experienced before and after, that it left a deep mark in me. In order to understand it, I had to thoroughly reconstruct my system of beliefs. It also stimulated me to seek answers to many new, intriguing questions.

And what if a global change were possible? The world to which I successfully phased into was very distant from the material dimension, however, everything indicated that it was that level of access on which further changes are possible. Global changes. On whom do they depend and in what manner can they transpire? Further quest and the aid of guides from beyond the physical dimension led me to interesting conclusions, and successive, surprising experiences gave me hope that the Great Planetary Transformation can be brought about.

Exactly, have you ever realised that everything could have been arranged differently? Differently, meaning completely not as it seems to us that it must have been for centuries and should continue to be. This might be a bit mind-boggling, since this is not about a usual political system transformation, another war, revolution or a technological breakthrough. We have done it all and I do not think that history could surprise us in those fields with something sensationally different. Because the worst cataclysms or the most significant inventions have not significantly changed the fundamental system of reference, Why is it so? In order to understand this, one needs to look closely at the functioning of the Field of Life.

The individual consciousness of every being inhabiting our world contributes the Field of Life surrounding the planet. This field is a matrix of reality. The paradigm contained in the Field of Life directly influences all forms of energy present in this world, from the neutrino or electromagnetic waves, to more or less heavier matter. It is a programme realised on all levels of reality.

The influence of this field can be observed on a simple school example. Who remembers the experiment with a magnet and iron filings? The iron filings are spread on a piece of paper. Then we put the magnet under the paper. The filings immediately arrange into even, elliptical patterns precisely illustrating the shape of the field affecting them. Remove the magnet - the slightest movement causes the filings to fall apart. Use a magnet with a different shape - they will automatically adjust to the changed lines of the field. The pattern contained in the matrix impresses on reality like a stamp. It programmes the construction, properties and behaviour of all elements of nature, provides a model of the formation and growth of cells, organisms, species.

In this matrix are contained all information related to the makeup and functioning of the multidimensional space. A practical example of the operation of the Field of Life. Ice efflorescences on a frozen surface of a river. The bottom is overgrown with lush underwater vegetation, besides the river itself fights its way through dense overgrowth on this section. The Field of Life emitted by plants is so predominant here, that it has a direct reflection in the shape of freezing efflorescences. They bear a striking resemblance to leaves.

As a matter of fact, the information contained in the field pertains to multi-dimensional space. It is the circumstances of the sphere related to our planet that make us able to access only a 3D version. In a properly functioning field, full access to a multi-dimensional version gives simply fantastic possibilities of creation. In the world The same field, but without the 3D filter, transits into beautiful spatial forms so much better developed than the relatively simple Merkaba. Unfortunately, in our version of reality spiritual dimensions are cut off and that which we deal with every day, although still beautiful, is merely a flawed echo of the actual miracle of creation. We have become so accustomed to those limitations that we consider them obvious and it never crosses our mind to question them. Nevertheless, they are not natural. They were imposed on Earth centuries ago.

An ingeniously programmed pattern imposed on the most condensed layer of the Field of Life forces ruthless struggle for survival and hostile competition. It was not always like that. That clever programme is like a self-replicating virus, constantly renewing ad infinitum in many forms. It manifests in the behaviour of all species inhabiting the planet. So it is not surprising that pathogenic viruses continue mutate into new forms. They simply follow the pattern. Plagues not always troubled the Earth - one needs but to recall the myth of the Pandora's box. Before opening and spilling of the box's contents, the Earth was free of plagues.

The rules currently governing the Field make people to be born in pain, live only for a short time, die in suffering. They do not know where they came from and where they depart to. And again - it not always used to be like that. It is enough to read the first chapters of Bible, and who enjoys searching, will easily find echoes of the same in other ancient myths.

The pattern imprinted in the Field currently spread over the planet generates a heavy and persistent image of reality. If you jump from a rock, you are bound to fall and shatter, because only birds can fly. You can be similarly sure of being unable to passing through a wall when you walk into one, and if you hit a table too much, you will break your arm. But it is worth remembering that among people there are phenomena which break some of those seemingly unquestionable rules. Thus, they are not at all common and necessary laws. Those rules govern the form known to us nowadays only for being cut off spiritual dimensions. Spiritual dimensions give a completely different understanding and open an infinite richness of possibilities. Let us put it in a different way - in your Higher Consciousness lies the key to free phasing through and shaping of reality. Without that key, you are doomed to painful tripping blindfold.

Our bodies are impressive reactors, able to process enormous cosmic energies. Besides physical organs, we have energy centres, within the body itself and outside of it. Except that energy is almost completely extinguished in most of us. We possess a magnificent and very developed brain, but we use it in only a very small percentage. We are adequately equipped with almost everything what is needed for contacting energies available in the universe, but... we have no contact. Curious, isn't it?

Why is this beautiful and abundant planet dominated by such dense spiritual darkness? Why so much pain and suffering? The luminous world which I was able to phase into in my strange experience is not flawed even slightly. Compared to it, the reality which we encounter on Earth is a huge contrast. If the matrix is made properly, but its translation inaccurate, where is the error?

According to some ancient legends, the Earth was separated from light centuries ago. Visitors from another system, whom, according to our terminology, we would perhaps call invaders, before withdrawing into the invisible sphere, spread over our world an energy grid. Grids of that kind nay be used for different purposes. Luminous beings are currently building a different grid, the purpose of which is to enable unlimited spiritual development in future and connect our planet with cosmic civilisations. But the Grid surrounding the Earth for several millennia is used mainly for exploitation. This grid, like a gigantic Faraday's cage, effectively isolates the physical dimension from spiritual dimensions and separates the Earth from free contact with other inhabitants of free space. Electromagnetic associations are quite appropriate here. There is much evidence that the basic carrier of any information contained in the Field of Life is the Earth's magnetic field.

Magnetic field

The grid imposed by alien entities serves first of all the purpose of drawing life energy. The most sought-after forms of life energy are generated by emotions and feelings. The operating principle is relatively simple. In the spiritual sense, each of us draws nutrition from converting energy, but when some aim at building and sharing, others derive satisfaction from destroying or parasitising, which makes them "predators" in the spiritual sense. Building, mind you, is much more difficult than destruction. In order to build a beautiful sand castle, one needs to put into it a lot of work and energy. In order to destroy it, it is enough to kick it hard a few times. Both activities involve conversion of energy and give a certain satisfaction to the builder and destroyer. In physical terms, by building you increase the potential energy of an object, by destroying it, you decrease it. But the flow during destruction is much faster, easier, and thus satisfaction is easy and immediate. The change of potentials needs to occur in both directions, so there would not be anything particularly harmful in it, were the situation in question in some tolerable balance. Unfortunately, our planet is wreathed with so dense a grid created by parasitic entities, that the resulting situation is definitely pathological.

The grid is so tight, that luminous beings have a slight chance of penetrating here, and if they are able to do it, they have to appear incognito. Embodying a very condensed and low-0vibrating energy form to which the Earth is doomed at the moment, on their way they are forced to lose most of their attributes. Powerful and enlightened beings come here in a "beggarly" form, devoid of conscious access to their stores of knowledge and wisdom, deprived of power and full brilliance which normally surrounds them. These attributes are deposited in the so-called Higher Self, which can at times be contacted to a limited extent. Unfortunately, the omniscient Higher Self remains beyond the "accurate borders" of the system, whereas the active, embodied part is doomed to moving blindly in the dark. Despite those limitations, many luminous beings agree to missions on the Earth only to direct this world towards the light. How long are they going to work incognito? How long are they going to remain in semi-consciousness or conceal their true identity and objectives? Finally, how long are they going to abide the limitations which they voluntarily accepted for themselves?

The machine of common oppression grinds billions of beings of our world like a huge planetary mill. Subject to it are all without exception, from the smallest to the greatest, as a rule and as a coincidence, every day, every minute and second. The pattern of operation of this mill is inscribed in our cells, impressed upon our subconsciousness with overwhelming force. There is a reason behind the saying that we are born with "the original sin". Any nescience is advantageous for the system, making manipulation easier; it gives it great advantage that the beings confined to this planetary mill do not know and see too much, so that their lives can be ground in it as fast as possible and not without bloodshed...

In a system dominated by predators, of use is everything that sustains this system. From this point of view, very useful are all religions, which, behind the facade of leading towards the light, in actuality maintain the crowds of believers in ignorance and false apprehensions. Just think about it: a being aware of its cosmic self, thus naturally and intuitively connected to the highest source - it will never occur to such a being that God is somebody distant, somebody who should be worshipped...

Of course, one could say that it is a nonsense, that there are no dark sides. Imagine, the vast infinity of universe - billions of galaxies, a countless number of suns and planets orbiting them. A countless multitude of forms of existence. Not all beings feed on light, or not directly on light, at any rate. Of course, I agree with the view that darkness is not a value by itself. Darkness is merely a lack of light. Darkness cannot be driven into a room in which light is burning. On the contrary, light lit in a dark room immediately dispels darkness. Similarly, dark beings, entities feeding on negative transformation, demonically powerful as they may be in a dark environment, flee in the face of true, bight light.

Unfortunately, the "gods", our ungracious rulers, have accustomed the inhabitants of our planet to it being shrouded by the darkness of spiritual numbness, that these inhabitants long ago came to recognise darkness as day. Every brighter ray of light is therefore bound to dazzle their unaccustomed eyes. There will always be those who will do anything within their powers to (and as long as there is darkness, everything is within their powers) in order not to allow to the development of any stronger fount which could unexpectedly illuminate the familiar molehill twilight. One can hardly be surprised. If somebody was able to prosper to some extent and wields power considerable at times (I do not necessarily mean by this formal government), they should be rather upset by a sudden and common enlightenment, as a result of which their large kingdom may turn out to be a mere heap of rubbish.

The uniting of dimensions frees one from the cage of physicality, into which we have been tossed. The mythical Mer–Ka–Ba is nothing else, but a united Body-Mind-Spirit. A united being acts in harmony with itself, with the Eternal and Highest Source of Love and Wisdom, and with other luminous beings, which provide assistance and share their power and love. Such a being penetrates matter and all barriers made from it, discerns truth, cannot be deceived by falsehood. Such a being is a great and wise ruler, a king of the elements, a master of creation, a bright flame, dispelling darkness. The rulers of the system, for the sake of form and peace of mind permit for some light to burn here and there, sometimes they even gaze upon it with tolerating favour - until its flame is small and dangerous. But a powerful and unrestrained flame, shining with intense, bright light, for the present system and all who take advantage of it, such a flame is the gravest threat.

This is our hope and opportunity!
This is why I address you,
dispersed over the whole Earth Masters of the Flame of Transformation.
The right time has come.
Now is the time to light the Great Flame.
The time to ignite the Light!


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