Merkaba Dimensional Gateway

This model is a stationary construction for the use outdoor. The first Merkaba in which you can stand or sit for powerful meditation.

Dimensional Gateway is a powerful space aerial enabling the communication with higher dimensions. It gives you a deep experience which shows you the reality from completely different perspective. Now you have the key to change it!

An unique quality of The Dimensional Gateway is very quick and effective aura purification. Sometimes, when I enter inside, I have a feeling like I would have huge wings spreading from my shoulders. Just after some minutes my whole energy is significantly rised. My aura becomes large and bright. I become naturally synchronised with higher dimensions. It is really an extraoridinary experience! The ability of cleaning humans aura  makes the Dimesional Gateway an excellent instrument for the people working with advanced spiritual energies.

The Dimensional Gateway spreads good vibrations supporting spiritual powers in the vide range of approximately 350 km (estimation made on the base of experiments).

Arm lenght:  310 cm, 10,2 ft
Vertical spread (height):  380 cm, 12,47 ft
Material: Diamagnetic stainless steel and big size natural jewels synchronised with human bio-energies.


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