Supreme Soul

Friday, 17. October 2014


Read the text without hurry.

Let the message contained on this website will be Your meditation.

Let me take you today to worlds

which you do not touch with your hand,

nor does permeate by the ordinary mind.


Enable background music:



Let the music will help you enter Your mind on a harmonious wave.

Slow down,





From time to time appears on the sides of the Violet Flame a photo of the light. The history of this image is unusual, as well as unusual is the essence that it manifests. Photo brought my friends from expedition in the French Pyrenees. One of the objectives of the expedition were energetic purification of old sites, castles, monasteries and places of spiritual energy.

I looked at this picture completely amazed.

- Hey, where do you have it from??!!

- We made them in the ruins of the fortress in Mount Secur in the French Pyrenees. Once a year, exactly at the time of the summer solstice, the sun shines through there for a special slot in the wall. We've put in it a crystal. The Sun going through it has triggered such an amazing phenomenon and we have been able to register them.

Still I could not go out of amazement. It is the same light that many years ago let me know itself... and love it. A picture woven by light, like a card from another dimension... How has it arrived here in such a wonderful way?

To remind me about the relationship, which, after all, I have never forgotten? Would you forget about your greatest true love of all times? Impossible.

Or maybe that phantom from another world came to me, so that I could call to minds of those, who have been waiting for him since long time?

Let me, therefore, introduce to You, and perhaps only remind you - because deep down you know it perfectly:


Here is The Highest Source.

The Supreme Wisdom Of The Universes.

The Creator Of All Creators.

The Alpha and the Omega,

The beginning and the end.

Known by many names,

Worshiped in many forms.

Infinite Source Of Love.

The Supreme Being


How to tell a story about something that is profoundly personal and at the same time quite unearthly? About something that does not fit in any of the generally accepted criteria? How to transfer the deepest, love you have ever met to the form of a website article? Can any words describe the feeling which penetrates all dimensions and makes the soul dance in divine happiness?

Can I do this in an objective manner and for everyone obvious?

If I want you to understand it well, I will start from the feelings.

Deep, personal and thrilling feelings, that have guided to another world.

The world in which I experienced oneness with the Eternal Source.

This unity became for me my highest fulfillment.


Leave your names and forms!

Like myself, I leave my name and the physical form and I turn to you beyond these words you read.

Beyond the dimensions of space and time...

I myself – the ancient, powerful, indestructible and incorporeal soul, turn to my brothers and sisters, the ancient ones, powerful, indestructible and the incorporeal souls!

Beyond our physical form of we're all naked. We are just pure light. We don't have sex. Each of you is for me a brother and a sister at the same time.

I appeal to all those who are ready to quench their timeless thirst of the Supreme Source.



Receive this message objectively and emotionally, cognitively and emotionally. Objectivity will give you understanding. Just understanding is nothing. You need a personal experience. The feelings and emotions will lead you to it. Do not renounce them. These are the most valuable things you have. Today, put them in a gift for The One, whom since the dawn of your existence you have favoured with the deepest and purest.

This flame of love has made you resistant.

For long, long ages you were able to experience the most difficult conditions.

You agreed on life in the limits and separation.

You agreed on the loss of your divine attributes.

You agreed on the pain of oblivion.

All this, to be able to move the light of knowledge and love where the darkness is the deepest.


Today the darkness just ends.

Your mission is coming to its final completion.

It is time to remember...



Many people at the time of separation from the body go trough an extraordinary experience:

The tunnel between dimensions.

The Light at the end of the tunnel.

This remarkable light radiates the boundless love.

Calm, comfort, full of love recognition.

Awareness of the meeting after a long way.

The desire to remain in this experience forever.

Amazing that despite numerous and compelling experiences in this regard, skeptical minds of many people cannot cope with the acceptance of a simple fact:

This light is a living being. The most wonderful being you can meet!

To avoid moving in the realm of the superficial information, let us use the techniques of working with the mind derived from the practice of yoga.

Experienced yoga masters perfectly know that the transition between the dimensions need not to be connected to leaving the body. You can experience the contact with the Supreme Soul fully consciously, in meditation. The only thing you need to do is to know who he is, and where to find him.

In the process of meditation, use something that is for you natural and very well known – your thoughts. They are the vehicle that can move You to any world and dimension you desire. By using your concentrated thoughts you can contact all those, whom you love although they might be physically far away.

When two beings communicate with each other in physical space, use words and gestures.

When two beings communicate with each other, beyond the time and space, they use thoughts. If you think of someone, you connect with him. The larger is your focus, the more complete is you contact. Communication deepens, especially when the thoughts are accompanied by a feeling. If this feeling is love, mutual contact becomes an amazing experience.

In a common, everyday life are thoughts distracted. They are chaotic flowing in all directions in the same time. Such thoughts might not lead you anywhere. Too much of them can at most cause a headache.

In the process of meditation, you will need thoughts calm and well-ordered.

How to change chaotic thoughts to calm and well ordered?

Thoughts are like a river. You can't stop them all of a sudden. Instead, try to conduct them. Not by force. Gently, with love and care.

To concentrate your thoughts you will need a basic idea, what are the qualities of the one, with whom you want to connect. You should also know where to look for him.

Here is some basic knowledge that will help You:

The Supreme being is light.

It's obvious, and all generally agree whit this.

Precisely speaking, the Supreme being is extremely concentrated light. It is beyond the physical dimensions, but if you would like to describe it in a physical way, you would probably say it is a point, like a strongly radiating atom. It has no size in our dimension.


This point of living energy is exactly the same as the conscious energy of all living beings. The most perfect form of geometry - the beginning and the end of all forms. The seed – the essence of life. Powerful and indestructible. Present and absent at the same time – it cannot be measured, because it is beyond of physical perception.

There are few aspects, which differ us from Him, but structurally we are made in his image and likeness.

The abode of Supreme being is a world of light, also known as Brahman, or the world of Nirvana. This world of light is our home – the place where we all come from, a place to which we will return when our role in the game of time and space is completed.

Souls leave their home to create a play and perform it. The Supreme being does not have a body, nor any of intermediate forms. It is always a pure light, pure awareness. As such, it never leaves the world of light, never engages in the game. By this he is an invariant guarantee for all of us, that after playing our roles (sometimes difficult and risky), we always have the opportunity to return home.


The Supreme being is the source.

It's also obvious!

Just as each of us is a source - for all those who want to use our resource strength, wisdom, and love.


The Supreme being is, however, an extremely powerful source. Infinitely powerful! Even the short experience of contact with him, gives the feeling of a huge, impossible to describe love, power, feeling of infinity and liberation.

You can personally experience it. You don't need to move away from your body!



Sit comfortably, with the straight back (as far as possible, but gently). You can close your eyes for a moment, but then open them. Be fully aware of everything what happens.

Stop the eyes at one point. It would be very advisable, if this point was something that will remind You of the purpose of your spiritual journey. For example, it may printed image of light taken from our website.

You don't have to stare at him. You just have to stop your eyes moving around. Your goal for the next few minutes will be separating from the sensual experience, so don't focus on them.


Now recall about your identity.

You Are The Light!

A powerful, clean and beautiful.

A resident is a physical body, but you are not the body.

The Earth, the Sun, galaxies, the physical dimensions of the universe is the only scene in which you play numerous and fascinating roles.

They are just roles. They are not You!


In the depths of your soul, you feel the world you come from starts to call you.

So you leave the Earth, The Sun, The Galaxy ...

Moving beyond the physical world.


With your inner eyes you might see the spaces and worlds woven from the light.

They are beautiful, colorful, interesting.

These are worlds of Angels.

You might find there the beings that can help you.

Guides of souls who know which way leads to the Highest Destination.

If you feel that you need it, take advantage of this help.

However, that is the way, you yourself very well know.

Because you have walked it countless times.


Angelic beings that are around you, love you.

Perhaps you do not yet fully remember who you are, but they know this perfectly well.

Although none of them will not tell You, they will do anything, to help you remember.

Only You, yourself can answer the question:

Who you really are!


Do not hesitate, do not be afraid.

Take advantage of this help.

It's your family.

The nearest and most beloved.

Know, that you are equal to them.


Love that fills the souls from worlds of luminous, connects them all in one source.

This thread of love which permeates all of them will lead you to it's source.

You just have to follow this ray that is hidden deep within you.

It was always there.


Deep inside you know very well who you are.

You know where to go.

You know what to do.


Follow now your inner ray of love straight to the source.

You pass the light worlds inhabited by angels.

Colors and shapes are gradually blurring.

You are approaching the are of the limitless ocean of light.

Love that fills the souls from worlds of luminous, connects them all in one source.

This thread of love which permeates all of them will lead you to it's source.

You just have to follow this ray that is hidden deep within you.

It was always there.


Deep inside you know very well who you are.

You know where to go.

You know what to do.


Follow now your inner ray of love straight to the source.

You pass the light worlds inhabited by angels.

Colors and shapes are gradually blurring.

You are approaching the are of the limitless ocean of light.

Let yourself getting closer to this light.

Touch It with your thoughts.

You will receive a loving response.

You might be surprised ...

- that you are loved with boundless love

- that you are recognized....


Stay in this love.

Enjoy the meeting.

Fill it up yourself.



It's not the end of your trip.

Now, focus on this Light of your entire attention.


You are approaching The Source of so close that all barriers between you fade.

So far you have communicated through your thoughts.

Now your thoughts slowly expire.

Instead of thinking comes the deep experience.


Around, there is nothing else,

Only You – and Him.




Peace Of Mind.


Let it fill you up.

Stay in this experience as long as you desire...




You were able to establish connectivity.

You were able to experience it.

This is extremely important.


But that's still not the end.

The is the beginning of a fascinating future. You are invited ...



For those who for the first time failed to get a grip on tour thoughts and go into a state of experience, a tip from of my own practice:

My first attempt at meditation did not produce the desired results, despite the fact that I approached the matter seriously and I practiced meditation a few times a day. Actually, I have already had to give up. I was then only 17 years old and I was not patient. However, the exact moment when I wanted to stop, something suddenly happened. Glimmer, a fraction of a second, while the contact. This brief moment that I felt as though the mighty and infinite ocean of energy descended on me. Love, happiness, joy, all in the blink of an eye overfilled me completely. So if someone wanted to tell me "Do not quit".


I did not quit!



Samadhi is the definitive fusion with The Absolute.

The highest possible to achieve level of yoga,

Perennial object, persistent exercise of adepts of many spiritual paths.

The dream of ascetics and hermits.


To Samadhi brought me love ...

Not complicated exercises or difficult renunciation, but love.

Deep, full of devotion and ultimate.

My physical body was then only 19 years old.


Regular meditation made my experience widened, and an unusual bright being with whom I had a connection became for me close and loved. It was not just a source of energy anymore. Contacts became more and more frequent and got closer. They have changed to a loving relationship. Whenever I was connected with him, I felt as if I had met my biggest and boundless love. My dearest Beloved!


Remember that as souls, we are all pure light, we are naked, and all the features-both male and female are fused together in a single existence.

So far in Your beyond dimensional journey you used the mind. Pure and liberated from the trap mind concepts, is an excellent vehicle that moved You far away, very far away.

However, the mind will not overcome the barrier, beyond which you go only thanks to something, which is your greatest treasure.

This treasure is your heart ...

Feel free to put background music for a beautiful song that will help guide your heart.

Here it is: Aadays Tisai Aadays Kur-Santam  Plase use this music as a backround for your further journey.

Go to the experience ...

You have managed to establish contact with the Supreme Being. You can stay at this stage. You can enjoy a wonderful relationship, to stay in his view, derive from his power. At the same time, you will live your own life, your own decisions, your own things, for which you will be responsible.

You can also choose something completely different. To understand what can become your participation, you need something more than understanding. It's something called loving devotion.

Your life, your choices, your things. Are you sure you want to keep them always yours? Own, independent but so lonely and separated...

You are just facing Your Highest Destiny. It is the point, when you have to make a decision. According with Your free will, you can continue to live like you have lived bevore. You can also use the cosmically rare chance and fully enter your Highest Destination.


There comes a moment when you realize that The Light, which you contact with, does not treat you as a stranger in the crowd.

You start to comprehend that He recognizes you.

He remembers you.

That you are a unique Person for him.

Someone special.

Someone deeply, boundlessly loved ...


You might get the feeling, as if It addressing to you in a silently language that reaches straight to your heart:

"Beloved being,

Give me a hand

Allow to be conducted. "


When I realized this, I wanted to give everything.

From the bottom of my heart,

To the last piece,

Without any rest.


All my thoughts

All the feelings

Everything I own,

Everything I'm going to and I plan to.

Not leaving anything for myself.


I am giving You my life!

All my life!



And than a miracle happened. Something I have never dreamed about. In response to my trustful and deep devotion these unearthly Divine Light came to me and took me to His World.

Cosmic vortal

It happened quickly and easily. Impulse have come like an invitation, I have immediately accepted. This simple act of my heart has opened the cosmic vortex opening the connection between two different worlds.

This whirl penetrated me deep and through.

Vibrating long and deep, not leaving even a piece of distinctiveness.

Just me and Him.

And full of love, boundless devotion.

But the devotion was on both sides!


Though the brain it is difficult to grasp,

In exchange for your own devotion,

The Supreme Being offers to you Himself,

Without the rest.

At the end, the thoughts has stopped.

The time has stopped.

We have melted together in unity!


There is no distance, no separateness.

We are so close, that we completely penetrate each other

Tat Wam - I am You, You are me.

We keep still embraced by the ocean of love.


Here is the highest spiritual marriage.

Here Is The Final Destiny.

You just have chosen it.


The entire universe, like witness vibrates ever-present vibration, confirming our eternal mariage:







Slowly comes back the consciousness of everything at that time happens in the physical world. Empty and silent room, in which I have meditated, somewhere in the distance, family, neighbors.

I sit with wide-open eyes in amazement, tears are flowing from my eyes.

Around, nothing has changed. I am still the same young boy with all affairsa and uneasy dependencies.

Yet I know that my life will never be the same.


What has to do an young man who experienced something that anyone finds is difficult to grasp?

Go to more experienced Yoga masters?

They will say:

- It's impossible you reached so far. It takes many years of practice. We have been practicing 20 years already and still not achieved Samadhi.

You, however, know what you have experienced. The experience like this leaves on a soul an imperishable trace. Nothing is able to erase it.

Do not care of what they say. If someone's practice runs out of unconditional love and devotion, he will not move forward even after fifty years of heavy exercises.

They say that God, the Supreme Being, the cosmic Logos, is someone whom you cannot know...

So say the people who live not with their hearts but with their minds. If the mind is divorced with the heart it is bonded in the trap of ideas and concepts. You however know, that The One from whom your human brothers became separated, has become your dearest beloved.

No matter what the circumstances, regardless of the passage of time, irrespective of other relationships and roles that play, this supreme relationships is for me the most beautiful and strongest.



How to call this Luminous Identity?

Some Yoga masters, who come into contact with the highest Being, call him Shiva, especially that one of the Sanskrit meanings of this word is “a point”. They know, however, that this is not a human figure as a legend his shown. The Supreme Being is described as light, bliss and perfection and contact with him gives prosperity on all levels.

You might use this name if you like it. Or you can choose another, more private expression in your language. After all, you will not call God or The Lord, someone who you deeply love, and who is your live companion. Arguing about the name is to some extent pointless. In the world he dwells, beyond the physical dimensions, there are no sounds and words.


Shiva - this name is dear to me... Let me tell you a legend.

The meaning of this legend is known only for those who have experienced this relationship.


When Shiva takes a soul for his wife, he unites with her. They become one.

The soul becomes the manifestation of his power and the contractor of his will on Earth.

The soul becomes a Shiva-Shakti, his divine power, his goddess.


One more legend touches my heart. It is the Shiva – Nataraja, the Lord of The Dance, Lord Of The Fiery Ring.


Dancing Shiva Nataraja

They say, when Shiva starts to dance his cosmic dance of divine joy, the old reality starts to resolve and the New World is being created.

What a surprise! Why the dancing Shiva found his place in front of the famous CERN institute. Does he have to do anything with resolving of old elements and creating the new substance? Amazing, is it not?

Although the scientists might not fully aware of it, to change this world a real chain reaction is needed. But this chain reaction will not happen in the accelerator. The keys to creation lay deep in us - Gods and Goddesses of the ancient, divine civilization. Wisdom, knowledge, power of mind, immortality, connectivity with higher dimensions - were all our attributes. For long millenia we were keeping the Earth in peace in happiness, and now again we can take the Earth into our shelter. For this, we have to recall our memory.

It is now time to remember!

When the old world starts to decay (and that is what we can see all around us), it is time for the Divine Dance. The dance of Shiva is just an example.

The Supreme Soul is the Ignition and The Flame.

Our task is to start The Dance.

Let the old world finish,

And the New One become!


Think deeply.

You will find the keys...


Will the legend come true?

Listen to the answer coming from the depth of your soul...


The answer given by me was: “Yes, it will!”

What is yours?

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